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As for me, I'm a poet, not a rapper
Yall couldn't hail in comparison to my lyrical stature,
I'll rapture, all you little punks out the game
Aint never gonna succeed, or bring fame to ya name,
Or put a claim on nothin',
Tryna act hard, tho I know you stuntin'
I stay puntin', little ******* like you through the goal post
I'd call ya both *******, but ya like the ***** most
You're pig roast, burned a little crispy
Talking ****, but I bang ya little *****
Come on, can ya keep up with me?
I stay spittin bars better than Kanye and Jeezy
And Weezy too, come at me turn your face black and blue
I'd take a walk into the gay bar, but please, after you
4.1k · Nov 2013
I feel my pupils,
My legs become,
A nimble stalk of grass
Blowing in the breeze

Everything is ******* awesome,
The hand of God Himself could not bring me down
From this man made chemical high

I struggle to pull a cigarette,
From a freshly opened pack
Because I can't quite feel my finger tips
**** you, Marlboro..

Leaves shake involuntarily,
On the trees before my eyes
The little piece of square paper,
That rests upon my tongue,
Brings me harmony
I'm sitting in In-School-Suspension
I flick their air with my tongue,
And I can taste the tension
And the humility
Of the acts that got my fellow **** ups here

One was in a fight,
One was selling ***,
One caught with a knife,
The other blew his snot,
On the principal

This room is as bland as bland can be
Tanned walls and tall ceilings,
That are impossible to reach
I just can't shake the feeling,
Of boredom taking over me

This poem has no real purpose,
I'm writing to pass the time,
Only five more hours to go,
Since it's half past nine

Tick, tock, tick tock,
Goes the clock,
Tick, tock, tick, tock,
There it goes again, the clock
With it's ticking,
And it's tocking
It's driving me insane,
Up the tanned walls to the high ceilings
I can't shake the feeling,
Of boredom taking over me
2.7k · Nov 2014
I wish I could give you people something of substance
But the fact of the matter is I just feel so uninspired
And that leaves me to think,
What the hell happened to this world?
There should never be a moment
In any poets life where they can't draw some inspiration
where they can't paint the sky burnt orange on a snowy day
With their words as a brush
With our words as a brush
And All of our stories as our color palate
I think we could paint the universe together
In a fantastic mural of culture, and love
I got inspired as I was writing this.
2.6k · Jun 2015
My Psychedelic Girl
You're so psychedelic,
You burst into vivid colors
In the style of a kaleidoscope,
Because only something so beautiful
Could represent
Your light

You're my favorite hallucination
I imagine your hand reaching out,
I try to grab it,
then suddenly you disappear
Like the smoke from my cigarette
Into the thin air
I am clamoring to breathe
2.3k · Jul 2013
So, Goku Is My Hero
My hero stands,
Firmly against his enemy,
He assumes a fighters stance,
And he focuses his energy
A clashing, violent dance,
Erupts and the earth starts trembling

Combat is his purpose,
He's the master of his trade,
A happy man, on the surface,
But he's got a monster in a cage
He fights when he has to,
Always for greater good,
He taught me to forgive my foes,
Because I know that he would

His name is Son Goku,
And he lives in my soul
A hero, unspoken
Embodiment of light, as a whole

He'd come back from the dead,
To save us all again
We'd all be in his debt,
But it's no price to him
2.2k · Jan 2014
Sonnet of the Desert
The sun rises over this no mans land
This desert is still so unforgiving
There's a blister on the back of my hand,
This desert, remains so unforgiving
There's no water to be discovered here
Only parched throats and shattered whiskey flasks
Cowboys so yearning for an ice cold beer,
None to be found so I don't even ask
There's a saloon on the red horizon,
Where you take your boots off and drain the sand
This place so dry not even Poseidon,
Could bring some wetness to this horrid land
I am so hungry, but I still get by,
But for now I'll rest these, my tired eyes
2.0k · Oct 2014
"See You Later"
You left earlier,
And now I'm left with the worst of it all
And that is the silence
You leave in your wake
And the whisper of I love you
As you walk through your apartment door
And I smile through the bitterness

Goodbyes seem permanent,
So I always go with a "see you later"
After you agree, you walk away
And I hear you sigh
Because we both know that
Neither of us want to leave

