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precious joy Sep 2017
and i may not be the first one who've held your hand on a late night walk nor my name wasn't the first one you've carved on a tree, but i just want to be the one you can't stop thinking about when drinking your strong coffee on a quiet Saturday morning 'cause it feels like you're finally home
—Things I Want You To Know
precious joy Aug 2017
in my entire existence
i never thought that
my lungs are capable of making music
and oh dear it was so beautiful--
to *breathe
at the same time
here, with you.
*life finally makes sense
—Things I Want You to Know
precious joy May 2017
it is believed that if you keep on repeating the same thing over and over again, it loses its meaning.

like how your stomach wouldn't hurt anymore for laughing at the same joke you've heard for the nth time.

like how you won't fall again for that old magic trick you used to be amazed at when you were a kid.

like how you open the fridge and not be curious if the light in it would still light up even when you close it.

like how you would no longer hold your gaze on the airplane flying by.

like how you grunt "it's rush hour again",

like how you wake up on Monday mornings with that long-lost excitement,

like how you say "good morning" in the hallway and do not really mean it,

like how mistakes are no longer mistakes but a usual occurrence every day,

like how sorry is just a sorry to your ears.

but I realized that there are still things that you’d keep on doing over and over again as if every time is the first time.

like how I say you’re big… and cute, also.

like how I adore the mole under your left eye,

like how I want to run my fingertips through your hair,

like how I don’t mind the gap between your teeth,

like how I could just stare at you the whole day and I could still say that it is one of the best days of my life,

like how I find bliss with the comfortable silence between us,

like how I write different poems but it is sort of one single poem ‘cause it’s all about you and how I fall for every little thing about you,

like how I enjoy the backseat with you,

like how my fingers would tremble at the touch of your hand,

like how I want and need the warmth of your skin against mine--

your lips on mine.

like how I say I love you at almost every end of my sentences,

contradicted my once belief that I am not that type of person for I don’t want to lose the essence of confessing love.

but it is you-- You deserved to be loved every minute of your life.

it is believed that if you keep on repeating the same thing over and over again, it loses its meaning…

but I realized that there are still things that you’d keep on doing over and over again as if every time is the first time.

like how I love you. Like the first time. I love you over and over again.
precious joy Mar 2017
you tell yourself you won't love someone too much, that you wont give hundred percent of your heart, that you would still leave some for yourself. but how can you not love without reservation? how can you not love with what's all of you when every time you look at him, you see that he is the sum of every beautiful piece in this life? and so no matter how broken you once were, every shattered part of you falls right  back into place, perfectly making you whole again. and that's when you learn how to start loving someone fully again.
to the one who completes me, let me love you completely
precious joy Mar 2017
settle down with me

in this quiet night
let's make-believe
this space is ours
cuddle me in--
under the blanket of stars
place your hand on my thighs
melt all of me with your eyes
hold me in your arms
i want to get lost in your horizon
and trace constellations
on your precious skin
with my trembling fingertips

settle down with me

in this cozy backseat
let's explore the vastness
of the galaxies within us
while our heartbeats
dance around each other's orbits
want me like the sun longs for the moon
search for my newest secrets
like the lonely planets
waiting to be discovered--
press your lips to my neck
collide your mouth against mine
come, love, leave me breathless

settle down with me*

in all the universe
we made our own
with every touch and every kiss
we find peace, we built home
let our souls fall
in love again--
fast and hard
like the stars
crashing down,
like an explosion of light,
making this moment
an infinite night.
this is inspired by one of the poems of Christian Poindexter, a song of Ed Sheeran, and my overwhelming love for that special someone
precious joy Feb 2017
i have seen thousands of lights in all the bright places
and i still think the only light that matters
is the one within you
—Things I Want You To Know
precious joy Feb 2017
i didn't know
who I was
and who
i wanted
to be

until you

now all i
is to be
to you.
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