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Nic Sutcliffe Jan 2017
is the hardest part
It comes right before
a brand new start
That moment
when at last you let go
And trust in a future
Impossible to know
Nic Sutcliffe Apr 2018
As my Love takes flight
On this chilled Autumn night
Across Mountains and Trees
Against this Northerly breeze
I beseech The Great Mother
Wrap My Love in the Cover
of Divine Safekeeping
Nic Sutcliffe Dec 2018
All that we Are
All we've become
In a moment
Nic Sutcliffe Feb 2017
How might he sing of this Queen that he found
Of their trip through the stars
Of the sights and the sounds
The soft subtle glow from her sun-kissed skin
Her Magic and rhythm that oozed from within
Of Holding her close, getting lost in her eyes
The lattice of limbs, the world passing by

Much more to this union than physics and heat
Their mind-space meeting place first of all treats
Hard to face truths they would tackle as one
Before all that JuJu had even begun

There in those convos through hours unfolding
A Lucid flowetry & neither witholding
She opened her heart up revealing her past
Her Darkness and Strengths
A history so vast

The degree of compassion and comprehension
Served as a softener, negating all tension
And he, he felt worthy, enough for a tear
To receive all she was
Dark and Light
Love and Fear

Pickled perspectives through dilated seers
Dissolving of egos & bringing forth tears
Humbly he knelt, for in him she would trust
Honouring intention
And Self
Before lust

Digesting their truths on candle light beams
Backing track soundscapes of finish him themes
Magnetic her radiance, a colourwheel aura
Bodies' bouquet, scents sweeter than flora
Skin to skin textures their grip free to roam
Tastes of pure Stardust
Her flavour was... Home

A moment removed from time's ceaseless pace
Light breaking birdsong, Love dripped from her face
The world switched on and began it's routine
While Awestruck he witnessed this manifest dream
Cat cursed yet tireless he played to her choir
Their Synchronous vibrations raised forever higher

There's never before been, nor again will there be
A woman of resonance as Perfect as she
Subjectively perfect, Ubiquitous truth
Yet how we see perfect requires no proof
All of his senses Peaked & Saturated
All his Desires
In this Queen concentrated

Once in a lifetime the lucky may find
A someone of substance who stimulates the mind
Once in a lifetime the lucky may be
With One who cultivates a compatible energy
Once in a lifetime the lucky may hold
The attention and Love of their true Twin Soul

But the idea that One girl could be all this and more
A concept so enticing he just can't ignore

The poetry of Presence
The Nourishment of Osmosis
The Freedom of the Eternal Now
She's Imperfectly Perfect
She's Perfectly Imperfect
His Queen Supreme
I battled to finish this one... I hope you Enjoy it my fellow magicians
Nic Sutcliffe Mar 2018
along our own paths at soul junction we met
We forged a new route through the wild dark and wet
an unbeaten track on all sides beset
by the demons of dogma & imposed regret
Crowned by the naysayers who spat hate and fear
Their secret envy grew as our paradise drew near

In futures yet unclaimed
the now unmanifest
Side by side
We looked back on our journey
and We laughed
and We wept
Nic Sutcliffe Feb 2017
Facing the scrutiny and judgement of others
being painted in a negative light
by friends, siblings, parents and lovers
Creates a Surging compulsion to fight

but I won't fight, I choose to remain calm
I allow the anger and hurt to flow through
Like the breeze that whistles through the lonely palm
I stay grounded and true, it's the best I can do
Nic Sutcliffe Feb 2018
It's fading, I feel it and I know you do too
Honey-Sweet memories
now showing the washed out grey
of times decay
that love drunk buzz
So prominent for a time
Now sobering up as our paths re-align
the mind and heart Shift from
our once shared colour-drenched dream
To the monochromatic 2-dimensional blandness of being realistic

we knew it would come
we knew it would go
and no amount of Awareness
can soften the blow