When I get home, I lay in bed alone
and think about the time we've shared
It's been eight months today

I'm mising the feeling
Of you playing with my fingers
Until you fall asleep
And I miss the inconvenient locks of hair in my face
That I try to breathe through and ignore

I want to bury my face in your neck
And hold you through the night
Keeping you safe from any danger
That may lurk in the shadows

But I'm in bed by myself
Without you to hold on to
Those "see you later"'s
Only get harder every time

I sleep, restlessly
I hate saying goodbye to her, even just for the night, But it has to be done.
2.0k · Oct 2014
A Sonnet of Fire
Your touch sends a quiver beneath my skin
And I feel a fire burn inside my chest
Your love pours over me, cleansing my sin
I feel the same fire, burn inside your breast
And when a fire burns, it starts to spread
Wrapping around everything you've cherished
I'm engulfed from my toe up to my head
Flames that burn this bright could never perish
Even when low, they're always smoldering
Cold on the outside, warm in the middle
And with all that weight you've been shouldering,
I hope I can heat you up a little

Now when I feel the cold, I lean on you
Feeling warm, enjoying October hues.
I did a thing. Follow for follow?
1.7k · Jul 2013
Coming of Age
Coming of age,
A bitter taste
No longer a boy,
Becoming a man
Father, I know you're ashamed,
but I'm doing the best I can
1.7k · Dec 2013
Bushido Code
I think of honor, and pride
And the clashing of swords
The Heart that beats inside
Master my weapon, an art form

I will protect my land and master,
At the cost of my own life
Arrows and katanas only come faster,
And I'll slip in to the light
The code I've lived by, do or die,
A samurai
I don't even know anymore man
I don't want to live anymore
My chest gets heavier every time I exhale
Every bridge looks like a place to jump
Oncoming traffic a play zone,
I want to wash my skin with a razor blade loufa
And clean my teeth with cyanic Listerine

I walk barefoot in hopes of venomous spiders
I break mirrors while walking beneath black cats on ladders
All the while hoping my 7 years comes in a lump sum

I hope I choke on a Goldfish for the irony
Because it's the snack that smiles back
1.7k · May 2014
When I Realized I Love You
I found myself missing you
Craving the sound of your voice
And the taste of your neck
And the feeling of your fingers
Tracing the edge of my scruffy jawline
And That look in your eyes that reflects
All of your Californian dreams
And that's when I realized
I Love You
Lips of velvet and skin of satin,
I long to wrap myself in the comforts,
Of these lavish fabrics,
Your hair smells of wildflowers,
So I fill my home with them,
Petunias and lilacs and daisies
All to remind me,
Of you
The wildflowers on my kitchentable are wilting,
Yet still, somehow, retain their life.
Just as the love I had for you, too,
Slowly wilted, and started to die
The pedals soon start to fall,
As too do memories of you, me, and of it all
Stems are starting to bend,
Reminding me once again,
That all good things, such as you and I,
Are only mortal, eternally ******,
That all good things, must come to an end
But there's still the future to look forward too,
I need to look forward to that, instead of reflecting,
On what could have been
1.6k · May 2014
Sometimes I want to bleed,
To feel the red running down my flesh
Sometimes I want to bleed,
Because I already feel dead

Sometimes I want to bleed
Let the razor sing her sharpened symphony
Sometimes I want to bleed,
To feel my last breath leaving me

Sometimes I want to bleed,
So I force myself to carve
Sometimes I want to bleed,
My brain Oxygen starved

Sometimes I want to bleed
And feel my life slip away
Sometimes I want to bleed,
Take me to a better place

Today, I bleed for you...
One of those days.
1.6k · Nov 2013
My City
Since 1996 I've been keepin it real
Writing these songs to connect with how you feel
Life consists of bad ******* and drug deals
And a whip with loud systems and big wheels

