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You are the most
Beautifully destructive force I've ever seen
Poetry is
The Soul
Escaping its
Fleshy human
Prison cell
The party tonight should be good
I wonder if you'll be there
No, probably not
What's this fly doing in here?
I wonder what purpose a fly serves.
Does he know he'll die in 24 hours?
I hope so.
The sound of this washing machine is rhythmic
1, 2, 3, 4,
1, 2, 3, 4,
See, dirt, no, more,
Fresh, clean, for, me
1, 2, 3, 4...
Where's the five?
A five should be here
why is there no ******* five?
Oh well, back to the poem...
1, 2, 3, 4...
Are you thinking of me?
Do you miss me as much as I miss you?
I wonder if you'll just appear under the strobe lights
So I can make your face out
Through the screen of hallucination
1, 2, 3, 4
This fly is still here
I hope he tries jousting with the ceiling fan
1, 2, 3, 4,
My, heart, is, torn,
Walk, through, my, door,
1, 2, 3, 4
I, am, so, high,
Lo-sing, my, mind
1, 2, 3, 4...
The taste of your lips,
Is bitter enough to ****,
I like it that way,
The taste just seems familiar,
My back is growing weary
Of being strong for you
I can't carry us both
I am only one man
Your hand is the only that one I want
To rip out this calloused heart
That I've tried to ****
I wonder if you,
Still think about me at all
Or are you still hiding
Behind two foot thick walls?
I told you I'd catch you
When you began to fall
My only question is
Did you believe me when I called?
I don't know how to feel somedays
I feel over used and under Appreciated
Taken for granted and stepped on
I try my best to satisfy you
But I always fall just short
Maybe i should do more
But **** that.
I Try so hard
But it's never enough
I'm tired of being abused
I'm tired of your ****
For all I care you all can slit wrists
This is a letter and a *******
From an angry misfit
This needed to come out.
I feel far from home, no matter where I go.
I feel a pressure on my chest,
Feel myself rise like a waves white crest
I feel it leaving, my last breath
I never thought I'd come face to face,
with death

I thought if drugs would **** me,
They'd have done it by now
I didn't think they'd **** me,
Sweat drips from my brow

I wake up in a cold shower
My friend smacking my face
The pressure is gone now,
I couldn't let that breath escape

Now when I see *******, I feel strange
I feel wisdom that comes with pain or age
Stay away from that ****, and keep your nose clean
Trust me, please,
Sometimes, my nostrils still bleed
And I can hear my mothers screams
in the back of my head
When I was thought to be dead,
And that cold water hit me,
And I saved that breath
Poetry speaks to me
Over ashes of scattered thoughts
Embracing my soul and mind
Tracing it's fingers
Round my brow
Yearning for my expression
I miss you more than I would like to admit.
Beautiful women come with beautiful sinnin,
Wrap our bodies up in the softest linen,
10 thousand thread count, way out
In the stars when we eat that lucy and space out.
Let the album play out,
running around in circles, a ring in a boxing bout,
Straight chillin.
Putting all my time and energy into hip hop composition,
I'll display my passions at a free show for general admission,
The acquisition of cognition comes and fades, like apparitions.
no repetition.
no intermission.
All verse, no hook, yeah, the chorus missin.
The words come, and then they go.
The impermanence of life is present in the flow.
A happy man with a split smile named Glasgow.
Bleeding passion.
all these rappers verses is haphazard.
But I'm just a *******
With his craft mastered, cutting lines on the dashboard
Until further notice.
I'll rise from the murky depths and bloom with the lotus.
You know this,
I like to flow but I'm bad at it
This anger flows through my veins,
It's blackened hands reaching for my throat,
Trying to bring me down,
Only memories of you can hurt me like this
the way we were,
So young and naive that it hurts
But I've come to realize that,
Yet to come is the worst
A double edges sword of love and hate,
Pierces my soul and mind,
Inner peace is something I'm to far gone to find,
I'm binded, blinded,
Yet you still run underneath my tightly shut eye lids

Years come to pass, before I open my eyes again
Silent sins plaguing me for many a day and night
Never to plague no more
As they wither we hither the steel swung
no shield for defense, immense broad my blade shall be
Love for eternity with the clash of the sword meant to heal..
Follow through with no urgency, blinded like a master
Flow severs only hate; and with the cut comes a rose
others hope to raise the broadblade we've raised within ourselves
but to no avail, weve made it far
serenity for infinity
Pulled from the stone, cut into positivity

