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James McMahon Feb 13
I saw a Way, forward
and cloaked myself in the skin
of a Digital dimension.

I began living
cloud-soaring and ascending soft
and the headset came off.

Now even curtains are
retreating, from the light now
streaming into my eyeballs.

Ow! To whit, I prefer
to refer to it as "path."
Plans, they fail.

Paths diverge.
Was thinking of my plans to improve my career situation in regards to breaking into XR projects, and started laughing about some of my past plans and how very wrong they went.

I then thought of how I'm still stubbornly going after the coolest things I've experienced in my life since I was a kid that were never "plans" and just Were for me, and figured I'd ***** all that onto my public page.

Watch your step!
John May 2019
Magsasampung taon na kitang mahal, mahal.
(I've been in love with you for almost ten years, love)
Ang tigas na siguro ng mga binti mo kakatakbo mo sa isipan ko.
(You're thigh muscles toughened bec you always run on my mind)
Pero mas masaya sana kung alam mo, mahal, na mahal kita.
(But I could be happier, love, if you just know that i love you.)
Pero di pa, di ko pa kayang sabihin sayo, baka siguro balang araw, kapag lahat ay huli na.
(But no, i still cant tell you, maybe someday, someday when its all too late.)
Mahal kita di mo lang alam, simula first year tayo. Naalala ko pa magkatabi pa tayo nun sa may PE subj, volleyball yon. Ang saya ko non, pero tinataboy kita, kase akala ko. Pero kahit ganon, hanggang ngayon umaasa ako na makita kita isang araw, maybe sa isang resto, mall o kung san pa yan, basta gusto ko lang makita yang pagmumukha **** maganda.
Phi Kenzie Oct 2018
Observable words
turning in circles
perfectly working
affirmed in impermanence

Serpents within swirls
swerve in the verve
curvature burned irksome
turbidity skinned earnest

Journal pearls quirked
turpentine turbulence
since worries serve nervousness
the cure in spurts of churlishness
Zero Nine May 2017
I can't find my wallet.
I can't find my passport.
It's a problem because
my driver's license expired.
Need the passport for ****.
Need it to cash the paycheck.
At *-Mart, because I
don't have a bank. US, Chase,
Wells Fargo. I owe from the past.
But if I don't get to the CDC,
or Nectar to get the ****,
I won't function my best.
I'll be without mental rest.
At 800 a month, it's my only
and the most expensive hobby.
Viseract Jul 2016
A sliver of air on the wind
Cold, but familiar
Then she kept going
Saying she wasn't good for me
Saying goodbye everyday
I convinced her to stay
And I stayed by the frosty air that was my
My "Baby boo"
My Gabs
But today she left,
And now I'm colder than I was before...
They all leave... I guess she was no different
I love you Gabbi. Remember me
Deanna Nov 2014
You are the
best thing
that has
ever happened
to my

And we
can only sleep
with our legs
in an
intricate braid.
I wrote this in my head while cuddling a few days ago.
Aditi May 2014
I knew the moment you smiled,
That I'd do anything to never let that fade
I knew the moment when our lips did tango together
that my feelings could not be tamed
I knew the moment we laid next to each other
the night sky would not hold my attention the way it did before
because the fire in your eyes
put all those dead stars to shame
I knew the moment you traced the contours of my body
That no drug could compete with that
When you kissed me for the first time,
i felt as if all the pieces inside me fell into the right places

I knew the moment i walked through this memory lane,
I'll never be the same,
your love, your patience, your smile, your pure soul
changed me
for good or bad, i can't yet tell
i guess it's both
'cause after all you made me an addict :/ '')

what i don't know is
when did i start falling for you
was it the day i leaned on your shoulder and cried my heart out
and all those walls i'd made around to save me
came breaking down and i was saved?
was it the day i told you about my sick brother
or my mother?
was it during the phase of our late-night talks
and inseparable period?
was it the day our friends advised us to leave each another
and we heard them alright, but did not care??

well, I don't know when i fell for you?
or, when you no longer were a part of my life
but became my life
and the sun and moon in it
and it was no longer gravity holding me to this Earth but you

I would say i love you
but these three words have become just a pale description of my love for you

he asked me when i fell for him and got mad when i said i don't. you should have seen his face. This one's for him
Invocation Apr 2014
Well I don't know how it happened
You just forgot, I guess

The pain receded
I kept breathing
And now...
I wish I hadn't seen that

It hurts to see you function
I hate to watch you love
I really hate to watch you love.

I wish you hadn't kissed me
In the wind
Genuine surprise coursing through my veins
I thought those sort of kisses were myths, all
My heart might have stopped

I wish you hadn't let me in
Serenades and rusty blades
Dreams and phone calls
Roller coasters and secret beer

The similarities bring me down
Why can't my soul mate stay my friend?

I hate the way you make me love you.
Every word, I miss the drawl
I used to talk that way.
My twangy southern voice has left and so has my love of spontaneity
You've wrecked it all

All I have is
Anger for your smile

You touched my bones

Leave me alone.
I haven't known many people for more than a few years tops.
This particular soul held me at my birth.
Eighteen years later, we met again and shared such deep bonding.
I should have known it was fallacy

— The End —