That's just life in the DYT,
Learn to never trust no-bo-dy
Cause your homie could be around the corner with a strap,
Go up expecting daps, and hear nothing but violent gunclaps
Dayton, where hoes get smacked and the game is crack,
**** with the wrong person, wake up, and get macked
Everything is an allegory to territory
Wrong side of town? Get dropped off forty stories
1.6k · Dec 2013
Little Fish, Big Pond
Sometimes I feel I'm a little fish,
In the big pond that is the world
And I see bigger fish,
Eat little fish like me
I mean, it's only survival of the fittest,
But what if we could change that?
What if a little fish could change the world?
with an idea bigger than all the biggest fish combined
This is all metaphorical, you know
But I feel like it's the best way to explain my ideas,
And that is that no matter who you are,
Or where you come from, the path you've walked
And all the hardships you have had to endure,
You matter.
you may be a little fish in a big big pond,
But little fish can change the world
I feel so small sometimes in all of my endeavors, that I'll never be good enough. But my stance is even though I may be a little fish swimming in a big pond, I can make that pond my own. Think on it. Apply it. Live better. <3
1.6k · Sep 2014
Ed Sheeran - A-Team Remix
Long legs, black hair
Her eyes are blue, her skins fair
I can't help
But stare

Her face, divine
I feel her lips against mine,
Heart beat, flat line

And they say, she's classier than champagne,
Know I can't complain,
I'm addicted, like *******
On a cloudy Monday
Cause she said that she'd stay,
You know the best things in life come free to us,
Cause she,
moves underneath my hand,
Sweet and soft, like a pretty lamb
And she don't wanna go outside, tonight,
And I kiss her, because I can
She won't love any other man,
It's too cold outside,
for angels to fly
Angels to fly

stay in, wear sweats
Worries gone, there's no debts
Curl up, in bed

She talks, I don't
I try too, but the words won't
Come out, a sad note

And they say, she's classier than champagne,
Know I can't complain,
I'm addicted, like *******
On a cloudy Monday
Cause she said that she'd stay,
You know the best things in life come free to us,
Cause she,
moves underneath my hand,
Sweet and soft, like a pretty lamb
And she don't wanna go outside, tonight,
And I kiss her, because I can
She won't love any other man,
It's too cold outside,
for angels to fly
Angels to fly

She'll lay here tonight,
Closing her eyes,
Looking towards a happy life
She won't fade out tonight,
She'll wake up to light

And they say, she's classier than champagne,
Know I can't complain,
I'm addicted, like *******
On a cloudy Monday
Cause she said that she'd stay,
You know the best things in life come free to me,
Cause she,
moves underneath my hand,
Sweet and soft, like a pretty lamb
And she don't wanna go outside, tonight,
And I kiss her, because I can
She won't love any other man,
It's too cold outside,
for angels to fly
Angels to fly
so I wrote a thing. #remix #love #yes #beauty
1.5k · Dec 2013
I would like to take a moment, to talk about gay rights
How would you feel, if where you lay your head at night
Your whole family makes you feel all alone,
That you live in a house with a roof and four walls, but no home
People need to realize, hatred is not set in stone

Walking through the school hall, getting ***** looks
From self reichous people, they're really just scared and shook
But I can't imagine how much courage it must have took
Too say that you are gay, and, your proud to be
Gays have made a movement, they beat the odds, you see

If you're gay, stand up, I want to hear you roar
Take their insults with a grain of salt and nothing more
Cause the haters never know the struggle you've been through
So strideboldly through lifes doors and do you!
Your voice is still soft
And the only pitch that can
Soothe my aching soul
Cop A Nop
Yop O U
Dop E Cop I Pop Hop E Rop

Mop U cop hop
E A Sop I E rop
Top hop A Nop
Yop o u
Top Hop I nop kop
It's not that hard, really. You'll figure it out
Let's see, where do I begin?
I ****** man-made ****** with the tip of a pen
Suddenly, ink burst all ova me Started to struggle see,
Karma came back just to smother me

It's snowing hard outside, but my heart stays colder
I'll snort a couple lines, cause I never stay sober
I'll take your little bars and straight up turn them over
Then whoop up on there *** cause I'm wiser and I'm older

See me in the cut, then you see me on the scene,
See me in the club, makin all these ******* cream
I'm an in-depth poet, then I am a rapper
I know you may not knows, bruh, you're a lyrical disaster
Your rhymes are inferior, a freshman to a senior,
How about you look straight down and bow to your superior

