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If love was just a word,  it would be YOU
If love was a man, I would have murdered YOU
I Don't know if I'm just missing YOU, or It's just a momentary felling inside Me  
She lost her HAPPINESS trying to satisfy YOU
Her soul becomes broken because of YOU  
She can't no longer live Or Love
She becomes MAD because of YOU
Her INNER  SOUL becomes empty after YOU
Sonu kumar Jan 2019
If       you     got       the     one     you     loved
You will never understand the beauty of love
When you will understand love you will fall in love
casey Apr 2018
I laugh when you say
I can't feel this way
I feel

you are mad when I say
you can't think this way
you think
Nxkip Aug 2017
It like I'm under the sea,
Can't breath, can't swim,
I fall deep and deeper,
It like the big waves swash my body again and again,
and it looks like these won't stop...
its all my feeling when i write this poem....
What did you do?
What did you get yourself into?
Why did you do it?
The crew pushed you threw it.
Now you're hurt.
The same hurt on you to blurt,
That you're in trouble
A hurt that lasts a time that's double.
I do not all the rise to duplications of my writings, photography, or personal information
Heartbreak Motel Apr 2015
We were in the same room.
Full of people,
But I had the impression that we were alone.

Your eyes was on me and mine on you.
I felt this desire growing in me.

I wore this blouse, the one that you adored.
And in a daydream,
I remembered the number of times that you undressed me.

Then I came back to earth,
Telling me that everything was over.

But if everything is over,
why I still feel your perfume on me?
Why your voice is still in my head?

I want you and I crave you so much,
Even more by remembering what we had.

We were in same rooms,
But nothing was as before.
Your eyes was on me and mine on you.
But in your look, everything was cold.

We were in the same room, full of people,
and i looked away from you.

— The End —