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-elixir- Jun 2020
Your presence,
gets me high on you,
as you drive out me blues.
The more I try to
abstain, I can't.
The very sight of you,
makes me want you more,.
The rush in my body
matches none when
you're there.
My morning tonic,
the breeze during rain,
the sunset enhancer
and finally the one
who watches me fall asleep.
You've become a constant
in my life, without which
I'd die.
And that's for you,
Chai be like, I'll be with you from dusk to dawn. That's it I'm addicted!
Scotty Reynolds Jun 2018
You draw me in with false promises, and forever let me down
You promise escape & happiness, but it just ends in a frown
Not from me of course, as I’m laid here snoozing
A constant disappointment I feel, so I carry on the boozing.

What am I running from? Anesthetised I lay
And coast through each and every hour, of the following day.
Your everywhere I look! Buses, billboards, even litter
Trying to draw us in with your intoxicating glitter.

Your so ****** acceptable, I’m a FREAK if I abstain
“Oh goo on kid, one waint hurt, stop being a chuffin pain”
BUT what they fail to understand, is at 1 it does not stop!
The moment that sip will pass my lips, I’m craving the next drop.
Or 2 or 3 or “**** this ****, I’m off to the bottle shop”
In fear my stash will not suffice my seeming desire to flop.

Fast forward half an hour, and here I am again
Snoring like a pig, much to the families disdain
Iphone started, camera rolling, my daughter hits record
She watches Daddy comatosed, her memory stamped APPALLED!

“No goodnight kiss, no cuddles tight, no tickles once again”
Her hero lays before her, vest adorned with red wine stains
“What’s wrong with me?” she wonders “why’s he chose wine over me?
And my sis & mummy too, is he too blind to see?
Your consuming liquid memory thief, don’t forget us dad
Im learning all I know from you, is this how fun is had?
Or adult relaxation? Or when you’re feeling stressed!
Does drinking really do all this? WOW IT SOUNDS THE BEST!
But if it really is this good, then what you fail to see….
Is your family stood before you whilst you pass out on the settee!
I was a daily drinker. I would fall asleep each night drunk on the sofa... until 1 daughter filmed me passed out drunk on the settee, snoring, belly hanging out, red wine stains on vest. I found the video the next day. The rest is history. 9 months sober now and never going back!
Salmabanu Hatim Apr 2018
My sister is a box of piety,
Tied to obedience to her creator,her priority,
Wrapped in a hijab,plain and simple,
As her way of life,modest and simple.
Layered with prayers which are obligatory,
And recitation  of the Quran,that too, necessary.
There are tightly packed packets of truths followed to the letter,
For to lie is to be a sinner.
Antidotes abstains her from harmful deeds or pleasure,
Fears of incurring His  displeasure.
The bandages of her beliefs are
so strong,
That the path of Almighty does not deter one to do any wrong.
To her, beliefs of the wise,
Are to feel what is in the heart,say it and act likewise.
She has great bundles of charities
Connected to different activities,
All carried out with sincerities,
Be it be  to help a beggar, an orphan or a widow,
She is there to wipe their sorrow.
She has all the kits for the hereafter,
In order to procure heaven ever after.
Sally A Bayan Mar 2018
(haiku x 2)

coffee and po'try
how could i ever abstain
they're my flames

i am pretty doomed
it's lent, can't stop, got some lines
how doomed could i be?


Copyright March 25, 2018
Poetic T Dec 2017
My morals do not abstain
             from false figurines
of ill-gotten morals.
Mine are birthed from my humanity,  
         and the throws of my
mothers kindness.
She who showed me that my humanity
is what I should
                   follow as a path of
kindness & respect and fortitude...
I follow no false reflection that are
        never shown on the reflections
of my thinking.
            We are each a vessel of conscious
memory and we need to follow our own
               path that swings between
the morals of what are perceived as
But it the nature of our humanity to
thread our lives on our deeds or misdeeds..
We are the vehicle of our own ending..
Do we swim or sink in our decisions...
George Krokos Nov 2017
It takes some disillusionment and ****** distress
for anyone to abstain from bad habits of excess.
Some people are caught up very early in life and
so can't get beyond them without a helping hand.
From "The Quatrains" ongoing writings since the early '90's
Justin Time Jul 2014
What doesn't **** me makes me stronger
That which kills me, is what I long for
We're all trying to maintain
But I feel
I'll never abstain

Rid the pain, make it rain
I'll prove it with one-eighty proof
Bulletproof liquid
Even better when I mix it...

Yellow, green, and blue
I pop to change my moods
Try to control emotion
It's my own secret potion
Sink into the couch
Grab some lotion

The lonely stoner
Trapped in his mind tonight
Trapped in his mind tonight
Wasn't awake for her wake
His days and nights are mixed
Her funeral he missed
Time for another fix...

— The End —