Got a mac ten up inside of my trench coat,
**** a trap whip, *****, I got a trap boat
Come up in my house, then I'll throw you in the moat
****** with my money, then my knife is atcho throat
I'll make you choke on all your vain insecurities
Your final words will be "Please, stop, you're hurtin' me!"
A certainty, this homicidal agression
Gonna take over, deep fry your ***, served with a blood dressin'
Done alot of ****** up ****, won't see me confessin'
I don't look up to no god, but I'm still countin' all my blessins
I'll end this verse, put you in the back of a hearse
I know your mind is blown, but ****, it could be worse
When the government does not lend a hand
To those who work and those who till their land
And they silence their own peoples voices
Making all the wrong federal choices
But maybe my voice is precious to me
Are my eyes the only ones that can see
They are herding us like a shepherds flock
simply running down the time on the clock
to lead us into a massive brainwash
Independence an enemy to squash
so open your eyes before they're sewn shut
Remove the  blindfold, it's time to wake up
I'm pretty drunk right now,
But my thoughts are clear enough to say,
I believe in you.
I believe in your dreams.
I believe you can overcome your flaws.
I believe you could write the masterpiece of our generation.
You could cure cancer, bring world peace, and feed the hungry.
You can show love.
You can breathe your positive presence into the air.
I want you to go forth and shine like the beautiful star that you are.
Together we can demolish our egos.
Start on the path to purity.
They say the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step,
So hold my hand, and follow me,
As I take mine.
1.3k · Oct 2013
Everything ends,
But I want to focus on a more important thing
New beginnings
Like the color of spring after a long winter
Breathing new life into all living things
Beginning marks change,
Beginning marks the end of the chapter before
The next unfurling in a swirl of letters and emotions
I like beginnings, and change,
Beginnings and change mean new challenges in my life
New mountains to climb
No roads to drive
I can open up my mind,
And see that beauty that's inside,
Of me
I was walking down a dirt path
Deep within a great forest
The trees laid bare by Winters chokehold
The background varying shades of gray,
It was a dreary day

I stopped on a cliff face above a river
And sat on the edge of it's furthest point
And stared between the trees into the early morning sun
Coloring the horizon burnt orange
With the silhouettes of branches swaying in ballet

This was it.
I'd found it
The most perfect spot in the world
to be alone
This cliff a shrine of inner monologues and meditation

I have laid my soul here
This forest and I are one
Everything is connected, a system
Inhale, 1, 2, 3, 4
1.3k · Nov 2014
I swear, nothing will beat
When you bite my lips
And run your hands through my hair
Kissing me like my exhale is the last bit of air
That will ever enter your lungs
And when you kiss my neck,
I feel a shiver like an arctic breeze
I just can't help it,
You're so... foxy
1.3k · Mar 2014
The Scholar
The scholar sits by candlelight
Pouring over many a forgotten volume
Left behind by his ancestors
to reveal unto him,
The secrets and majesty of the world
His tired eyes move over scripture
Marked with the ink stain of experiences past
And cerebral treasures long forgotten to modern man

The scholar sits by candlelight,
Scribing into parchment the secrets of his days
For his grandsons grandsons to find,
And pour their tired eyes over the volumes,
Marked with ink stains of experiences past
Cerebral treasures still long forgotten..
The scholars hand still scribes away
For the best understanding of today
Lies in the knowledge of yesterday
1.3k · Dec 2013
Fashion addicts
We live In an era,
Where our peers are our oppressors
And your judged as a person
By the contents of your dresser
We need to make a change now
Let's see if we can make it better
Walking through a school hall getting spat on
Cause you don't have the right jeans or ******* shirt on
These superficial glamor nazis don't know me
Looking down from there towers living on golden streets
Kids cry at night when they lay between the sheets
All they can think is "why? You don't even know me
All these kids obsessed with jays and they thread count
Looking at the outside and not what I'm about
It's sickening, they got a fashion addiction.
Living off of daddies money and mommies perscriptions
Yet they don't look in the mirror and see the cynical villain
That they turned out to be
Can't see the hypocrisy
And I'm honestly fed up
I grew up on cheap clothes but the best love
Maybe it's love those kids need a little more of
1.2k · Dec 2014
The Lotus
I saw the lotus,
When it bloomed I stopped to stare
And I saw myself, rising
This poem is an expression of my spirituality and my journey towards Nirvana. I want me essence to be in a lotus flower. Rising from the murky water below, to bloom beautifully above the mud and the muck.
1.2k · Jun 2017
forgive me Father, for I have sinned.
I have stolen, lied and cheated.
I've lashed out at those that did not deserve it
and praised those who put themselves on a pedestal.
Yet, my most awful transgression
was self inflicted suffering.
I let others steal from me.
Lie to me. Cheat on me.
Let them break every bone in my body
And stomp me into the ground.
But I didn't mind..
I cared for them.
Be they friends, lovers, or enemies.
I only wanted them to love me.
To be proud of me.
So I let them destroy... everything.
I am disgusted at myself.
It's warm.
Like smoke,
Pushing my sins through my pores
To be cleansed by the crying sky.