The curse of our conscious bond
is that we can't wrap ourselves
in the comforting blanket
of numbed ignorance
As others might
In the missing of Cold Nights

we knew it would come
we knew it would go
and no amount of Acceptance
can soften the blow

We have our distractions to keep
our Minds occupied and
the Midnight-Blue pining at bay
we preach trust in the Universal plan
And we mantra "come what may"
Yet the insatiable and inescapable void of hollow pervades
as our unity on the horizon
fades to grey

we knew it would come
we knew it would go
and no amount of Understanding
can soften the blow
Knowing what's to come, that it's self-inflicted, as much as we anticipate and prepare. Reality remains unavoidable and painful to face
Nic Sutcliffe Feb 2018
Every night crawling
into bed beside you
Wrapping my arm around you
Drawing you closer
Into the perfect spoon
Our skin to skin one caress
Comforting one another as we fade into dream

every morning
before the alarm sounds
To the feel of your arm
Out-stretched & Searching
for me beside you
Finding me, finding you
the safety, the joy
The serenity of feeling Home
In our bubble

At the peak of the mushroom
free of anxiety, ego dissolved
A familiar peace abounds
Amid the chaos of the mind fray
Our souls dance
Together and free
Simultaneously lost and found
in your emerald gaze
Peering endlessly as
the periphery fades to blur
and all that exists is We
All is you and me
We are All

Feeling every molecule
of You
As we merge our physicality
The Gnosis in the mushroom
Illuminating the Archaic
Gnosis in our beings
Reigniting and fuelling our twin flame
the magnetic synergy of our Souls

Sharing time
Sharing space
In your intoxicating presence
In your nourishing embrace

Engaging in ceremony with you
Honouring spirit
Of the Earth, of ourselves
Casting intentions to the four winds
Through the cleansing of raging fire

Discovering the rhythm of personal expression
Under the full blood blue moon
Our spotlight on the stage of surrender
Hanging effortlessly in
the star-speckled Black of Night

Finding the circular beat
Of your two drum-heart-beats
Through the noise
of solo djembes on their own tangent
Desperate to find the momentum of song

Our trio in unison
Our drums in harmony and rhyme
Synchronised in time
A voiceless song of the divine

These and many more
moments you've given to me
We created the space and
seized the opportunity
I hold them in memory immemorial
And the feelings they inspired
Infused forever into my "me-ness"

I thank You
I miss You
I Love You

Forever my Moon
And one day my Sun
experiences that inspire to new heights.... life is fleeting and transient, make every moment count
Nic Sutcliffe Mar 2017
I am a broken man today
I don't know what to say
I don't know how to feel
I'm not sure how to deal
Is it all real?
What is real?

Am I the one at the wheel?
It all feels... so surreal
I can't ******* last meal
My thoughts start to congeal
My Soul begins to peel
Bright Blues turn Teal

I've been chasing my own heels
Trying to steal
Back this notion of real
After breaking the seal
Of my nerves made of steel

'Cos it's now time to Heal
Nic Sutcliffe Jan 2019
How can it be?
Maybe you can you tell me
How a woman as rare and free as she
A Queen of such unmatched Regality
Could possibly
have eyes just for me?

How can it be?
It's a curious mystery
Am I really worthy?
Am I just lucky?
Does she see something inside me
That I do not see?
Or has no man before me
Ever loved her completely?

But how can that be?
What utter stupidity
or sad masculine insecurity
How can it be?
The question intrigues me
A dream now reality
A destiny perplexity

I'm sure you'll agree
She's an exquisite beauty
An effervescent & naturally
optimistic Queen Bee
Unique in her radiantly
Bright & nourishing energy
A warrior who gracefully
Authors her own story

But for me, additionally
Of the human in her I see
She is unquestionably
High Goddess among ALL the deity

How can it be?
This pure Gaian beauty
Is in Love with just me?
Am I really worthy?
Yet it matters not, you see
It's simple curiosity
For I know all that needs be
When she sets gaze upon me

Mine is not to know
Mine is not to understand
Mine is to help her grow
To Love her and hold her hand

And Love her I do
Wet sometimes feel we've struck gold. That they are our of our league. Yet, the love we feel is the love we create. Remember to bring it the best in each other
Nic Sutcliffe Dec 2016
The light tasting air
   Just after the rain
The warm smelling sun
   as it shines once again
The sweet sight of birdsong
   As night starts to wane
I'm going home...

