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Can he cry
Knowing the winds won’t stop
Feeling his heart pulse achingly
Listening to the sounds in the other stalls
There are others crying with him
He still can’t cry

Can he cry
Knowing the failures will stick like duck tape
Felling his snot paint his sleeves white
Hugging himself in his time of fright
He still won’t cry

Can he cry
Knowing this is one out of too many
Feeling the burden settle so heavily
Breathing in timing to the tapping on his knee
The tears won’t come out

He can’t cry
Knowing it’ll always be the same
Feeling the drain on his psyche
Listening to the silence in the other stalls
He’s still the only one

And the winds still won’t stop
And the clouds will pass by
I’m pretty sure I failed my math test lol
alias Oct 2018
What is life without tragedy?
I heard once, that a man with no sadness has no dignity
I mean it's kinda sexist but you get the gist.

I could spill my entire heart,
cough it up onto the floor.
But don't tell me you don't wanna keep this up a little more?
like true artists we derive our beauty from our pain,
and if I can be your inspiration honey
then at least we didn't do this in vain.
I could say so much but I'll keep my lips shut tight,
I will say this though,
I distinctly think about one night.
It's not sad no, quite the opposite in fact
after everything fell apart, in drunk and loneliness
I went back.
That's all I'll say, I'm pushing buttons because
you're hovering over mine so slightly.
God, I need to learn to be like you
and sew the strings between my lips, tightly.
It's sort of nice like this, artistic impression
of I suppose our most honest thoughts, truthfully.
For you say so little when we do talk,
but boy do you ever write beautifully.
not so sad for once

— The End —