This feeling,
This reality
Is crumbling down
Around my feet....

With arms wide,
and skyward eyes
I look for the answers..

This rain...

It dwells inside the cave of my Self.
Past the Guardians
Past the ego, the shadow,
The Anima, the Animus,
This truth I hold now

It comes to me as
Red and floating, weightless
Wrapping around my conscience,
Lifting me up, to the heights of
This existence
To the levels of a higher sentient.

I am safe here.
With chills in my spine,
And closed, but wandering eyes,
I peer inside,
The only place I can really call home.
1.2k · Oct 2013
Memories Etched In Gold
The years first snowflake
Lands on the face of a boy,
Not quite yet a man,
Who's yet to figure out where he stands

His brown irises scan the background
For a sign of what he's lost
Looking past his breath, into the frost,
He expects to find something, anything,

His hands curl in his pockets,
Fingers numb with cold
Spinning a heart shaped locket,
Feelings the memories, etched in gold
A place inside for a photograph
Of a lover or mother or brother,
He has none of these anymore,
Won't let remembrance and mourning
Pull him under,
He continues on his path
1.2k · Jul 2013
Scissors and Pins
I’ve been stressing, dare you to start testing
Not in the mood, talk to Smith and Wesson
Can’t help a man who gets hurt but never learns his lesson
Life is a question, multiple choice, guess who’s guessin?

Running from myself is no longer an option
Can’t blow my composure, everybody is watchin
Always pay the price despite what it was costin’

I’ve been through hell and back,
Would you agree with that?
Stab through my chest,
Crush my head with a bat
People walk all over me, place mat
Guess I gotta man up, and face facts

Paranoia sinks in, you start doubting everyone
Ketamine breaks skin, my trip has just begun
Take me to a place I aint never been before
New dimension, jumpin in, diving board
I’m yours

I look in my eyes and see a shell of myself
But what I’d really love to do
Is look through the eyes of everyone else
Do I look hopeful and happy?
Or sorrowful and melancholy?

I got no love for myself, no love for another
Growing up all alone, and hating all others
I’ve got some friends, and I love em like brothers
But this cloud of negativity follows me, a steady hover

Push me to where I’m stretched to thin
Now it’s far gone and I’m empty within
It became easy living with sin
Take baby steps forward on scissors and pins
1.1k · Feb 2015
Healing Hands
Take this crumpled heart
It only beats in your hands
Hold it, forever
A haiku.
1.1k · Jul 2013
The Sailor and The Port
I saw your from across a crowded room
Our eyes connected and sparks flew
I slid in between the waves of humanity
Finding my way over the ocean to you

I made port in your eyes,
And stared into the bay
I'll stay overnight,
And be gone before mid-day

A maiden voyage love affair
Is all this ever was
this ship came rolling in
And stumbled out so fair
The vessel of myself
smelling of ***** and your hair

I think of you later,
When the seas give way to violent motion
You're the flavor that I savored,
Of salt and lover's oceans
1.1k · May 2014
Who Your Real Friends Are
Last night I committed Armed robbery
Which isn't unusual, really
It's how I get by
But it's horrible when you sacrifice yourself for your friends
And they leave you out to dry

Shows you who your real friends are, right?
They'd rather take your cut and get high
Calling a thousand times to no reply,
******* guys,
See if you look the same now in my eyes
You ******* cowards
You left me to die
And I'll remember that when you call and cry
"Oh, Ronnie, loan me some money, I really need it"
And I'll say
"Remember when you left me to get shot?
******* punk, beat it!"

