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Logan Robertson Sep 2019
One regret
for all those farm pigs
wiggling their toes
one last time
on that ride
to the market
wiggling, wiggling
like there's no  tomorrow
taking in the waning hours
thoughts of their sow
and babies left behind
gasping the last breath of air
and life
the ride, the death march
the winding turns
the roar of a diesel engine
the small cracks in the crate
light filtering in
bringing tears to their eyes
the saddest eyes ever
and the final curtain
for somehow they know
the fattening
destiny's child
this piggy went to market
was a storybook fable
facing all around them
the others know, too
their hearts beating
when the truck stops
not for coffee this time …
squeals  abound
the crates perspiring, thrashing
the bounty of life
on the dinner table
the cruelty of such
for no cargo is overturned
as the hum of death
sound of the blades
soon rises above the prayers
darkness kicks in
taking in the ecosystem
as wiggling toes stop

Logan Robertson

This poem tugs at my heart, for the reality of such, is not made up. The first cavemen had the right idea.
Her crisp vocals paint paths, long poised by me.

Her beauty is a reality where my ecosystem drives.

Her omnidirectional audio reads every touch and feels every string.

Her heart-bytes pump voltage in my device(veins).

Her smartness is a safe place, where I shut down.

© Feelings Coated
Heart Byte=Heart Beat

From the book Feelings Coated
George Krokos Jun 2019
I know what is killing the reef*
the bureaucrats are just lying
they know why it's coming to grief
and, before its time's up, dying.

When you consider just how much
is being made through tourist trade
those ill effects of human touch
you'll understand what evil's made.

Sure, there are other things as well
it would be foolish to deny
and of ignorance not to tell
but the main one is a fare's pry.

The reef's a large ecosystem
that's been here for millions of years
many creatures from it do stem
human pollution gives no cheers.

The wonders by sight that it gives
won't allow a stone left unturned
causing harm to it as it lives;
another problem by man churned.

Nature's real gauge of climate change
has now been rising steadily
making the weather appear strange
and the reef languishing to be.

It will be required for a while
to leave it alone and help it
recover from the human guile
that's only destroying to wit.

If we don't recognise this truth
or cause of the problem at hand
it would only deny our youth
of them ever seeing it grand.

Too much of a good thing can be
turned into something bad for all
if those involved but fail to see
the damage caused and so forestall.

Just think of what life would be like
if we could now do something to
prevent such a disastrous hike
but failed to act or carry through.
To reverse the trend, where possible, of an adverse condition or situation
we must take certain specific opposite measures with due consideration.
S.O.#128 © 2019 George Krokos
*Note: Reef = The Great Barrier Reef off the coast of north east Australia is one of the great  natural wonders of the world.
Written in late May 2019.
nanda Dec 2017
my eyes are flashlights
my face a mess
of beauty standards
and hidden rage

i am a building
many people at the same
good evil none
all for different fame

i breathe co2
i drink gasoline in a cup
my skin is rough concrete
wires all the way up

i speak in machines
scream drills and hammers
i am all noise, chaos
what comfort is there in silence?

i dress in fake nature
plastic bags hold my pride
i take the control
but never once do i command

i am the cancer
on earth's lung
i am the darkness
tainting all black

i am what they call progess
but i am what prevents us from it
i am a mess of glass
and conctrete all in one

i may seem pretty and kind
creating opportunities all around
i build your home
just to tear the real one apart

and deep in the night
between the flashes and chaos
one may be able
to see a kind of nature
that it is still out of my graspe
but as selfish as i am
i blind you with my light
preventing you to fall
from a far-away love

do not look away
no, do not look at what truly is beautiful

because if you do
if you see how the water flows
or how the sun shines
or even feel the grass

you might forget me—
you should resent me
you must break me—
just so you can go back
A small critique to today's lifestyle
Godlink Nov 2017
My minds a pond,
it's been murky a while,
filled with waste, bad thoughts, and plenty of bile.
The ecosystem dead,
food for thought no more,
my ponds been drained,
spilled all over the floor.
Every now and again,
someone comes along,
to clean out the waste,
to fill up my pond,
that time comes to an end,
again and again,
goodbye my love,
my pond loving friend.
Phoenix Bekkedal May 2017
I kissed the Ocean and she said she was the Sea
During the season of allergies I sneeze with no intention of apologizing
I don't put things behind me
the construction workers outside don't care if I'm sleeping
they keep cutting down trees and I keep weeping because
I. Can't. Sleep.
Big Oil like that doesn't like me
says the green in my blood is a lie
I say I keep my ties and preserve
unlike you monkeys getting what you don't deserve

I know I'm not winning but I know I have the cause and effect of sea breeze
You don't notice me but I'm there I am so there
And when I pick up and show you my hurricane you're scared
but I promise you I'm just letting you know I'm there
Asking you to tell me you care
I woke up very poetic this morning. This is kinda how it works for me.
Tikari Apr 2017
From the alluring meadows of plants,
and the enchanting wonders that encompass it.
Each organism unique,
none as much as even bleak.
As we grow and split,
cell by cell.
Animals grow with development,
Autotrophs harness sunlight,
and breathe in food.
An unknown stimuli,
compromising all we'll know.
Leaving animals free of their golden glow.
Their response will soon show,
animals in exile from their once snug homes.
An assignment from years ago.
Vexren4000 Feb 2017
Time passed as time would,
Years turned into centuries.
Human lifetimes faded into darkness.
Long past is the times of understanding the value of nature.
Ecosystems now sit smoldering, dead and attempting to recover.
Smoke rises from the shed and destroyed cities.
Humans destroyed by nuclear power.
Somewhere along the way we lost what made us human.

Pep Nov 2015
There is an ecosystem of conflict thriving in my brain.
A world with questions for residents and doubts for landscapes.
I’m not sure if I’m actually reaching for answers right now,
although something in my soul aches.
Those landscapes are parched
and turning to deserts under the sun the residents have named:
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