Familiar, the Love
   That Envelopes my Soul
Novel, the desire
   That tailors my goal
Humbling, the sadness
   That makes me feel whole
I'm going home...

No matter how far
  This wanderer goes
Africa is home
  This much he knows
Thoughts of returning
  Excitement, it grows
Simply because
I'm going home...
After far too long, returning home even just for a short visit brings joy to this weary traveller. Life is fleeting. Enjoy every moment. Be Love
Nic Sutcliffe Dec 2018
there's ink in the tip
but the pen feels dry
it's been so long
since I wrote you a song
and I don't know why
so I'll try
Nic Sutcliffe Jan 2019
Mine is not to know
Mine is not to understand
Mine is to help her grow
To Love her and hold her hand
Nic Sutcliffe Dec 2016
It's a curious thing to be seen and heard
To find one who "gets you"
Without saying a word
Rarer than precious stones
And Harder to find
Is a person who understands
The enigma - My mind

Being an empath, I care for their view
But painfully powerless,
There's nothing I can do
To make them see,
with my eyes, with my heart
I can only sit back.... and watch.
As misunderstanding, tears them apart

I have to learn to allow them to be,
To misunderstand, Until they're ready
But it still hurts

Each of has our own journey to take
Each of us has our own choices to make
I can't deprive someone of their own pain
I can only hold space for them,
And then try again
Patience and perseverance
Nic Sutcliffe Jan 2017
It was then that the universe decided to play
Out a sequence of events that would lead to this day
She conspired with the sun
    with the earth and the moon
With the rest of the cosmos
    to create enough room
For elegant curiosity to bloom

Opportunity presented herself to his door
She gestured,
  and smiled,
   And said "wait no more"
He knew in an instant it was time to act,
Because chances are few, such a plain simple fact.
And so our protagonist seized that one chance,
For his soul to experience a new kind of dance.  

It was all for a girl,
  what if?
She moved with such grace, she sparked up a spliff
In the garden of dreams,
     bathed in glorious sunlight
Her hair, face and smile
     it all felt so right
And watching her glow and feeling her lust,
He knew it was time,
   he knew that he must.
He leaned in closer for a taste of her lips,
She turned in towards him,
    she shuffled her hips
And then when at last they shared that first kiss,
His soul was ignited and smothered in bliss.

And that was the moment that everything changed,
A shift in perspective, a life re-arranged.
For what then ensued through that day and that night,
Was nothing short or pure cosmic delight.

Moments come and moments go
Memories fade over time's forward flow
But the feelings remain, they are timeless and true
And no-one and nothing can take them from you.

So if you're attentive to universe's song,
   and seize opportunity,
you can never go wrong.
For you might one day find where you truly belong
Another poem centered around love but the focus here is seizing opportunities when they present themselves. Peace and love my fellow poets
Nic Sutcliffe Mar 2017
We reach for Nirvana
As we Rage Against The Machine
While Smashing Pumpkins
at A Funeral For A Friend

We Supertramps & Pixies
We Kings of Convenience & Queens of The Stone Age
All you Radioheads & Motorheads
my Chemical Brothers & Shakespeare Sisters
All my kin in this Tribe Called Quest
that's you, Yes! you

The Prodigy of the Priestess
The Offspring of the one true Queen
our mother Earth, Wind & Fire

We must unite against The Darkness
Be the Joy Division in this System of A
Down-ward Spiral into Madness
Be the Primal Scream that fuels the Corrosion of conformity

and Them Crooked Vultures?
The Simple Minds... the ones who Sleep
They gather At The Drive In to see
Sir Lord Baltimore and his Eagles Of Death Metal battle
King Crimson's Foo Fighters & The Sisters Of Mercy
in the Velvet Underground of the House of Pain