I won't do this anymore
I won't have my heart, bleeding, and feeling
And falling on the floor
Shake me to the core, I'm signing
I'll never love again!
But if I do, I'll die, just make sure that I go down swinging
Pitting, me against myself
That's all feelings have ever done
I always get my hopes up,
A never blooming rose bud
Yet the sword strikes me,
I begin pouring blood
Yet the feelings that I feel,
Will never be enough
I get a little to close for her
She wants me to keep my distance
I'm just trying to be a little closer to her,
I can't keep on keeping up this resistance
But I've got a little surprise for her,
It won't be that easy to break my persistence

I can't stay away from those,
Bright blue eyes that shone,
In the darkest of Autumn nights
When we were alone and I held you tight
You held me close and I bared my soul
When I'm with you I just feel whole
I'll open my chest so you can see the heart that you stole

But you don't seem as open as I do
Wouldn't accept a public hug or kiss every time I tried to
When we're alone , we know we'll last forever
But when we're with our friends, we're not even together

Is that how it's supposed to be?
Is that what they're supposed to see?
Laughing and talking as friends when they're in the room
But when we're alone things are getting heated in my bedroom
and you're always in the mood
One last kiss
Could send me happily
To the grave
Your soul fills the air,
With the energy of your being
Benevolence and purity and understatement
You, so perfect that my knees wobble
You cam straight from my dreams,
To my ever plain reality,
And livened up my world
A cataclysm could not take my eyes from you,
The earth could shake, and I would still
Reach out for your touch,
To taste of your grace, and body
Your perfume smells like lilacs,
Your eyes emit sunshine
I can't come to embrace that,
You walked into this life of mine
I'll hold you till the world stops turning,
When pigs fly, and fire falls from heaven
I'd climb a fissure with the promise
Of your open arms waiting at the top
I still can feel the ghost,
Of your lips on mine,
The flavor that I'll savor till the end of time
Is this how it's supposed to be?
What am I  supposed to see?
The world revolving in conflict. and violence.
I'm told to sit, and revel in global silence
While everyone won't accept my guidance
Or learn to treat each other with love and kindness
A veil of violence, causing global blindness

I'm a gentle man in a violent world
I do what I can, then maybe a little more
Everyone is so fixated on settling scores
If only we could find the kindness in humanities core
And before we fight, we think about what we're fighting for
Then we won't have to face karmas vengeful scorn
So much sunshine when she’s gone
Wonder if she’s gone to stay
If I looked for her would it be wrong?
No, I’ll just let her walk away

I wonder this time where she’s gone
Wonder if she’s gone to stay
Well she can stay there all night long
I aint got no time to play
I know, I know, I know
I know, I know, I know
I know I know I know
Wonder this time where she’s gone,
Hopefully she went, to stay
There’s so much sunshine, when she’s gone
And this house a perfect home
Every time, she goes away…
I figured I'd put a spin on a classic. ;)
In the beginning, I was the universe
Formless, without shape or reason
Everything I felt floating around inside me
In no order, like stardust
Stumbling its way through life, arbitrarily

Then, you came...

And suddenly, I found myself
Floating in the most beautiful ellipse
In perfect order, indefectible
With your breathtaking soul at the center

I felt you pulling me into shape
My awkward human form molding to your perfection
Your gravity grasps me by the back of my hair
and pulls me in for a long kiss
And at that moment I felt a 10 millennium old star
Shatter into a supernova at the force of our love
While we stand in front of it's glow,
And smile together
Remember to breathe deeply,
Even though the air is poisonous,
It's good to remember your alive.
Scream at me
Tell me that I’m ******* worthless
Because that’s All I want to hear
Abuse me
Leave welts upon the surface
Of my skin
Because that’s all I want to feel
Tell me I’m a fake
Leave me with mental scars
And bruises on my heart
The one that you managed to steal
Lash me like a slave
Treat me with disdain
Give me all the pain
I could never take
From anyone but you
All I want to feel
Is how bad you treat me
Lie through your teeth
Dance around the truth
I can’t take this ****
From anyone but you
An endless cycle of mental abuse
But thats fine by me,
Because it's plain to see
You're still the other half of me
And I'd be lost without you
I said I'd love you always,
You said you loved me too,
We loved with greater strength than love
We were one, instead of two

I said I thought of you always,
You said you thought of me too
but I was far gone, on desert highways
when he was lying next to you

I can see through ,
See past your veil
I thought I mattered to you
But we wrote an unfaithful tale
The feelings I still tried to feel have failed

