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Francie Lynch Sep 2018
I've used them on my windows
To see the clear outside,
If I read the Op-eds,
I shudder, shuttered and hide.

I've spread them 'neath my plates and cups,
My shelves all neat and tidy;
But the headlines made it clear to me
My glass is more half empty.

They had a place in the litter box
For **** to scratch and squat;
I laid them round my garden plants,
They made fine insect traps.
Rolled and twirled they'd start a fire,
I could fold them into hats.
They cleaned the grease from BBQs,
And they're safe to pick up glass.
Crumple them for packaging,
They work as school book covers;
Add water and some flour,
To shape papier mache lovers.
Fold seeds in them to germinate,
Then use them for compost;
There's many ways to employ
Your Times and local Post.

But I won't subscribe to Dailies
For the felling of our trees;
And yet I miss my papers,
And the ways they worked for me.
But when enthroned,
You'll hear me grouse,
There's no **** paper in this ****-house.

My cell works well to scroll and swipe,
But it's only good for a virtual wipe.
Can he cry
Knowing the winds won’t stop
Feeling his heart pulse achingly
Listening to the sounds in the other stalls
There are others crying with him
He still can’t cry

Can he cry
Knowing the failures will stick like duck tape
Felling his snot paint his sleeves white
Hugging himself in his time of fright
He still won’t cry

Can he cry
Knowing this is one out of too many
Feeling the burden settle so heavily
Breathing in timing to the tapping on his knee
The tears won’t come out

He can’t cry
Knowing it’ll always be the same
Feeling the drain on his psyche
Listening to the silence in the other stalls
He’s still the only one

And the winds still won’t stop
And the clouds will pass by
I’m pretty sure I failed my math test lol
Mind Da Hed Feb 3
It can't be this intense from the start
when verbal romance can't be found
you and me just sit there, mute
and I recollect myself all the time, confused
the avalanche of hope
the dearest gleam of your frail whisper

I know this isn't right
but your charm comes up without warnings
or somehow I just wait to get mused by anything you do

not so long it would be a joke
that I'm swept away by my own imagination
hitting myself before fever of felling
self poetic, love comic
who you I don't really know
why you it doesn't show
please excuse my vulnerability
maybe I'm desperately in need of being a dear for someone
maybe it hurts me because I'm not that someone

in your fondest day dream

and I'm beaming myself right here
like black spots in the dark
Cydney Something Oct 2018
Thieves in the night
Liars, scandalous harlots
They dance, they sing
They give no secrets away

Servants to the senses by day
Soldiers to the battle by night
Subjects to no king
Least of all, the mind behind them

Murderous, treacherous,
Maddening, Fierce
Demons and Sirens
Hold not a flame to their light

Felling the mountains
With naught but their will
How easy a mark, then
Must they have made my heart
Lovely Nobody Oct 2018
A tear trickled down her cheek
It fall on my heart and i saw it seep
The plant that grew there was gentle and week
And for love it had its roots going deep.
The hardship winds were the nature's grant
Felling huge trees and leaving a mark
But couldn't uproot the growing plant
Of all the big small things in the park.
Giving it strength to live through the worst
Now the weak plant was a warrior
With warship glory a new flower burst
And on the flower came a carrier .
Picking up love withe the pollen grains
Showering it ,flying all far and wide.
Her tears falling on my heart like rains
Of love and care that she can not hide
Raj  May 17
Without you...
Raj May 17
I saw you coming towards me.
First ,You gave me a pleasurable then it became worst living felling.
I didn't know it was short period.
Then, it became an unbearable pain with fathomless bottom.
I tried a lot to search the bottom of that feeling to throw it far.
But it all was as we all why ,it had fathomless base.
It tried to **** me without you.
I know all that,
I know all that  but ,
I mind tells to left over from that lovely feeling ,but my heart resist it.
I know it takes time to build myself to immune it without you.
But I will build surely.
Myself without you, my love.
T  Jan 25
TiMe AnD sPaCe
T Jan 25
This felling I felt when I gazed at the blood red came across to me like the swift winds of a hurricane ...suddenly the vision of us back together very soon
The vibes were strong ....and the powerful energies were reminding me that her and I one...
Then with the rise of the morning hit like a ton of bricks ....that this was a prophecy...of sorts and our destiny no more tricks....
The cycle has ended ....and the new begining must be tended
There were words....coming but from who and why....watching over us ....from the sky...from what I see there is only one reason was meant to be....but the voices told me ...for I would be be the only one ....for now......who could see.....the path that we both must walk....for patience is the answer as we both listen for them to talk
So I guess when the time is right and the stars and the planets...are all in place...we shall listen as they state their case
So at this place in time she is only in my dreams.......and What is happening now is not as it seems.
#if this is to happen I must have patience and courage and the stars shall lead me.
soul  Jul 2018
lost moments
soul Jul 2018
You gave me peace
or it was just in my dream
you went away in few
left my broken heart to sew
your words echoed in the closed room
With black dots blinding my vision
Promises to together forever
Were these only me who swore?
Or you were just blabbering  Like a broken tape
Repeating in my ears again and again
Love i felt
Was it all a lie??
Those sweet messages
Were they all fake??
Walls are mocking at me
that we painted grey
Road we travelled are asking
" where is the other one?"
Benches are felling lonely
Without our chirping
Being with you was like a rollar coster ride,
Sometimes high and sometimes low
Too short to last forever
Past Memories are bluring
As the heart is fixing
Hurts so much when they chose someone over u
and remembering all this **** makes  you fell lonely again
Keith Mitchell Oct 2018
Hilma af Klint
you’re so fascinating
goddess that once lived
I feel your thoughts
calculated vision
spotting the reflection in ones eye
puzzled amazement
ahead of your time
your twenty year stipulation
turned into a few extra blinks
how did you know it would matter?
how can I hear your voice
such clarity
the timing of the universe
calibrating the weight of your works
minds have finally caught up
your brilliance shinning through souls
past and present
I’ve had your thoughts
they race around
my mind like individual butterflies
landing and empowering
brain cells
felling your individual touch
lucky me or lucky you
what matters
spiritually blessed
visionary senses
planting seeds
they pop once the moment arrives
blessed that is your love
works unashamed
love unrequited
coming full circle
purest heart touched
more artist like you like me
not giving a ****
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