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sara Feb 10
Thoughts wash over the mind
like torrential, self-inflicted rain.
But I'm hooked on stormy seas
and allergic to plain sailing,
- drunk on self-stimulated danger.
Like a **** show on the TV
you can turn it off when you please,
but the white noise occupies your mind,
so you turn it up and press repeat.
the queen of solving the problem that never was

((I'm actually happy but for some reason difficult feelings are just more interesting to write about okbye))
Michael H Aug 2019
Some people do yoga,
Some of them pray.
Some people talk
and some hide it away.

Whatever the problems,
There's always a way,
To meditate on them,
Me... I just play.
Purcy Flaherty Jan 2018
Acknowledge that we are each our own common denominator!
The sum of all our parts, brought to account !

The book stops with us!
Blame & passing the book!
you know the time is right when the light strikes with a couple of  bite  you knew u couldn't  do anything right  until u had to go fight all night  to make everything  alright.

but next time  the cats are gonna bite, so get used to the time being right  everytime .

because i just found a dime  after my friend solved  a crime  from a person stealing a baby dime, I couldn't describe why I had the    feeling to cry, after  my best friend  was very kind to   figure out  why .
f Feb 2017
We are contstantly affected by the opinions of others,
but let's not let that get into our head shall we?

Oh yea?
As if everything is so easy to solve like how you seem to make it be.
The truth is that it's so hard to solve.
Maybe it can't even be solved,
At all.

Have you thought about the other party?
How they think?
What do they think?
Are their thoughts really what you think they are?
sage short Jul 2015
I feel too much; emotionally/mentally
I'm constantly thinking about nothing and everything all at once
Why was I born with this blessing?
Why was I born with this curse?
Why am I like this?
I feel feelings that don't exist and
I fall in love with everything and
I'm constantly breaking my own heart
I feel like no one understands me andI don't know how I should
Feel about that
I just have all these thoughts and emotions inside of me
That I can only release onto paper and
It makes me feel alone and trapped and
Yet I push away everyone in my life
So they don't see this beautiful mess I've created
Of both happiness and sadness
I'm still trying to solve myself
Because I'm a Mystery
"it's the children the world almost breaks who are the one's that grow up to save it."

— The End —