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 May 2016 Shannon Jeffery
"Quieten down...
Release your anchor, and sink into bed."

"I can't...
The whims of the world are much to heavy...
For me not to bother."

"The weight of the world isn't yours to bear...
It'll sort itself out,
if only you'd give it time to spare..."

"But that's just it, isn't it?
If only there's enough time for all of it to fit.
The ******* truth is...
there's never enough.
There can never be for those built with edges so rough."

"Why are you so sure
about something that has yet to happen?
When future's sand has yet to be spilled,
and its ink has yet to be written."

"Because that's just me.
I am a being fraught with worry.
You know that.
It's the only way I can be ready.
It's the only way I can be steady."

"Then allow me to keep you company.
For I am you, as much as you are me.
Till such time you eventually feel,
that you're ready to retire and heal."

"Thank you...
Your words comfort me much.
I welcome you,
to see me through this chaos in my head.
I've severed the anchor...
Let us sail to tranquillity,
leave the turbidity in our wake.
And replace it with
peaceful dreams in its stead."

You know you've lost your marbles when you write pieces such as this.
You've held onto it tightly
Never let it go
As it has been your friend for life
Through all the highs and lows

Through all the winter storms
In all the summer rains
It has been the anchor which
Has held it all in place

Among the ups and downs
All the ins and outs
The many cares left unaware
With the here's and there abouts

You think it over when you're under
As it helps to calm the doubt
When there seems to be no other way
For you to walk the lonely mile

You may one day choose to let it loose
Where it can have its say
In hopes it helps another
Along their merry way

Until then...
You'll hold onto it tightly
Never let it go
As it has been your friend for life
Through all the highs and lows
She faded into the shadows
        of the love
             she wished she could forget
She solemnly swore
        to drown herself
               in the memory of her regret
Her eyes burned at the sight
         of the lost love
             she'd erased years ago
Her thoughts wondered
         and traveled to places
               she never meant to go
Life attacked her before
         she was even ready
                to feel the pain
Love forced her into the storm
         before she'd even
                 experienced **the rain
I dreamed about love
so deep I cried

So beautiful and unattainable
Yet still I tried

I tried to hold on
As long as I could

Yet my dreams are so often
Your fluid smile
I do believe
I have found out
Like mercury

With silver tongue
Shinning teeth
All along
Poison to me

Filtered through my heart
Hot running veins
Your smile to me
Like mercury

fragile as
Venetian glass
are memories of
a haunting past

delicate as
petals blown
are humans
in a trial

as a new foal's legs
are the ones who
have to beg

as a dry and
blasted oak
are emotionally
broken folk

and those who's
ego's rant and rave
are as dead leaves

upon a grave

(C) 3/16/2016
There's a homeless couple living behind us. They have nowhere to go. We are helping them get on their feet. I wanted to say no to their plight. But there but for the grace of God go I.

I won't be able to be on the site much because I'm helping them. They've offered to help us too. That is going to be very important since my father is coming home soon. Thank you all for your prayers and good thoughts in my regard. I really love you for it!

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