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James McMahon Feb 13
I saw a Way, forward
and cloaked myself in the skin
of a Digital dimension.

I began living
cloud-soaring and ascending soft
and the headset came off.

Now even curtains are
retreating, from the light now
streaming into my eyeballs.

Ow! To whit, I prefer
to refer to it as "path."
Plans, they fail.

Paths diverge.
Was thinking of my plans to improve my career situation in regards to breaking into XR projects, and started laughing about some of my past plans and how very wrong they went.

I then thought of how I'm still stubbornly going after the coolest things I've experienced in my life since I was a kid that were never "plans" and just Were for me, and figured I'd ***** all that onto my public page.

Watch your step!
I had a dream
but this wasn't the typical
awake and forget dream
I remember everything
and as people in the dream were reacting
I knew exactly why
I knew their motives
their plan
It involved a military style evacuation
of a large office building
appeared to be the Middle East
I entered the building and walked through a long corridor
I came to a family of 5 or 6 that were standing at a side exit
afraid to leave. They finally exited and I saw what they feared...
a man who appeared to be American with a rifle about 20 yards ahead on a hill looking at them. He let them leave. I lied to him as I thought he might **** me since I wasn't quite sure who I was in this dream...who's side I was on
It concerned my Grandfather
he had asked me what day I was born
and the alcohol of choice at my birth
I replied that there was no alcohol due to the fact
that my Grandfather died from alcohol poisoning
In fact, my Grandfather died of pneumonia and refused to
take alcohol to help his condition. Why did I lie? How did the lie help?
Instead of killing me, we became friends and took a walk
we came upon a large home with a number of people
sitting on the porch
Two young teenagers, totally out of place began chatting about
an American cd they had purchased
The boy had buzzed blonde hair and a blue eagle tattooed
on his cheek
The female looked very close to his age and chatted non-stop
about her cd
An older female with long dark hair in a long dark dress pulled a rifle from under her side as she was laying on a bench or possibly the ground and pointed it at my friend
Not sure why they let me leave, but I told him I would return...
end of dream
the entire time I knew I was in a dream and reacted as I would, thought as I would and felt as if I was viewing the entire dream through a pair of VR glasses...or was it a dream?

any ideas?
this was not my typical dream...and I dream a lot as I try very hard not to ingest flouride which dismantles the pineal gland...or 3rd eye. This was so f'n real, I cannot begin to explain. Might have to go under hypnosis to dig deeper into this. I have an idea...but I want to hear yours first.
nawke Jun 2018
Mark him, carefully
He's the face sucker expert
VR cyberian
Jewel M C Oct 2017
cookies & cachéd data,
digitally-programmed privacy paraphernalia
     are carefully collecting information
     following your confirmation
     to allow the invasion
     of all forms of personal communication

((( it’s hard to ignore the intimidation
of the internet’s alluring intoxication )))

     but between you&me
     life beyond a screen
     never felt so free,
     an anti-digital reality,
     life in an unmonitored galaxy
     is something     only the mind can dream
                    # # # # #
*part of sonnet collection: Revelling in Reverie
Aaron LaLux Jul 2017
Family Reunion

Had dinner with my parents tonight,
this week was the first time I’ve seen them together in my entire life,

and even though I left home at 14,
all of the blame,
can’t really be put on either them or me,

because my parents had broken up,
since long before I was woken up,
separated for so long,
I often wondered if they were even ever together,

I brought them together for my birthday,
October 2016,
my father flew in from The States,
we all met in Thailand where my mom lives,

dinner was difficult,
my mom is losing her mind,
while she’s sitting there spilling her soul,
my dad just sits there and asks meaningless questions,

my mother sitting there saying how she has no money,
how she has no family other than us,
how she has no shoes on her feet,
and no real place to call home,

like I’m supposed to feel guilty for that,
like I don’t send her money all the time,
like I wasn’t in Thailand just to visit her,
like I’m a man now so she chooses to blame me,

like she’s chosen to blame every other man that’s ever been in her life,

how many husbands has she had now,
4 or 5,
maybe 6 or 7,
I don’t know I’ve lost count.


what do you say to your mom,
when you think she’s a ****,
and I know that might sound like a terrible thing to say,
but it’s the truth and I refuse to censor myself,

doesn’t even feel like me anymore,
not even sure if I’m a human let alone a man,

the Atomic Family is more like an Atomic Bomb,

what a mess we’ve made,
and all in the name of what,
I have no idea,

it’s all probably a simulation always,
at least that’s what Elon Musk says,
“There’s a 1 in billions chance that we are not living in a Simulated Reality.”.

Makes me want to tell my parents,
that they are just part of a computer program,
but they’d probably just call me crazy,
and then just disappear…

∆ Aaron LA Lux ∆

from The new book '777' available worldwide on Amazon:
Jewel M C Apr 2017
please accept the terms & conditions before you proceed...

& *please
, enter at your own risk!

Will you allow technology to fully access your identity?

yes *or
□ NO!

did you even
the terms&conditions?

also known as

monsters' diction
/ modernistic snot
condemn its riots
not stoicism, nerd
or crimson diets;
demonic tort sins


perhaps you should pretend
to feign interest in
those lists of lengthy descriptions
never quite captured by our cognition
though not lost upon our inhibition
that may more or less explicitly detail
all the vicious ways in which
we are being unmistakably,
blatantly blackmailed
against our will / with our own consent
when we check the box that reads; "accept"
we exploit our most private content
to the highest bidder
so dare yourself to reconsider...

Welcome to the 18th year of century 21; the new millennium.

we are living in a world where
our most significant intimacies are shared
between the tips of our fingers
& the touch of a screen

reflecting our digitized lives
before prying eyes
that magnify
the things we hide

(but you can't hide,
don’t try)

while we wander through life
roaming via cellular connection
guided by the gentle misdirection
of the electronic dimension

seductive despite the apprehension
lurking beneath the tightening tension
that tethers us to the tender touch
of technological temptation

hypnotizing us in its animation
as it memorizes us & analyzes what
we think, say & do online upon every occasion
while we continue to ignore the trepidation
lingering within our realization

that children today will be born
with fluorescent addiction
flowing through their veins,
a condition nothing short of inhumane

you might say society's to blame
but no one prepared us for this high-tech hurricane
humankind's claim to fame
a reality we deemed difficult to obtain
artificial intelligence will never be worth more than a brain
but we've created a world where eventually nothing else will remain

whatever humanity is
we seem to be losing touch
with what it used to be

Who would have ever guessed that our fingertips could crave a screen's touch to a human's?

we have become parasites that feed
upon the delights emitted by the blue light
of our digital paradise
where precious memories are measured by megabytes
archived to our favorite device
to which we automatically sacrifice our rights
without thinking twice
so here's a word of advice:
don't roll the virtual dice
because this wi-fi powered world won't play nice

*Is this the real life?
Sebastian May 2015
Jag drogs tillbaka
men bara för en kort stund
Jag såg dina ögon
men bara för en sekund
swedish poem by me
Sebastian May 2015
Vårvind, kom in
Kylan har tröttat mig och allt står still
Vårvind, när jag var din
betydde kylan ingenting
Så starkt, hjärtat mitt var

Vårvind, vart blir minnen av?
Kylan är ännu kvar
Vårvind viner stillsamt in
Kylan besitter mitt skinn
Så starkt, hjärtat mitt en gång var
swedish poem (so I don't forget)

— The End —