I'll lay in bed, counting my days,
Thinking back to the happier times,
The days, that we spoke of "Always."
When the government does not lend a hand
To those who work and those who till their land
And they silence their own peoples voices
Making all the wrong federal choices
But maybe my voice is precious to me
Are my eyes the only ones that can see
They are herding us like a shepherds flock
simply running down the time on the clock
to lead us into a massive brainwash
Independence an enemy to squash
so open your eyes before they're sewn shut
Remove the  blindfold, it's time to wake up
When I say you're the love of my life, I mean it. My literal soul mate. I'll do anything and sacrifice everything for your happiness. There's nothing I want more than to make you my wife and live the rest of our days happily. I can't wait to explain to our kids how we found each other and tell them the perfect love story about high school sweet hearts. I want them to believe in what we have.
I sent this to my girlfriend earlier, and pured my soul out. This is absolutely real, and the biggest display of emotion you'll probably ever see out of me. This is a real glimpse into my heart.
Tonight every cricket chirps,
His soft little sounds booming in my ears,
Along with the sizzle of a midnight Marlboro
It is here and now I feel fully alive

Nothing but myself and my thoughts
Running through my head, of love, of loss,
Laying in my bed, thinking of the cost,
Of life, and happiness
Sometimes I have to force myself to stay strong
To not cave under this worldly pressure
And this broken heart
I've been trying to piece back together

I've got to keep pushing forward
With or without you
Because you're doing just fine without me
And I won't let myself be ruined
By you

I love you so much,
I'd give anything to hold you again
But you're off with that ******, Robby
It's cool I guess
Because you know what?
He will never
Love you like I did
and still do
I hate you
I hate me
I hate everything that my eyes can see
My emotions could part the sea
I can't seem to find the peace
In which I once believed
You greet me with open arms day and night.
You look down upon me tenderly while I whisper you my secrets.
You never seem to mind the smoke from my cigarettes
and listen intently while I sing to no one.
I know we never speak directly,
But I just want you to know that I am full of thanks.
Happy days, lonely nights,
Burdens weigh, upon my mind
People come, then they leave
But these memories stay with me,
Stare out into a crystal sea
And your secrets, I will keep

I may start, begin anew
But my heart still says with you
But please know, though it's the end
I will always be your friend
It's been years, and you've moved on
At least I still have you on my songs
A man was sitting in a barren landscape
Only cracks in the orange clay
And scorpions for company
And it was very dry

One day the man was sitting in meditation,
And felt himself to be hot,
So he breathed
And when he released this breath,
Trees sprang from the ground
And a pool opened at his feet
He opened his eyes, and he said
"This is not enough"

The next day, the man sat in meditation once more
And he held out his hand and said
"By my divine energy I will there to be a palace for me!"
And from his hand leapt 10,000 bricks
That formed themselves into a castle
Greater than the Taj Mahal
And he sat upon his new throne
And was happy

One day, again, he sat in meditation in his palace
And he thought "I need servants to tend to my whims!"
And he regurgitated 4 servant girls
who would see to his needs as he saw them

Many months later, after much lavish living and unhealthy eating,
He found himself with all of his riches,
all of his silks, and his exotic animal skins and servants,
Still unsatisfied, he went to meditate in his great hall,
He asked himself "Why can't I be truly satisfied? Give me a vision.
Give me a sign that I've made the right decisions"

The man found himself in the place he was truly happy
But he was confused, as he had been here before
He was seeing himself sitting on the orange clay,
At play with a scorpion,
Searching for his water for the day

"But I've had my fill" he tells himself
"I drink so much water a day I could drown a fish.
I wear such nice silks I counted down to the ten thousandth stitch
How can I be unhappy if I'm so lavishly rich?"

And that's when he realized,
that happiness isn't measured in the gold of a ring,
Or being acknowledged as some sort of king,
Happiness is having just the right amount of water from the spring,
Not the precious metals and fabric to which we cling,
And as his palace of fools gold crumbled down,
He sprang and danced and looked all around
And felt so happy he started to sing
Pens live, pens die,
Pens smile, pens cry
They etch my soul between the lines
Taking over all the times
I could never explain myself with rhyme,
It's absurd how my head and hand are intertwined
The pens the grit, my brains the grime
It takes over my wrist, upon it's own mind
And it pours words,
It pours hurt,
Flows of happiness
Or the sticky syrup
Of something ******