... While Tom Waits ...
For no one
Music gives meaning to life
it is of the Soul and for the Soul
I wanted to honour some of the bands that have influenced
me over the course of my life
Nic Sutcliffe Jan 2017
There's something profound in the space that we found
There's something serene in the energy between - us
There's something surreal in the way that you feel
There's something of joy in the way you play coy

There's something so pure in the way you endure
There's something sublime in your eyes that greet mine
There's something so strong in our harmonious song
There's something of divinity in the way you see me

There's something there
Something for sure
Between us, for us, forever with us
And I won't let it go*
Never, *oh no
Nic Sutcliffe Sep 2018
I want so much
To try something new
To forge a different path
Together, with you
An unbeaten track
Made of hopes that last
But we can't be new
If we can't shed our past

And you hang our past
Round my neck like a noose
One I'll never escape
If you can't let it loose
I carry these past cycles
Like a stone-made crown
And the sheer weight of it
Is what brings me down

I know you have real fears
Please know I do too
But to let them mislead us
Is to taint what is true
Please give me the chance
To show you I'm more
Than the patterns of old
that have all come before

For if one thing is constant
As we growth through our strife
It's that you, without question
Are the Love of my Life
Nic Sutcliffe Jul 2017
As I watch the waning of this Capricorn moon
Powerlessness and sorrow at heart
She takes with her the last light
Canvases the sky in dark
I know she'll rise again
Moonset followed by glorious moonrise
But it's all different now
Her reflection leaves my eyes

She'll always be up there
Painfully out of reach
Me forever the student
Of the lessons she would teach
So many questions
So much unknown
But forever grateful
For the way that I've grown

The waxing and waning
Moonrise and moonset
Controlling the tides of my Soul
Before we ever met
She's Always been there
Since Beginningless time
Now her synchronised heart
Is no longer mine

I talk to the moon daily
In a language unspoken
She knows of my dreams
Knows the wolf she's awoken
But our song now has ended
I miss her so much
How can we dance more
If distance means we can't touch?

Had I only known
I would've, should've, what if?
Here and now though
Fear's choices forged a rift
I'm trying to accept this truth
Trying to accept my fate
So I sing my song in silence
The ballad of the Moon's Soulmate
There are those encounters that occur once in a lifetime, if you are fortunate enough.
Hold onto them with everything you are
Nic Sutcliffe Dec 2016
When is it "OK" to put yourself first?
When is it "acceptable" to quench your own thirst?
Between what we & others want, why must we choose?
Does following your heart mean that at some point you lose?

Few people get it, yes, few understand...
that owning your own life, puts your life in your hands.
It's not selfish to do so, at least not as they see it.
and if they don't care to try understand, then so be it.

For, how can you Love both completely and true?
If you don't love yourself first? if you don't Love being You?
How can you feel joy and share it with all?
if your own inner happiness is chained to the wall?

We're taught to put others first, to be altruistic
and that somehow you'll be blessed by something divine or mystic
But giving to receive, isn't really true giving...
and Living without joy, isn't really true living...

The truth is that, whether we like it or not.
This life, this very moment, is all that we've got.
YOU are that special ingredient, YOU are the linchpin.
All your Love & pain, your Joy & sorrow are born from within.

It's YOU you wake up with, you alone in your head
It's YOU alone who tucks your mind into bed.
It's for YOU to discover your own sense of worth,
Despite what's been programmed into you from birth.

