Sal A Oct 2017
Doesn't it hurt?
When I say no?
When the words finally spurt?
Doesn't it make you jealous when I glow?

On the brink of breakup.
When the end seems to arrive inevitably.
When you pray for us to makeup.
But show it ever so surreptitiously.

I remember when life was simpler.
When you fought with fists and not words.
When you weren't an emotional stickler.
Now we yearn for school trips, like nerds.

Dark moments make the good ones brighter.
Maybe that's why I fight through quarrels like this.
To see you recover from your issues like a fighter.
How do we get through it: say "Sorry" and kiss.
Sal A Oct 2017
I am Indian
My skin makes me repulsive
To all girls on Earth
Sal A Aug 2017
Sal A Aug 2017
I suck
I'm not bad enough
I'm not nice enough
I'm not cute enough
I'm not rugged enough
I'm not smart enough
I'm not average enough
I'm not talkative enough
I'm not quiet enough
I'm just a soul in a vessel
I'll never find my mate
I suck
Sal A Jul 2017
I receive an average of 1 text per day.
It's usually a bill payment reminder.
I have no friends.
No, literally, none at all.

I'm on 3 dating websites,
sending 50 messages a day.
Zero replies.

I'm fit. Gym 7 days a week.
Well-groomed and clothed.
I've been called handsome.
None of that matters.

I can explain a
thermodynamic chemical equation to you.
And it'd still be easier than for me
to land a date.

I'm going to settle for a woman when I'm 40.
She'll be in her 30s, desperate to conceive.
We'll have some children but no interest in each other.
And that'll be the end of my romantic life.
Sal A Jun 2017
Like ice cream in Summer,
the prospect of you tasted so sweet.
Little did I know that,
you would make my heart melt away too.

Like a squall in the clear sky,
you swept me into your life.
I knew you were special when,
I floated like a feather in the clouds.

Your smile as natural as a petal.
Your laugh as sweet as saccharine.
Your eyes as green as emeralds.
Your hair as soft as silk.

If I could make it all right,
to water this seedling once more,
I would shower it with my grace
until it grew into a flower.
Sal A Jun 2017
Step out the door with leather loafers.
Fix my collar before I start the car.
Windows down, blast some K-Dot.
Meetin' someone new tonight.

I'll slam on the gas for
every breath that he took from you.
Beads of sweat trickled down your back,
as you moaned for more.

It's all good in my chest.
My heart'll be alright once I'm at the club.
It's still pumping blood with each beat.
While he's pumping in and out of you.

Drunk and dancing with a new lady.
She's cuter than you, I swear.
She even pulled me in for a kiss.
Confidence, something you never had.

I invited her over to my place.
God, her body felt so good as
I pulled her hips against mine
and she bit my lip in ecstasy.

We even went again in the morning.
Quid pro quo, just for you.
She'll be my new drug so that
I can quit you cold turkey.
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