It's kinda funny how your tools use you
I want to feel an open breeze
Blow through my shirt
And taste salt in the air
And squint towards the sun
Looking at the come-what-may
And greeting danger with a smile
A lit cigarette dangles from my lips,
I don't know how, I'm hanging on to the tip
Of the fliter, reflecting on the cynical sinner
That I see in the mirror, every day and every night
Stay calm, Obey the law, live an ordinary life
I'm just an ordinary guy with an extraordinary mic
Singin' all my songs while I'm in the limelight
But after the crowd disperses and the lights go off
Then I'm just a lonely pothead with a smokers cough
I'm not rich, no, I'm worryin about the cost
When eatin my next meal is like eating from a food trough
I laugh at the fact of a casket, For the one certainty
In life is that everybodys just food for the maggots
But There's certain truths you come to understand
In the middle of turning from a boy into a man
I've learned you gotta get to the top, or go to the grave
I refuse to go down without every man knowing my name
And you gotta do what you can to follow through with your dreams
I know that everybody is just bursting at the seams
With the ideas and beleifs thay've come to uphold
Pasing it on to the young from the teachers that were old
I'm spreading mine through my music and my writing
Wanna be the best at rhythm and my rhyming
So be yourself, and do you
Don't ever let anyone tell you what you can and can't do
Started out cynical, but I started cherring up while writing this. Just a positive ending for you. :)
I am the lion, you are the lamb.
You're just a follower,
Comply with the man
Who makes you taste of the apple with a sour core
Once you fall in the line, You're stuck forevermore
Nevermore, will I be stuck again down at the job core
Won't be a statistic, another cubicle tyrant
Customer service "Hi, how can I help you?"
**** that, I stand defiant

We walk around our lives, blind to the corruption
that's being taught in our schools, you can't get away from it
So I've come down to the deduction, that we need to over throw our government
Cover it, it's all they ever do
Nobody see's all the lies in the news
but I do, and I may be killed for sayin' this
But Obamas got an agenda, open your eyes and be convinced
He stays on some shady ****, hiding everything
But he's tapping our phones? Where's that birth certificate?
Oh that's right, he can't declassify
All the information that we need but just pass by
Sandy Hook was a set up, I'll carry that till the day I die
Pushing gun legislation, to further his advances
Are we so blind as a nation, we can't see all the questionable answers?
We need to take our freedom back, one day at a time
We need a newfound leader that'll stand his own and hold the line
Every tree is sacred
Lending their shade,
No thanks required
Don't regret your past,
A stream does not flow backwards,
Move on, and be great
Another haiku. I should start taking my own advice
The waters of your soul
Are so warm and inviting
This is a poem, about a character I know,
Moving so silently, as if air were her toes
An orange flash in the corner of my eye,
Hear the bash of something falling,
In the middle of the night

She stalks the bugs that float past my waist
Jumping through the air, killing,
Leaving nothing to be traced
A little satisfaction, before she washes her face
But before she takes her nap, there's flies to be chased

I hold this girl close to my heart,
She keeps my company, when I write my poems
Sitting on my lap, in the darkest of the dark
If you havent figured out, who this poem is about,
The honor goes out, to my feline friend
The one, who sits at my feet, and calls again
Her lips taste like gold
And I smell lilacs on the wind
As a breeze brushes back her hair
She looks me in the eye
And traces a finger down my cheek
And along my jawline
Just to pull gently on my chin hair
She wraps her hands around my face
And pulls me in for a long kiss
No words need to be said
We were speaking with our souls
And I knew there was a reason for everything
In that moment
I tried to distance myself,
My hearts a cold and darkened cell
Right now I'm going through Hell
And you're the only one that helps

Some things you can't deny
These feelings that I feel inside
Their hands reaching for my throat
Won't you save me?
You're my only hope

You're my guiding light,
I can se through the night,
With you by my side
We can paint brilliant colors,
Of lovers,
Of goodbyes, and cigarettes,
You pull me under..
Do flowers cry when
Their petals begin to fall?
Or become weightless?
She calls to me, an object of attention,
Yearning for affection,
Wanting to see perfection in her reflection
Endlessly punished by introspection
Only tasting the sting of rejection
Her heart became filled with malice,
As if by intravenous injection
With no protection, her mind swelled with insurrection
She tried to hide how she feels,
But she's an open wound, a caesarean section
So I guess it's up to me to make the correction
To show her what it is to love,
And lead her in the right direction
To bring back the light in her eyes,
A shining stars resurrection
As the snow falls
I find myself captivated
By it's beauty,

It falls with no judgement,
Landing where it may.
Snow has no bias
On this Sunday.
Your touch sends a quiver beneath my skin
And I feel a fire burn inside my chest
Your love pours over me, cleansing my sin
I feel the same fire, burn inside your breast
And when a fire burns, it starts to spread
Wrapping around everything you've cherished
I'm engulfed from my toe up to my head
Flames that burn this bright could never perish
Even when low, they're always smoldering
Cold on the outside, warm in the middle
And with all that weight you've been shouldering,
I hope I can heat you up a little

