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Feb 2015 · 202
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
A stench so foul
Haunts these grounds
Follow your nose
Silence is the only sound
Feb 2015 · 285
Feeding Time
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
A predator takes pride
In eviscerating its prey
Draining away its life
As it slowly plays
Feb 2015 · 314
Dried Up
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
Drowning in the blood
Siphoned from my wrists
Dried to the bone
To never be missed
Feb 2015 · 709
My Valentine(10w)
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
Your sweet taste
On my lips
I love you

Feb 2015 · 342
Internal Inferno
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
My demons
Ignite my sight
Inviting all
Which is frightening

Pulsating through your veins
Sending me insane
A scent
For which I am bent

I yearn
for your blood
to burn
Feb 2015 · 248
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
An irrelevant concept of measurement
On personal scales
Feb 2015 · 323
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
Stuck down a hole
Wanting out of hell
Life throws a rope
To escape where you dwell

You take this chance
But you don't realize
Lost in a trance
Life's just full of lies

Climbing high
Only to see below
The rope you've climbed
Burning slow

You look above
To see how far you've come
The rope bearing thin
It's all ready to come undone

Life lit the end
And scarred the top
It'll laugh at you
Never to stop

One last thing
Life did say
Thanks for the fun
Let's play another day

Feb 2015 · 177
Peace? (10w)
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
Hiding away
In cage
Scared to stray
Upon lifes stage
Feb 2015 · 310
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
Your eyes glow like the golden sun
Peering deep within my soul
Your voice is as whimsical
As an angels harps hum

A touch of pure elegance
Sending rhythm to my heart
Your movement flows like gracious art
An angel sent from the heavens
Feb 2015 · 307
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
I've lost love
For dreaming
Can't reach
The stars above
Feb 2015 · 711
Dark Warm(10w)
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
Darkest shadows
Harbor broken souls
Like a mothers
Warm embrace
Feb 2015 · 274
F.E.A.R (15w)
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
Frightened of your own shadows
Encasing yourself within your
Abyss of a
R**efined self damnation
Feb 2015 · 706
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
Come stand with me
Let your mind wander, let it be free
For just one moment, look at your life and realise that you own it.
Open your eyes, no door is closed.
Only your mind can decline the choices you have inside
I can tell you, you perceive your world
In one of two ways
Number one
You're in a room with only one way, do you go through the single door or do you just stay.
Number two
Your room has two doors, but which do you choose. You want to be careful so that you don't lose

Your eyes maybe open, but your mind is sown shut, you feel your stuck in a rut but don't worry your story still ain't woven until you have written and started living.
Picture it like this, the room your in has fifty no make that a hundred doors.
Now through each door, another room exactly the same
No door is closed, never a single choice, now I propose you listen to that little voice that hides in your mind, just take your time, and you'll be just fine.

Now I ain't saying your life will be perfect
It'll probably be far from it, but that's the best part, don't be afraid of what can be made, let your life start.
Never one choice
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
Encased by her grasp
Succulent lips feed upon
Evanescent souls
Feb 2015 · 516
Planes of Conscious
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
As I drift between reality
And the realm of dreams
The world tops its axis
Or so it may seem

Rifts of the universe
Open like mouths
Dimensions unfold
While our heads are stuck in clouds

On the cusp of consciousness
Reality turns to dust
My soul splits from body
Bursting from crust

Traveling ethereal planes
The universe unfolds
Floating through space
Discovering stories untold
I don't know, I really don't Haha . Very tired but wanted to write :P
Feb 2015 · 286
My Pearl
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
You say that you're fine
But I'll hold tight until the end of time
As the diamonds streak
Down your crimson cheeks
I'll catch every tear
Cause Daddy is here
I dunno didn't end up writing the way I expected, the reasoning behind title is....catching salty tears and holding tight like a clam holding sand and salty water inside.
Feb 2015 · 684
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
I am the god
Who brings the sun to shine
With my silver bow and lyre
I shoot muse across the sky

I am the ink
That caresses your page
The rhythmic verses
Dancing across life's stage
I can bring you great health
But beware I can bring you the plague

Listen to life's harmony
And poetic flow
Syncing with my muse
I'll give you a show

This is my day but it's time for me to go
I'll shoot to the sky with my trusty bow
Upon you head my symphonies will snow
But I'll be back for sure with muse for tomorrow
For my name is Apollo
A little challenge am doing with some friends :)
Dunno if I should keep the Title just as the name or try and figure something creative out, just can't think of anything at this moment
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
Hello everyone :)
I would like to welcome a poet to HP, Inspired2Inspire is an amazing poet.
If you could take the time to check out his poems
would be great.
Awesome Poet
Feb 2015 · 242
Oh Valentines
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
Oh Valentines
Oh Valentines

Where will my heart lay
Upon the love day
It'll be all locked away
Until the days
Pass to May
For the month of April they say
You're just a fool, hey
Feb 2015 · 593
(Love)Sea and Land(10w)
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
Love me like
The ocean
Loves the land
Forever together
Feb 2015 · 457
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
Golden glow
On the horizon
Harmonious songs
Sung on the wind

Cool breeze
Flowing calmly
As darkness
Turns to light
Feb 2015 · 197
Bright Night(10w)
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
Turn of the lights
For you light
Up this dark night
Feb 2015 · 113
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
A raging storm
Spinning world
And yet
Keeps you warm
Feb 2015 · 166
In My Mind?
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
They ask me to let them in
To see what is going on in my mind
But all I can do I stare
And ask myself
That exact same question

