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reyftamayo Aug 2020
agos ng galit
bulusok ng dugo
hininga ay damdamin
karugtong ng puso
kaakbay ng ngitngit
na kumakawala
lumalantad kahit pigilin
hindi kayang limutin
dahil taglay nito ay
walang kaparis na
kati para isambulat
habol ang hininga
EJ Lee Jan 2019
The feeling of the
Pit of your stomach
Is uneasy
The feeling of hesitation
This is not pleasant
It makes you not think straight
You feel trapped inside
With your feelings
You want to
Speak your mind
But you are a loss for words
This feeling is powerful
But at the same time
It can be just as scary
It’s impossible to think that
Everyone has felt this
At one point in their life
The feeling of anxiousness
About the unknown
And the unexpected
Nisa Feb 2018
the fact that i’m unable to get close to your heart
its frustrating, irritating.




it’s like i’ve sunk into the darkness
and even if my eyes are closed,
even if theyre open,
no matter how much i strained them,
only black is spread around me.
and inside that place,
im standing paralysed,
at a loss of my own destination.
I feel like I feel I should feel
                   all but this,
                                this uneasiness

I think like I think I should think
                     very much more,
                               much more clearly

I should even fake it
                or make it go away,

For it is love who's making me uneasy.
Love's always a "who"
june 23, 2017 2:21 a.m.
Al Jul 2016
let's stay up, you and i,
and prattle about the
endless days between us,
about the days we'll have more.
should you wish me well through morning
and hold me with those flames of yours,
well, hmm
for now we'll waltz under moonlight
singing our melancholy song.
but come autumn, see, there
will be no more endless days
and no more staying up
and no more prattling
about the moon, cars, spaceships—
certainly no more time
and no more waiting
and no more waltzing with the stars.
there will be no more hesitating,
and those endless days may
watch us in envy, love, watch us
and weep with those bitter scars.
let's leave the uneasiness behind, love
Baylee Aug 2015
Use me,
Abuse me,
Don't look at me,
Just through me.
Force yourself
Ontop of me,
Then let me grieve
I lay there crying,
Soaking the sheet,
The uneasiness within me
Starts to repeat.
Hit me,
Quit me,
Don't love me,
Don't lust me.
Break me,
Shake me,
For God's sake,
Heartbreak me.
Tell me when it's over,
Tell me when you're done,
And as long as I'm crying,
Just know that you have won.
My body's weak;
You make it weaker,
But you keep taking,
You push deeper.
And then at once,
You're up and gone,
They ask for a description,
I tell them, *"the Devil's spawn".

— The End —