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Jodey Ross Jun 2020
As I lay here, the two of you beside me, I feel at peace. And though I can't sleep with all of the thoughts running through my brain, I feel as if I don't even need to. You both give me the strength to keep going. I know that fights happen. I know that things get tough, and money gets tight, and days get tiresome, but I also know that I will always have a place to call home. A place where I can finally rest my eyes and collapse mindlessly into a warm embrace that will mend all of the wounds I may have had. I have never felt such love for anyone until I met you, Adam. I never thought I could feel safe to let my heart run to someone again until you beckoned it your way. And I know this all sounds stupid and maybe it's because I'm sleep deprived, but I want you to know that you mean the world to me. I love you with my whole being and I truly hope you can see that.
Jodey Ross Nov 2016
Looking up at the universe makes me realize just how lucky I am to have you at the center of mine.
Jodey Ross Oct 2016
I don't know what else to do.
My grades are slipping,
I barely eat,
My anxiety is worse than it's ever been,
And my depression makes me barely able to function.
I don't want to tell anyone,
I don't want to be a bother.
I feel like I **** up everything I do,
I don't want people to worry about me anymore.
I'm not worth the time and effort,
All I am is a clingy ******* who makes everyone around me upset,
Why even bother being here anymore...
I'm sorry, guys.
Jodey Ross Jul 2016
Grandparents: "Happy birthday, sweetie!"

Aunt: "How does it feel to be old?"

Uncle: "Happy birthday to you! Happy birthday to you!"

Cousin: "Happy birthday! I love you!"

Girlfriend: "Have a very happy birthday, my love!"

Through all the enthusiasm and happy birthday wishes, I still feel an empty hole.

A depressive state that won't go away.

Five years...

Five years in a row...

My parents forgot my birthday...
I know this may not be a big deal to some but I am seventeen and I don't live with my parents. Today is my birthday and I have gotten calls from everyone else... But them...
Jodey Ross Jul 2016
Life has the tendency to push you down,
as if you wouldn't make a difference in it.

Life has the tendency to convince you of impossible thoughts,
as if you are worthless to it.

Life has the tendency to make you feel like you don't belong,
as if no one truly understands you in it.

What life doesn't do is show you how wonderful you truly are,
like rainfall in the desert.

What life doesn't do is make you realize that you are worth more than it can offer,
like food to a homeless man.

What life doesn't do is tell you how resilient you are,
like *flowers through the sidewalk cracks.
I feel inspiration is lacking in society these days. Have a little.
Jodey Ross Jul 2016
Some people in this world will hurt you;
others are band-aids that will help you heal.

You just have to figure out who is who.
Jodey Ross Jul 2016
There once was a stye in my eye
I picked it off
and did not cry
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