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May D Aug 2014
feeble ribs
caressing porcelain  

ink dipped tongue
every word he
uttered was

she painted him
with hues of gray
leaving a piece
of her crumbling
soul in each

his sleepless nights
spent with
pencil smudged
trying to find
the words
to describe her

they were 2:00 am
with blemished
hearts trying
to find love
in each other

~ am
May D Aug 2014
tangled tendrils
and running

arctic thoughts
caressing a
hollow heart

she's lost herself,
in the hailstorms
and cold winter

but she will never
forget the winter storm
that he used
to tear apart
her paper heart
May D Aug 2014
you hide behind your
painted lips of dahlia
and charcoaled eyes

thinking cheap concealer
can enshroud the
burning thoughts
that churn in your mind
May D Aug 2014
words are the only thing
that can fill the
hollowness that
resonates in my bones

— The End —