You're all lucky I don't come back with my gun
And blast you ******* away
There will be nowhere left to run,
And this dog will have his day
I won't sleep with the sun
Till I get my ******* pay
Inspired by recent events
1.1k · Aug 2013
Stalked And Killed
He stalks, he walks,
Underneath a cold street light,
He kills, he wills,
Her body into the river at night
He remembers, when he saw her,
The first sight,

It's ten o'clock in the evening,
When he sets out to prowl
His knifes blade is glistening,
As he listens to the hoots of the owls
he prowls, along the boardwalk of a bustling city
Prostitutes running in and out of cars, for every fifty

He picks one out, a tall blonde, in red heels
She struts down the street, safe she feels,
Little does she know, a murderer is on her trail
Lost in thought of blood spatter and entrails

She turns down an alley, heading towards home
He knows her name is sally, what she's called by other hoes
She turns, looks, and sees nothing, but deep down she knows
She turns back around, gets stabbed in the throat, blood pouring from her nose

Falling crippled to the sidewalk, She prays to God,
Asking for forgiveness, for the path she walked
Now, forever, in the ground she rots,
food for the maggots and by demons she's stalked
Just as she was in life, she is in death
Just another *****, lying in the Devil's bed.
1.1k · Aug 2013
Bank Account Puppet Master
Darkness surrounds you,
the sounds are now mute
A faded image of once was,
a collage scars and blood

You all are detastable,
I remain unphasable,
Mentally unstable,
I live above the labels
You place, on each other
you're filed into the wallets
Of the man that runs your bank account
1.1k · May 2014
A Verse For My Other Half
Hello love
I'm sure you're sleeping
But I have to remind you
How much I love you

You were on my mind this morning
When the sun broke through he curtains
And hit my face
And it was pleasant because
The warmth of it's glow
Reminded me of how it feels
To wake up next to you
And I was happy

I walked outside to smoke today,
And I thought about how much you'd enjoy
This sunrise if you were with me
And how we'd have a thousand pointless conversations
About our dreams and where we want to go
But the only roads I want to travel
Are the ones that lead back to you
My dear.
Because other roads aren't worth traveling
Unless we go together.

When I'm alone I think about you
And how nice it'd be if you were here
Even for just a moment
So I could kiss you
And tell you how black my world is
Without your light
You're a candle in the darkness
The flame in my chest cavity
When those three words leave your mouth
They dance from my ears,
Run their fingers down my neck,
And hold my heart gently
Hell, you could rip it out for all I care
As long as it was our hand that
Pulled it from my chest
It'd still beat for you
Long after I've left this world
And all that's left is a headstone and a memory

I love you.
You are love.
For me the words been redefined
If I look at it in the dictionary,
All that lies there
Is a picture of you
Because words can't describe
How beautiful you are
To me

When you wake up, I want you to smile
Because you deserve too
I don't know what I ever did
To deserve someone like you
But I'm thanking my God today
For bringing me the love of my life
In such a wonderful, simplistic way

But for now, I'll pluck out a song
Upon my own heart strings
And sing for you
Even though I'm off key
I hope the sounds remind you
That you're the rhythm in my soul
This is a real poem I wrote for my girlfriend this morning. I love you, Cheyenne. You're my whole world baby doll. Stay beautiful
1.0k · Aug 2015
She found me
I was ready to give up,
But then she found me
I was ready to let my demons possess me
But then she found me
I spent my days surrounded by **** smoke and monsters
But then she found me
She guided me out of the darkness.
She illuminated a cobblestone path to happiness
That was paved with my mistakes and broken bones.
I tried my best to hold her hand
Without cutting hers with my fractured nails.
She cleaned the blood from my fingertips
And wiped away the tears
That felt so heavy.
She gave me a place to rest when my legs couldn't carry on any further.
She stitched my wounds closed.
The places in me that were empty, she filled with love.
I owe her my life, but instead,
I'll give her my heart.
1.0k · Sep 2014
Blame It On The Gravity
Out of all the dust, and floating debris,
How did gravity, draw you to me?
Were our atoms made, in the same star?
Is that why I feel you, no matter how far?

