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This is to say that Storm Clouds
Are the accumulation of water in the air,
That Hate is the buildup of prejudice and fear,
That Change is when humans grow tired
Of hearing the rain fall on deaf ears,
Watching people with umbrellas wondering
Why those without are getting wet.
This is to call upon Love,
The accumulation of Compassion,
Encourager of Empathy,
The feeling of sunshine when you smile at me.
Hope is the keeper of faith,
Knowledge that tomorrow isn't always the same,
That even in the dark months, sunlight is inevitable,
And eventually we all reach the end of the tunnel,
Hope knows sometimes Change has to Rain down
Upon the lands of dry grass and wildfires,
That floods are a risk when the dirt has lost its purpose,
But new foliage grows where the ground once cried out,
So we may one day sustain ourselves on the land
We thought could never bear more life,
The world we thought could never Change.
Amanda Kay Burke Sep 2019
Autumn is a subtle thief
Moseying in then out so brief
A swift taker of all things emerald and bright
No burglar alarm will keep safe the light
Daring to steal the warmth off your face
A cold Winter the only item left in Summer's place
This is my first poem for the 30 Day Poetry Challenge
An acrostic using the letters in your first name. Can be about anything EXCEPT you or your name.
Jimmy May 2018
Every time we talk, you wash away the darkness that covers my body from head to toe.

Your kindness and compassion acts like a shampoo; completely cleansing my mind.

Your smile and laughter is like a conditioner; making my face shine with joy.

Your loving lips and your warming hugs blanket me like a body soap; erasing all the dirt and making my heart spotless.
You haven't ever stopped pouring endless amounts of love on me since I first met you. This shower is still going. I ******* love showers.
Jimmy Apr 2018
Her beauty-
stunning like a shooting star soaring across an abandoned night sky.

Her personality-
vibrant as an early morning sunrise.

Her hair-
beautiful as a Christmas snow.

Her smile-
warming like a summer night bonfire

Her lips-
gentle as a baby butterfly

Her skin-
smooth like Mulberry silk

Her thoughts-
endless like a rainbow

Her heart-
mountainous like the Appalachian Trail

Her love-
addicting like a drug

And her laugh-
precious and breathtaking like the 7 wonders of the world
This beautiful girl has me losing my mind. I can't and won't stop thinking about her.
Amanda Feb 2018
A: Adorable
M: Mannerly
A: Attractive
N: Natural
D: Dazzling
A: Active
  Amanda,you're a blessing!!
About myself
13 May 2017
Of what violins and vaginas singularly sing,
Is a creation unbound by the vestiges of sin.

A persona unchained by the compounds of life,
Forever in fury, an eternal delight.

Inexorable, inexplicable, impeding time
A fatal addiction for articulate lies.

Lies, in truth, are not what they seem—
Bold, these words are beautiful, and serene.

Twisted entirely by the sleight of a hand
That would never touch the soul, the thought, the man.

By what dreams and nightmares are haunted—
Red lips that can never be daunted.
Posted on May 12, 2015
Jack Jenkins Apr 2016
My sister, my sister! How I love you so!
A beautiful woman, with a vibrant soul!
Worth a thousand words, and ten thousand more!
My sister, my sister! How I love you so!

You've given me hope and inspired me,
Gave me confidence to come out of my shell,
Show the world the ugly side of me,
Gave me comfort in knowing you didn't judge me.

I get sad when you're sad, and I hug you when I can,
I want what's best for you, for you to be happy.
You're my adoptive big sister, so here's a happy birthday!
From you're adoptive young brother, Jack Jenkins!

//On friendship//
Creep Jun 2015
We held each other so tight,
Hoping in vain
That if we held tight enough
We wouldn't have to leave each other.

Everything came rushing in,
Banging open doors
And showing us all that we forgot
Reminding us why we came together
Why we were.

And now the aching is surreal,
Hard and constant,
Gnawing insides out.
Different from the way I missed him,
This ache is a dear longing for
The smiles all of you put on my face,
The help you always gave me,
My support team.

Thank you for everything.
But I can't say goodbye,
Not now when we've only just go to know each other through and through.

I'll see you later,
Good luck with Rajiv ;3
Dedicated to the dark side ^-^ gonna miss you all so much~ (we are THE squad goals)

By christina perri
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