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  Jun 2018 Jimmy
Emeka Mokeme
To a love that will never die,
a love to be desired always,
my friendly lover and
my most loveliest friend,
my darling dear.
I celebrate you
and all that you are today.
You are a beautiful soul.
The best gift life can
ever give to me.
There's nothing I want more,
than to be with someone like you.
Spending my life time
with you is my desire
for you are my world.
Because of you,
heaven is within reach.
Your heart is where
the angels gathers,
for bliss is there.
Your smile is sunshine
to my world,
it revives and gives new life
and meaning to my being.
Your touch heals even
the most painful hurts,
the hardness of heart
your love softened,
and the pain melts away.
Pleasurable are your words.
You are impossible to resist.
Immaculately beautiful,
with exquisite behavior,
you have an instinct for the
right and wrong things to say.
Never heard you make a faux pas.
Your care nurtures the
weak and afflicted back to life.
You are a virtuous woman,
not tired of the pesky ways
of people around you,
you endured their unruly manners,
with your generosity and kindness
you win the hearts of the irracible ones.
You made the best of each moment.
Everything and all the ***** chores
seems so easy to handle.
Because you are here,
your presence is comforting.
Thank you for letting me win your heart,
I'm so grateful for all that you are.
©2018,Emeka Mokeme. All Rights Reserved.
Jimmy May 2018
Have you ever been afraid of your own shadow? So afraid that you only wanna be awake when it is dark?

Do you ever shower with the lights off because you hate your own skin and hide from your reflection in the mirror?

Do you cry yourself to sleep wishing that you were created more attractive?

Do you view yourself as worthless?

Do you purposely avoid the light because it's easier to disappear into the darkness?

Do you feel like hitting the restart button on life and pray to become someone else?

I do, unfortunately!
Jimmy May 2018
Every time we talk, you wash away the darkness that covers my body from head to toe.

Your kindness and compassion acts like a shampoo; completely cleansing my mind.

Your smile and laughter is like a conditioner; making my face shine with joy.

Your loving lips and your warming hugs blanket me like a body soap; erasing all the dirt and making my heart spotless.
You haven't ever stopped pouring endless amounts of love on me since I first met you. This shower is still going. I ******* love showers.
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