It's that force, that binds us together
forever and ever, no matter the weather
We'll stand together, through it all
When the sun rises and the ocean falls
And when the tide comes to wash away
All the things we'd never say
And the names in the sand, in which we made
Encircled by a finger-painted heart,
Two people, not even God could keep apart

I just blame it on the gravity.
<3 I would like to thank all of you for reading my poems. I know I don't do that nearly enough. Thanks for all the love. <3
1.0k · Nov 2013
Earthen Crown
This storm can't bring me down
I stand tall and proud
Against the binds of aggressive nature
We'll see who earns this Earthen crown

Rain keeps falling down
Down upon my head
Do you see this Earthen crown?
It was stolen from the dead
1.0k · Mar 2015
Om Mani Padme Hum
wisdom burns through my veins,
Igniting endorphins into flames,
Primordial fire,
Exhale desire,
Detach from the self

I will love all who cross my path
I will treat them with kindness and compassion,
Wear my heart on my sleeve, but not for fashion
I feel a swelling in my heart you can't even imagine,
My spirit lifts, soars,
Powerful, born of dragons

I will take only what is given
Receive humbly, give naturally
I will help others reach the top of the mountain,
Making leaps and bounds over life's long climb
I will offer them water,
And let them drink from my hands
When they've become to weak to help themselves
Because those who would tend to the Buddha,
Would tend to the sick, the tired, and the famished

I will live in the present moment,
Not in my inescapable past or independent variable of a future
The only time is now,
And I'll liberate myself from the chains of suffering
I will be free,
I will return home

This is my Mantra
996 · Dec 2013
A Flavor Once Savored
Your soul fills the air,
With the energy of your being
Benevolence and purity and understatement
You, so perfect that my knees wobble
You cam straight from my dreams,
To my ever plain reality,
And livened up my world
A cataclysm could not take my eyes from you,
The earth could shake, and I would still
Reach out for your touch,
To taste of your grace, and body
Your perfume smells like lilacs,
Your eyes emit sunshine
I can't come to embrace that,
You walked into this life of mine
I'll hold you till the world stops turning,
When pigs fly, and fire falls from heaven
I'd climb a fissure with the promise
Of your open arms waiting at the top
I still can feel the ghost,
Of your lips on mine,
The flavor that I'll savor till the end of time
978 · Mar 2015
Siren of the Soirée
You made my blood stand still when you came in,
My cerebellum panicking wildly
As I stood, my will could not be caved in
I approached and asked for a dance, mildly.

Everlasting oceans crashed inside you,
Washing over my broken, waking shore,
Pulling me down into your bitter blue
I wonder what the bottom has in store

I see you drowning me in lullabies
Enticing, pulling me into your sea
I know even mermaids had their dark side,
Drag me through the waters, a silent scream

I flash back, and you're still in the doorway
I'll leave you be, I can't swim anyway
977 · May 2014
The Sea
You are
The sea
Your tides
Washing upon
My hearts
Leaving pieces
Of salty
Burning brightly
In spectacular
Shades of
The ashes
Resting in
My chest
Cavity where
My soul
Peacefully resides
974 · Dec 2014
Diamonds (10w)
When your tears fell,
I watched diamonds catch the light
953 · Jan 2015
A Reason For Everything
Her lips taste like gold
And I smell lilacs on the wind
As a breeze brushes back her hair
She looks me in the eye
And traces a finger down my cheek
And along my jawline
Just to pull gently on my chin hair
She wraps her hands around my face
And pulls me in for a long kiss
No words need to be said
We were speaking with our souls
And I knew there was a reason for everything
In that moment
949 · Nov 2014
No Place I'd Rather Be
I feel a shiver run through me
As her fingers touch my neck
And she bites my lip
While she tells me she loves me

I could sprout wings and fly
Every time she speaks my name
Her enticing words rolling off her tongue
And composing a symphony in my ears

When she walks,
I'm fascinated with how she sways her hips
And how she turns back to look at me and licks her lips
And my heart starts beating in anticipation

Her skin is soft,
Like I'm running my rough hands across flower petals
And when I kiss her neck,
I hear her breathe in gold and exhale diamonds
While she pulls my hair
Just the way I like it

There's no place I'd rather be
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