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2.1k · Jan 2019
From a Distance
OV Jan 2019
From a distance
I can feel your warmth
And overwhelming amounts of love
From down the block
I can feel your child-like happiness
Radiating as you wait to open the door
From not too far now
I can feel our damaged connection
And the mistakes
That chewed them up

But the scars have healed
And what we have is strong
But this love is the kind we share
From a distance
sometimes just being friends is worth it instead of runing the risk of losing a close friend
1.7k · Dec 2018
OV Dec 2018
I met this strange woman
She's not my type at all
From a different world
Than the one I grew up in
And everytime she speaks
It makes me kinda tilt my head
She is like a new style of art
And I want to figure it all out
I don't know what it is about her
I just know I like her
For no particular reason
But maybe that's a good thing
In an age where appearance
Can shut all doors
look further into people than just their face and body. you might really enjoy their company if you give it a chance.
1.0k · Dec 2018
A Sad Reality
OV Dec 2018
Beat her till her skin breaks loose
Tell her you love her
Kiss her wounds and eat dinner
its a shame that people get to that point sometimes.
969 · Dec 2018
Pause Resume
OV Dec 2018
She screams and begs for mercy
Bleeding on the floor
The world stops, now she moves on
reverse haiku. Think of this in a Noir movie vibe. Not many words exchanged. Just sweet amd to the point.
749 · Jan 2020
Go with the Flow
OV Jan 2020
Time runs down a waterfall
Accelerating at 9.81 meters/sec^2
There is no point in jumping ahead
We are all going to the same place
So let's enjoy this waterfall
657 · Oct 2019
Reset Life
OV Oct 2019
One day I will disappear
And leave you all behind
To start all over again
To learn to love
To learn to live
To learn how to
Be human again
And after a while
I will do it again
i want to fly across the world and restart sometimes. maybe one day i will...
609 · Apr 2019
Remember Me
OV Apr 2019
I left a mark on you
It doesn't wash away
And it doesn't ever heal
It is with you till the end
Just like I wish we were
518 · Mar 2019
OV Mar 2019
the trees are budding
and everyone is sneezing
but I breath easy
i put my phone down and made this observation around me. very happy winter is gone.
444 · Oct 2019
OV Oct 2019
Late at night
We hide under covers
Our bodies joined as one
Moving to the soundtrack
Of our raging hearts
But this is like a band-aid
To you I don't exist
Until you're itching to take it off
422 · Nov 2019
OV Nov 2019
loneliness is a condition
The moment no one is around
It's as if you have never had friends
And have never felt love
It's just you and your brain
Agreeing on how unimportant you are
248 · Dec 2018
OV Dec 2018
The road seems to never end
The corners are tight
There is a stop sign ahead
reverse haiku
235 · Nov 2019
In You I Saw
OV Nov 2019
When I looked into you
I saw a young girl curled up
Sitting in the back row
Of a cold and empty theatre
Half smiling at the screen
With tears in her eyes
She said this was the best part
The ending came soon after.
156 · Nov 2019
OV Nov 2019
When the day comes
That you hate or love someone
More than you do yourself
87 · Jul 2019
OV Jul 2019
I'd rather see you happy
Than miserable with me
Or maybe I'm afraid
That I will let you down
When we're in too deep
82 · Oct 2019
OV Oct 2019
I can't tell you how to feel
All I can tell you is
That I love myself more
And as much as I love you
It all has to wait
And if we meet here again
A life down the line
It was meant to be
live your youth. love will find its way to you if it is meant to be.

— The End —