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Justin Time Apr 2015
Inside of me
Never show
Just be strong, keep moving
Right along, it's your choosing
To feel this way

That's what they say
But they don't know this feeling
Twenty four seven my stomach is reeling
And just before I thought of dissappearing

Too bad there's no running
Feel sad for what? Nothing
I thought I was strong
But it wasn't for long

Bottled it up and now I'm broken up
Can't even soak it up
Lack of emotion and feel like exploding
My ego's imploding, body's eroding

So that's how I was
Until I...found drugs
Justin Time Apr 2015
No place to call home
I faced on my own
This cold world
Taught me the hate we all know
Brought me disgrace we've all chose
To forget about, but I'd never pout

Still, I remember and it's the cause of my endeavors
Cause if in December, it was warmth to be remembered
Then I wouldn't be the man who fights and writes this quite clever

Never saying never
I might feel less pleasure
It's all the for the better

Self made is an understatement
I paved the pavement,
Layed foundation
On a lot that's vacant
What have I created?
A lot that they can't.
Justin Time Aug 2014
I'm on one
Been trapped in a buzz for four or six months
Since that I've pulled a few stunts
My mind, opposite judgement of a nun's
So I tend to act rugged when it comes

I'm on one
Zapped down by these side effects
Trapped now, take benzos to alleviate
More and more as the effects depreciate
Good for a few hours
But I need to finish this report, so I give myself powers
Amphetamines by all means
I had a dream once, but now I cant sleep
Don't use guns, to do this damage to myself
Going through funds to do this damage to myself

I'm on one
Is it worth it in the long run?
I've Seen what happens and it isn't fun
But how can I do this job without them
Be out of water, desperate as a trout, man
Aches and pains I think I have the gout man
Take pain killers, the real brain killers

I'm on one
Tipping over while typing these words
Tripping over how I got this net worth
Incognito, reputation with the best first
Wish I could reveal, but I'd have no appeal
They'd think I went bananas

See I no longer have the fun that I had before hand
Gleam in the Rover like the sweat against my forehead
Blasting AC on max, thinking about paying tax
But I already am, my kidneys show the facts
Because I'm on one
Justin Time Aug 2014
Another Sunday, time to recover
From all the drugs, my only lover
Take my B vitamins to start the circulation
With some fish oils to reduce inflammation
Most importantly, are my amino acids
Because of that I've been flushed
So now I replenish these masses
The benzos are the only drugs that get touched
So addicted to them, so I know it's a must
If a doctor read this, he'd understand my logic
But if a doctor read this, he'd command me to stop it
As I continue my day with my normal acting mind
I realize I'm a slave to drugs, all the time
But I'm financially flourished
The whole family I nourish

And after reading these poems, I feel some people get jealous
Who would follow me? They know my soul I had sold it
I always follow back, I'm not a bad guy
Now sit on top of that, I'm not living a lie
I could really care less about it
It's just an alias, and a therapeutic outlet
Just another Sunday
Glad you read about it
Justin Time Aug 2014
You can buy your way out of anything
In my supply you'll see I take everything
But in this poem I won't talk about pills
On my own, my dreams I fulfilled

Mesmerized by green paper at a young age
No surprise, planned to be a doctor by a certian age
I mean, I always wanted to help people
Until one day, I let a women turn me evil

So my personality obtained a sequel
No remorse, doing everything illegal
A different course, had to find my own kind
Now of course, the stock exchange was in my mind

Ever since she cheated on me
My main goal was to achieve luxury
Brown nosed those who I perceived under me
Clown nosed them as I put them under me

Now I'm at the very top
My name, can't even drop
Destroy my reputation?
Rather be a vegetation

Money is freedom
That saying, incredibly dumb
Have to write with a brown bag on my face
Drug addicted boss looks like a disgrace
Trapped behind golden bars
I wish I could say more
But all this...for that lame *****?
Justin Time Aug 2014
Wake-up with the pill bottle next to me
Other side is the girl that had *** with me
I know she doesn't love me
I just flaunt some of the money
Then they wanna come see

Get out of bed when they start to kick in
So amazed how I got all these prescriptions
Pill caddy because today I'm on a mission
Driver is out front
Time to put on the front

Get to the office, bursts of motivation
See my partner do it-with no medication
But things are fine, no reason to whine
I got it all

But when I define all, it's where I fall
Money, drugs, mansion
And no hugs from a honey or some laughing
Who will I share it with?
My computer I just stare at it

Give my tasks to my secretary
Because, that's why I pay you, Sheree
I'm just the founder
With a bold face to motivate

No more brown nosing
See, now they brown nose me
But as the clock hits four PM
Look at all our profits, yeah I see them

Time for my downers so I can mellow out
All the guilt, time to throw it out
Let's go out, Sheree
She says yes, not to me...but to the money
Yeah I admit it kinda hurts...
But its all in, A Day's Work
Justin Time Jul 2014
What doesn't **** me makes me stronger
That which kills me, is what I long for
We're all trying to maintain
But I feel
I'll never abstain

Rid the pain, make it rain
I'll prove it with one-eighty proof
Bulletproof liquid
Even better when I mix it...

Yellow, green, and blue
I pop to change my moods
Try to control emotion
It's my own secret potion
Sink into the couch
Grab some lotion

The lonely stoner
Trapped in his mind tonight
Trapped in his mind tonight
Wasn't awake for her wake
His days and nights are mixed
Her funeral he missed
Time for another fix...
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