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Aug 28 · 223
Cold World
Cold world,
When you feel all alone.
Cold world,
When the pain is like what you own.

Cold world,
When it's like you fell from the sky
With no one to call your type.

Cold world,
When they want you to repent
And no one cares about you.
Cold world.

Cold world,
When everything is your fault
Whether you're right or not.
Cold world.
We didn't want to be in your country
In this first place,
You dragged us to your country.
On our backs we built the future.
You called us different nasty names,
Reduced us to animals
Despite all the degradation
We made it still.
Shame on you.
It's painful being you right now.
The more you make us feel small
The bigger we are, we define ourselves.
We are real deal, we are love
Of course yes, we are BLACKS
Jan 23 · 324
Na You Be My Medicine
Things be somehow
As I be man,
I dey try make I no bow
To pressure around town.
I no wan too think am
I no wan too show am.

Man dey try
Make man no cry.
To the world I sleek
Between you and me, I weak.

Come give me breast
Make I **** first,
Make I recharge my joy,
Treat me like a little boy.

I don sick
And na you be my medicine.

- @Olladave
Aug 2018 · 204
Pain to bear
Sometimes I want to be the poet
Other times, I say not yet.
Sometimes I want to enjoy life
Other times, I want a wife.
One time I say no to a bottle of beer
Other times, too much a pain to bear
Sep 2017 · 759
In every little thing you do
Be fair and true
Not only for others good.
For what you sow, the world gives to you.
More than the seed you can hold,
Your harvest in multiple folds.

From the top, the ground is hard to see.
The ground is where we slept,
Where we dreamt,
And lept;
In hope to find our strength.
Up, you are today,
Heed, is all i'll say.
For next time you fall to the ground
It may be in the cold hands of death.
Aug 2017 · 442
Last Night
Kept feeling this hurt 
In my heart,
I left last night. 

I kept looking back
Thinking you will call back. 
A little birdie 
Told me you won't. 

Alone. ‎
After all these years. 
Back to where I stated from
Aug 2017 · 387
A jungle of trouble
Where people live once,
Wish they die and rise
In another Place and time
Love to live once, die and live twice.

The bad jungle that harbors good men
A good man will eventually gets tired of here
He'll search for a land christened good
Where good stones are longing
To be pillars for the head of good men.
Good man gets carried away
Snuffs live out of himself
And stopped being good cos he killed a soul.
Once a killer, always a killer
And the land named good forbids bad people.

So if today is bad
Do not be touched.
When today goes, you die
Tomorrow comes you live again
The creator is not nut
He wants to see what you'd do
With what you've always complained about
More lives.
written 12:20pm, Saturday 14, Jan 2006
May 2015 · 306
A lil jealousy
when you love too much
beware of jealousy
when you're less jealous
beware of loving less
a little jealousy wont hurt though
Mar 2015 · 7.0k
Six years a night
Mr Jonah was sent to Nineveh
He head out but took a detour
Now in the belly of the beast.

Mr Jonah cannot change things overnight
Says his town's men
Who will Carry or move anything
Without power?
Obviously no one, so we need power
They also said;
That's not possible overnight.

Our palm oil is dry
No groundnut oil to fry
Nobody is buying our powerful oil
Yet we have to sell before we boil
If we don't sell something
We will not eat anything.

Our children are misbehaving
Is this the future we are saving?
Will Mr Jonah build a place
Full of tutors?
Well,that's not possible overnight

Cows everywhere
Is there no one to check these cows?
Mr check cow is busy
Burning our farms and farmers
Mr Jonah cannot stop Mr check cow
Not overnight.

365 days make a year
How many years make an overnight?
The writer coughs;
6 years makes one night.

Wait o, is 6years overnight?
Mar 2015 · 382
You Knock Me Over
Dearest love
You knock me over.

You knock me over
Just you
Got me hooked
On you
I'll play the fool
And you'll be the boo.

My boo
You knock me over
Over and over
Knock me more
My lover
love devotion lover appreciation confession truth
Jan 2015 · 3.0k
Soldier man fights
Soldier man dies
He talks, he dies
He runs, in shame he dies

Soldier man says he needs
Better guns
Arsenal is obsolete

You ask soldier man to fight
Sorry die,
To war is to die
So let soldier man fight
Before he dies
Not to die before he fights

Better guns to fight bombers?
To call the shots in power
They say it's hard
But for soldier man to die
Is nothing but piece of cake

Soldier leaves his wife and kids
The king sends his to paris,
Ask soldier man why he fights
I do it for the love of Mother land

Tears in my eyes for you
Fear in my heart for you
Soldier man fights
Soldier man dies
Sep 2014 · 4.1k
Are We Mad?
Somebody says everybody else is mad
Then somebody must be mad.
If somebody is the only one not mad.
In the land of the mad
A case of mad calling others mad.
But who is really mad?

It is so sad
To see that every one is sad
The truth of the lie is sad.
And if you are not sad
Then it is really sad
We are smiling but happily sad.

Now it is that bad
To say we are mad,
Is totally sad.
To say we are happily sad,
Is not that we are mad.
Remember, somebody must be mad
And the one that is mad
Is the one who says everybody is mad
Not that he's mad
Then who is sadly mad?

Well, he is mad
And I am mad
Cos you are now getting mad.
Still we say we are not mad
But he is mad
How can we all say he is mad?
How can we be sad he is bad?
Wait a minute, are we mad?

— The End —