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Adults you boss around as if your colonel clink
Adults you drive us crazy every day
Adults you make us happy even if we don’t want it
And that is the way it is
Kids you rebel every day
Kids nobody knows where you are
Kids it is hard to find you in a crowd of people at a music show
Adults you pick us up when we are feeling down
Adults when we give you a smile you return with a frown
Adults you make us wear these hideous clothes that nobody wants to wear
That is not that good
Adults we only rebel when you lay down the law
Adults it is good to tease the most vulnerable
Kids you can tease but I have to ground you
Adults it really is a bad time we have
Kids if the world is rough why don’t you make it better
Instead of making write our aunt a letter
Adults I hate you because this
world seem flat when we all know it is round
Adults come on dude get a life
Kids always getting into strife
Adults bossing us around like they are right wing *****
It really drives us round the bend
Kids please don’t put your feet on the table
Adults stop telling us all about grandma Mabel
And that is the way of tgd world
Adults are stupid
How they cough on other adults
While the kids are trying to keep clean
Adults aren’t so clean
You see I saw this old lady cough on
A man on the bus
I find kids are more mature
To look after other people
It is the coronial virus times
Adults should be more aware
Please adults take advice from the kids, please
Adults think they are smarter
But that is a load of crap
Coughing on other adults
In these terrible times
The virus is spreading throughout
The world
The adults do not care
It is making the government say
No spectators into the ground
Simply cause they can’t be trusted, no
Kids are the best
In not spreading germs
Adults don’t care about it
They prefer to ****
Please Buddha bring peace to the world
Stop the virus
Stop adults cough on other adults
Make adults be more like their kids
In the way to protect us from the virus
Fight germs
Not each other
anonymous999 Apr 2014
i am tired of talking to adults no i do not want to see a dermatologist or a psychologist or a psychiatrist or a nurse no school counselor i am definitely not having suicidal thoughts and no doctor i do not want to talk about the results of my mental health survey. of course dr. cook i am totally open to the idea of taking an antidepressant dear god i am tired of talking to adults do not want to be diagnosed i do not want to talk about it stop worrying about me, no, 'i am not depressed,' this is my life so thank you for not making me sign a life pact but leave me alone i am not going to cry in front of another strange adult. do not diagnose me. all i want is to be normal, i am tired of the pills. i am done with talking to adults
i hope you can't relate
Pure of Stars Sep 2018
most adults will never know what it’s like to stress so much that you’re throwing up

and most adults will never know what it’s like to hate yourself enough to cut your own wrist

and most adults wont ever cry in a hallway because of a panic attack

most adults will never starve themselves until even the smell of food makes them ****

and most adults won’t have voices whispering in their ears about how horrible you are

most adults won’t wake up in tears and sweat every morning at three am

so why is it that a teenage girl goes through this?

why is it that she has to go through all of this pain?
Zoe Jan 2012
sun drops tickle the backs of children's necks
as the adults are cold with bitterness

winds flow through the children's hair
as the adults worry about tangles

clouds pass the smiling children
as it wants to rain on the adults

trees shade the sweaty children
as it keeps the adults cold in their bitterness

the grass plays along with the children
as it grabs and wants more from the adults

the children and adults share one thing:
oblivion of this magic secret message nature is trying to send

enjoy being young and old
have fun
TheBrokenSoldier May 2015
You tell us to be ourselves
you tell us to be free
that we own our lives
that our mistakes are ours to make
and yet you still hold us back
and yet you yell when we arent you
when we dont do what you want us to
when we arent as perfect as you
but are you even perfect?
but who is ever perfect?
No one is ever perfect
no one is ever going to be perfect
so stop expecting us to be
so stop treating us like the lesser
like we have no idea what we are doing
like we are children
we are adults
we are ourselves
just like you are
just like you wanted us to be
us the new adults of the world
us the future of the human race
know how to live our lives
know how to ask for help when we need it
can make our own decisions
can fail on our own
but we dont have to fail,
but we also dont need you breathing down our necks
leave us alone
leave us to live
our own lives like we are meant to
our own mistakes to make
cant we all just get along
cant we just live in peace together
instead of constantly fighting
instead of the forever war in our relationship
we are adults
we are people
treat us like we are
treat us like we are
and we will treat you like you are
and we will learn how to be in our future
be the example we need
be the people we look up to
dont be the people we hate
dont be our enemies
let us join together
as adults
and rule this world
parents and children together.
I have been fighting with my parents a lot since i have turned 18. so i wrote this sort of slam poetry as a way of me speaking my mind
effaced  Mar 2015
adults dont see
effaced Mar 2015
its crazy
the adults dont see
two years ago
we were all happy as could be
its crazy
the adults dont see
two years have gone by
and were all ready to die
its crazy
the adults dont see
how hard we really try
its crazy
the adults dont see
they just believe its a phase
but the fact that these feelings
have become the norm
is killing our society
its crazy
the adults dont see
how happy we really want to be
Overwhelmed Dec 2010
people find it hard
to believe happiness
because for many,
it’s much more of a myth
or a hazy recollection
than it is something real
and rational and
to be aspired too

love and hope
and dreams
have taken on this air of
in recent generations

for a brief moment,
they were truly believed in
by the adults
by the people in charge
by the whole wide world
even as everything they knew before
had crumbled and wrecked
to a state beyond
their power to

but it was that desolate place the world was
that drove the people to believe in such fancy
and frivolous thoughts

because if they had not,
the world would’ve withered
and died, like a cow so old
you know there’s no hope
or a flower so far gone
that you don’t mind to let it

those times went though,
like a leaf upon the wind,
as the children began acting
as the adults and followed
their dreams to a land so
few actually reached

and as the adults saw their failure
and the children saw the adults flee
the belief in love, in hope, in dreams,
in morals, in rites, in traditions, in
togetherness, in family, in belief-




the last tip of the ship leaving the surface
with the first person who believed in the

we do not know what we can do
because we do not believe we can
do anything

happiness, as I started this all out with,
is not a bed-time story

it is very real
and it is very

but in each average person’s life
they get to experience only once
or twice, seeming like a random
occurrence, and thus cementing
in so many people’s minds that
it is

but it is not

happiness comes from knowing how to be happy

it’s not about sacrifice
or faith
or hard-work
or dedication

it’s about knowing who you are,
what the world is,
and how you
can make
the best
of it

this is not some secret art

it is a simple idea:
that happiness can be controlled

and it’s execution is even simpler:

how can I be happy?
how can I be happy,

— The End —