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May 2016
Remember this...

You are the reason for countless,
sleepless nights where I lay awake
wondering what light you would bring.

You are the reason I had no imagination,
believing that no one could fill the gaps
and why each day came with a sting.

Unknown to me, who you were going to be.
You sang to me, so sweet! You make my dreams
weep with joy and sadness.

Unknown to me, you were everything
or nothing. Someone to depend on or destroy.
I've torn you down but you stand with me in the mess.

You helped me through everything,
good and bad,Β Β through my darkest moments when
self-harm and suicide didn't seem so bad.

You expected it back in return but when I couldn't
live up, you didn't leave you stayed
because you knew you were the only thing that made me glad.

This is for you, whoever you are,
thanks for being there. I know I don't say it much
but I don't know what I'd do without you.

This is for you,Β Β because I know you are truly
willing to forgive me and I cannot repay that
or even begin to.

Just remember I wrote this for you.
This is my 200th poem on here.
gray rain
Written by
gray rain  18/F
       Timothy, Breeze-Mist, ---, Imotional, Pamela Rae and 36 others
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