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Georgia Oct 2019
My words always feel empty
As if made with lack of empathy
Throughout my rotten history
I’ve suppressed all these memories
Frames of painted wooden glass
Let me see into my past
I wish I could change what use to be
So that these words weren’t as heavy
But times a thing I can’t control
Nor something I can just let go
Or an element I can change
So I’ll stay stuck in my ways
Of believing that I will end this guilt
Or suffering what I can’t ****
But one thing will stay the same
My words will still feel empty
Even when my eyes
Are filled with tears
This took me a while too write but I’m starting to find my way into words again
  Jul 2019 Georgia
When one disappears
The world keeps on spinning
The saints keep on sainting
And the sinners keep on sinning

When one disappears
Some may stop to wonder
But only a chosen few
Feel their souls torn asunder

When one disappears
Most await new dawn
But some live an endless night
Once their soulmate's gone
Georgia Jul 2019
May my centre of my universe remain unbroken as the pressure of the galaxies ponder my existence
May my soul however torn be stitched back together with the thread of time and needle of course
May my faith in humanity and humility be constantly tested keeping my thoughts in one place and on a straight road
May the water in my blood flow back too the sea as the earth soaks up what’s left of me
May the oxygen I’ve carelessly breathed become the last thing left of me
And may my gods feel mighty but small as my demons become as equal too their rank.
I’m only but a human in this endless existence, I’m only but one star in the sky, I am nothing more than strands of an ancient past and no more than the sun which brings us life.
Enjoy my crisis
Georgia Apr 2019
Say what you want but that lad means more to me than anything, he’s my best friend my soul mate and the one I love with all my heart, I remember his voice like I heard it a second ago and I can taste his kiss like his lips are mine but I’m so depressed without him he’s my other half and without him I feel so lost my lungs collapse at the thought of him leaving and my heart squeezes tight at the thought of a life without him
I don’t want to breathe air if he isn’t there because without him there isn’t a point
And he has everything I need even if he doesn’t see it cause what I need you can’t buy and what I crave I need you by my side for, see where this is going?
There’s a hole in my chest deep swollen and uncomfortable but with you around I can’t even frown because for them hours I’m complete
I guess I’m a mess I’m sorry in advance
But now you know an my times run out
But thanks again
For you
Don’t judge it’s something I didn’t look over cause it’s probably a mess oh well
  Dec 2018 Georgia
patty m
How wondrous this vision spun,
begun with brush dipped into dun,
yet meadowlark and thistle down
spread rainbow to the world surround
and thus spill forth a field of flowers
and trees whose height diminish towers,
                                in wind gusts fresh and free,
                                        imbued by sky and sea.
salty lick of wave, dark dampness of a cave
the crystal stream, the muddy river
all the joys our earth delivers

Yet the  birds and fish and beasts who roam
ask man to think, perhaps atone
open your eyes and try not to blink
as you strive to save Earth
from disaster's brink.
Georgia Dec 2018
A deal with the devil
Thats what i signed tonight
I messed up big time
Now it's nothing so bad
But your really not gonna like
When you look on the inside
I can smile
And play pretend
Act like i never took more drugs
Act like i never ***** up
But I sit and i write
Every day, every night
Tryna find just one peice
Of my life, that went right
Guess it's not meant to be
I'm just too ****** you see
Raised around lies
Cheatings pride
Know no faith
Fell from grace
And ill never ever get back up
I'm sorry
You deserve better than me
I just hurt you
And disappoint you
I never mean too
Its just everyone I love becomes ******
Everything I touch turns to rust
And every time it starts to go right it always backfires
Im aware of my life's problems
Im aware that I haven't felt since before I met you...
I'm so scared of loosing you so I keep **** away from you but then it kills me, but the **** i tell you you don't like or when im ready to tell you its like you don't wanna hear it and i know you say i can talk to you and **** but like you always loose your rag over the stupid **** and honestly im just loosing my head all the time.
It's not your problem
I'm aware its mine
But I can't continue
To hate my fear of loosing you
Makes me want too
Just so then its less painfull for me
I'm undeniably in love with you
That ill swear on god hell and the universe
May they all fall into a black hole if im lying
I've lost a part of me i didn't know i had
Georgia Nov 2018
Does my work offend you sir?
With all its swearing and its slurs
The slang and the profanity
All those 'unattractive' words
I do apologise
It's just my poetry's my voice
The fears i feel inside
The troubles of my heart
The troubles of my soul
All my pain and all my pride
I write into notes
Pages in a book
Something i hope to publish one day
A hand that helps someone who's lonely
Something to mend the soul
A hug to those in cold
My words of bitter do nothing
But heal the sick and cold
So please forgive my language
But i just so happened to be
The person to speak my mind
In the most truthful way
I couldn't ask for justice
Because nothing has been done
Ill ask for your discretion of
This important matter
With your shaming of my words
My swearing and my slurs
I do ask forgiveness
I pray its not me who you hate
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