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Jun 2017
forgive me Father, for I have sinned.
I have stolen, lied and cheated.
I've lashed out at those that did not deserve it
and praised those who put themselves on a pedestal.
Yet, my most awful transgression
was self inflicted suffering.
I let others steal from me.
Lie to me. Cheat on me.
Let them break every bone in my body
And stomp me into the ground.
But I didn't mind..
I cared for them.
Be they friends, lovers, or enemies.
I only wanted them to love me.
To be proud of me.
So I let them destroy... everything.
I am disgusted at myself.
Ronnie James Corbin
Written by
Ronnie James Corbin  Dayton, Ohio
(Dayton, Ohio)   
     Sajini Israel, Lior Gavra, ---, ryn, Aazzy and 1 other
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