So, choose wisely my friend and know that whatever you do
some will despise you and some will support you.
But if, to your true self, you decide to stay true,
Then with confidence you can say
"I did the best I could do"
Nic Sutcliffe Dec 2016
Somewhere I know
Far across the seas
Drift the dreams of tomorrow
On this crisp winter breeze
The stars are the cat's eyes
That light up their route
The Moon
She guides them...
on The Cosmic commute
Nic Sutcliffe Jun 2017
i found something this day
         Something buried deep with in me
i caught the reflection
                  of a piece of my soul that had long since been forgotten
      in a mirror that wore your smile
Nic Sutcliffe Dec 2018
if it hurts, be grateful
it hurts because it matters
it hurts because you care
it means you are alive
a reminder of your own mortality
a reminder of your fallible humanity
a reminder of our interdependence on all life

the real danger is
hurt replaced by Apathy
for cold is the heart that no longer feels.
Nic Sutcliffe Feb 2018
Eros himself took one look at you
He smiled & at once knew, no more he could do
He surmised that his arrow would just go to waste
On a woman of such impeccable Beauty and taste
To paint Love on your smile would be utterly useless
And attempts to teach your being of Love would be fruitless

This God of Love recognised what I have known from the start
That there's no greater capacity for Love
than in Your magnanimous human heart
The embodiment of Love is what, in You, he saw
The Avatar of One Love so powerful and raw

What caught him off-guard and took him by surprise
Was seeing the familiar in the Nebula of your eyes
Without doubt an incarnation of his Goddess mother
Aphrodite reborn in humanity's finest Lover
But even the Gods blush when in Love you ARE
From the Brilliance of your Aura that burns bright as a star
A heat from deep within Self that radiates wide and far

You are truly in Love and you deserve to be
Adored & Celebrated on high for all eternity
for nothing comes close to the Love You create
even Gaia's heart swells as she breathes and pulsates

Lifetimes I'll spend showing you
as often as I can
This humble twin Soul man
Will never stop Loving
his strawberry Moon Jan
an expression of the unique Love I cultivate & bathe in daily for the woman of my dreams. I'm grateful every day for our time & this unique connection and thankful for a place such as this through which to share.
Nic Sutcliffe Dec 2016
I'll tell you a tale of two parts that were one
A sentient energy. A choice to become
Something more, for a moment, by splitting apart.
Each piece gained 6 senses… A body… A heart.

The lure of experience, of the human condition
Rediscovery of self; the noblest mission
But there was a catch! They must choose to forget
The oneness they once knew, A gamble... And yet

The choice to be human, to experience the mother
Until they would once again Find one another
Was filled with such promise, and freedom and choice
Joy, Love and friendship… all things to rejoice

Millennia had passed, through life and rebirth,
a thousand incarnations, Returned to the Earth.
They grew through the ages, knowing not their true goal
to find what they gave up, to become again whole

These fractured pieces, though complete on their own
Had within them a sense that, despite how they'd grown
Through epochs and lifetimes, Experiences true
One journey remained, each had to pursue

And then came that day, this last iteration
Through whispers cosmic, And familiar vibration
Two self-aware humans, A meeting by chance,
Saw their reflection in a momentary glance

There in that moment, they sensed the archaic
Connection to source; Universal mosaic
Their gaze pierced the veil of their lifetimes before
To the essence within, the kin at their core

Questions were answered, True purpose revealed
Both part of the same soul that longed to be healed.
Though physical distance would keep them apart,
Each recognised, the telepathy of heart

Knowledge familiar, the quest to be whole
Would drive and inspire them, to unite their one Soul
This lifetime perhaps? They wished it was so.
Certainty elusive; For Neither could know.

The true gift, however, this knowledge would yield
Was awareness itself, In the great cosmic field.
Aware once again of their Soul's counterpart
The sacrifice made, way back at the start

Magnetically drawn, as they always had been,
To reunion of spirit by forces unseen.
Enriched by experiences they'd gained in each round
The goal was now simply; to seek what they'd found

To discover the self. To meet their twin soul
To make, what was fractured, Once again whole
Time was irrelevant. Space mattered not.
Henceforth remembering what once was forgot

The gamble paid off, though the cost it was great.
They would find one another, for this was their fate.

And then when, at last
their moment did come
Imbued with new Love
Their two became one

-- for My Moon

— The End —