*What is going on in my mind?
Feb 2015 · 294
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
Upon this canvas
I'll etch my soul
Dispersing into ink
Feb 2015 · 168
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
Even the devils hand
Can caress
The depths of loneliness
Feb 2015 · 130
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
What does a shattered person
See in a shattered mirror
Feb 2015 · 184
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
Each moment in life
Breaks or builds you

Your choice
Feb 2015 · 229
Lifes Canvas(10w)
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
Each stroke an experience
Natural masterpiece
D**efined as you age
Feb 2015 · 882
Strange Little Boy
Shannon Jeffery Feb 2015
I met a little boy
Who seemed a little strange
He was sitting in a corner
Just drawing away
He took a look at me
And laughed
"What a sight to see"

I asked him what's so funny
He looked at me again
And had one more laugh
That's when he said

I already know you
You're in my book
And all you can do
Is take a little look

I was ready for a laugh
Oh but a laugh was not in sight
I checked over it once, I checked over it twice
Oh no no, this cannot be right

I spin around, my world has changed
An echo screams "You're cursed, You're cursed"
Freaked out I run for the nearest cover, the echo again
"Too late, too late, this floor your blood shall stain"

I have nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
Stuck in his book
Just waiting to die
Well something to end my block Hehe

I may write this as a series, I don't know yet depends if I can get the second one started right :)
Jan 2015 · 223
Haiku #10
Shannon Jeffery Jan 2015
Internally numb
Crimson tears fall with each stroke
Searching for freedom
Jan 2015 · 600
Shannon Jeffery Jan 2015
You chew me up
And spit me out
I'll come back with
A different flavor
Jan 2015 · 271
Shannon Jeffery Jan 2015
Sometimes poetry unravels
From my mind
Like your glowing eyes
Radiating through my heart

But sometimes it hides away
In the eerie darkness
Like you encasing your heart
In the depths of sorrows
Jan 2015 · 204
Haiku #9
Shannon Jeffery Jan 2015
Is it you I love?
Or is it the idea
Of being the loved?
Jan 2015 · 1.5k
Haiku #8
Shannon Jeffery Jan 2015
Love. *Hate. Four Letters
Cake* has four letters as well
I love it. Do you?
Jan 2015 · 276
Haiku #7
Shannon Jeffery Jan 2015
As rose petals fall
Gentle winds whisper your name
Encasing my heart
Jan 2015 · 214
Shannon Jeffery Jan 2015
Follow your hearts wildest dreams
Across streams
Of imaginations seams
Jan 2015 · 179
Haiku #6
Shannon Jeffery Jan 2015
Strength comes from within
None can douse your flame but you
Burn bright like the stars
Jan 2015 · 290
Haiku #5
Shannon Jeffery Jan 2015
The waves break onshore
As does my heart crash and pour
For your love once more
Jan 2015 · 200
Haiku #4
Shannon Jeffery Jan 2015
We may burn to dust
But we can rise from the ash
To ascend once more
Jan 2015 · 173
Haiku #3
Shannon Jeffery Jan 2015
The beat of my heart
Syncs with every breath you take
In soft harmony
Jan 2015 · 211
Summer Sunset
Shannon Jeffery Jan 2015
As I float across the cosmos
Pleasantly with ease
Upon my face with a gentle kiss
From a summers breeze

Laying on the warm sand
In which gently I settle my feet
As waves wash over me
Where land and water meet

A vibrant paradise
Of silent bliss
A moment I
Would never miss
Jan 2015 · 1.8k
Heart & Soul(10w)
Shannon Jeffery Jan 2015
To be

B             O                  
          R          K     E

Is the only way
To feel

Jan 2015 · 189
Haiku #2
Shannon Jeffery Jan 2015
Humans are fragile
Believing they cannot break
Love says otherwise
My 2nd try at a haiku
Jan 2015 · 577
Shannon Jeffery Jan 2015
Today I am done
I'm done with it all
World you have won
I'll curl into a ball

You've broken my will
Poisoned my soul
My mind is collapsing
But I guess it's not surprising

You reach out with talons
And rip out my heart
My blood you drain in gallons
It's a sick, sadistic art

If there is a hell
This is where it's at
Life is but a mere cell
We are just rats

I could go on forever
About the pain that you cause
But in the end, you'll just sever
More hearts with your claws

My light is in darkness
In escape from dismay
All I request
End me this day
I am over it all, the irony though I write a poem about my unbreakable will, well **** it, it's broken.
Jan 2015 · 452
Element Challenge(10w)
Shannon Jeffery Jan 2015
My will, strong as rock
Endures the test of time
Jan 2015 · 2.1k
10 Word Poem Challenge
Shannon Jeffery Jan 2015
Ok so I wanted to find a way to learn more about felloe poets here on HP. But I know not everyone likes to write long detailed information so.... I'd like you to write a 10(I will accept up to 20 but prefer 10) word poem describing yourself with one of these 4 elements Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

If you would like it to be easily found please use the tag #elementchallenge

I will write one aswell :) lets see those creative minds in action
Jan 2015 · 317
Inspirational fuse(10w)
Shannon Jeffery Jan 2015
When inspiration kisses
It's like striking
A match
To fireworks
Jan 2015 · 351
Bullied/Depression (20w)
Shannon Jeffery Jan 2015
Tears fall
As your words
Pierce my soul

Like the

Blood slowly dripping
As the razor
Slides across my wrists
A long time ago I went through a stage of depression. This basically sums up how I felt. I don't know why I remembered this and wrote about it though
Jan 2015 · 950
Shannon Jeffery Jan 2015
Impaled by the arrow
Of Cupid
To suffer for eternity
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