Now when I feel the cold, I lean on you
Feeling warm, enjoying October hues.
I did a thing. Follow for follow?
Morning sun peeks through my shades
It's golden light bathing all in its path
Illumination that lights all nations,
We're all the same in it's astronomical wisdom
It's a cold, windy October afternoon
Winter is grasping the necks,
Of the flowers yet to bloom

My fingers turn red,
My breath collects in the air
All of nature, becoming dead,
Feeling the wind rush past my hair

I get a cold chill,
Autmn reminds me of my belly filled
With Apple Cider and warm stew
And all the memories you,
And I, that we shared together
It's been a day and forever, but,
I can't stop seeing you in the decaying leaves
Sunlight beams between the leaves,
Their colors are changing,
As I walk beneath the shade of Ohio oaks
Burning the finest sativa, slightly ******
Enjoying natures period of change

Autumn speaks to me, in a way
Leaves falling, dying, then being born anew
As the years end draws near, I wonder
If I should begin anew as well
an feeling ever darkly creeps over me,
It spills out onto the city streets,
As the night draws down upon the suns lovely glow
The familiar feeling, quick to come and quick to go
Paranoia and madness quickly begin to show,

One with the moon, dash through the night
So quick to move, always out of sight
I awaken, under the shadow of darkness
The teeth shoot from my gums,
I begin to hunt, It's soon over,
Though the games have just begun

I find myself staring through a window,
A lovely woman sits alone,
Quietly humble, stiller than the oldest stones,
Her eyes fixed upon the screen, her favorite show
Our eyes met, just for an instant,
A moment in time of no relevance,
But played into the hands of her fate a great deal

Through the roof I enter the dank apartment complex
Mildew and alcohol soked into the panels,
I hear staticy programs on various channels,
The smell of blood and hopelessness reeks from the floors and walls
Coursing through the veins of those whose will to live continues to fall
I can feel the sorrow of the places inhabitants
So mundane and drab..
She won't be missed at all,

I track the smell of my lovely prey,
I knock upon her chamber door,
She says "Enter, if you may"
She appeared to be a sickly *****,
Who hadn't seen the sun in days
Who are you and why are you here"
she says in a dry, crackly voice
I don't mean to scare you, there's no need to fear
I respond, careful of my word choice
There's no need to fear, for your end is near,
And when I'm done, draining your blood,
I'll then soon disappear

She's fallen under my influence,
Drunk on the pressure of the souls,
Of a thousand nameless victims,

I give her my best smile,
As I bear down upon her neck,
I'll make this worth while,
Find some meaning in her death

I carry the burden of so many souls
gone, forever from the world,
By my hand, and teeth,
I can never justify the souls that I eat...
Hello love
I'm sure you're sleeping
But I have to remind you
How much I love you

You were on my mind this morning
When the sun broke through he curtains
And hit my face
And it was pleasant because
The warmth of it's glow
Reminded me of how it feels
To wake up next to you
And I was happy

I walked outside to smoke today,
And I thought about how much you'd enjoy
This sunrise if you were with me
And how we'd have a thousand pointless conversations
About our dreams and where we want to go
But the only roads I want to travel
Are the ones that lead back to you
My dear.
Because other roads aren't worth traveling
Unless we go together.

When I'm alone I think about you
And how nice it'd be if you were here
Even for just a moment
So I could kiss you
And tell you how black my world is
Without your light
You're a candle in the darkness
The flame in my chest cavity
When those three words leave your mouth
They dance from my ears,
Run their fingers down my neck,
And hold my heart gently
Hell, you could rip it out for all I care
As long as it was our hand that
Pulled it from my chest
It'd still beat for you
Long after I've left this world
And all that's left is a headstone and a memory

I love you.
You are love.
For me the words been redefined
If I look at it in the dictionary,
All that lies there
Is a picture of you
Because words can't describe
How beautiful you are
To me

When you wake up, I want you to smile
Because you deserve too
I don't know what I ever did
To deserve someone like you
But I'm thanking my God today
For bringing me the love of my life
In such a wonderful, simplistic way

But for now, I'll pluck out a song
Upon my own heart strings
And sing for you
Even though I'm off key
I hope the sounds remind you
That you're the rhythm in my soul
This is a real poem I wrote for my girlfriend this morning. I love you, Cheyenne. You're my whole world baby doll. Stay beautiful
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