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Anya Sep 2018
There's a mansion on a hill
I've seen it numerous times
I've never been inside

It's said to belong to an old woman
Who is very selective
in who enters her domain

Either you're an insignificant servant
And you slip inside
Through a back door

A tiny molecule diffusing
from high to low concentration

Or, you're a personal servant
Then, you gain special access
Still, through the back door

Water molecule
Diffusing through osmosis

After that are ordinary guests,
aided by the butler
through the front door

Facilitated diffusion
Molecules carried or channeled

And finally,
the VIP's  
Welcomed by a great procession
Through a special VIP door
invited by the madam
with great effort

Active transport
From low to high concentration
Requiring added energy

But despite this selectivity
of who can and cannot enter
That old mansion on the hill
And the jobs it provides
Is essential to the livelihood
Of the people in this town

Just like the cell membrane to our bodies
I tried another science analogy one. Personally I like my amino acid and fats ones better but I don't know. We'll see.
Nic Sutcliffe Feb 2018
Every night crawling
into bed beside you
Wrapping my arm around you
Drawing you closer
Into the perfect spoon
Our skin to skin one caress
Comforting one another as we fade into dream

every morning
before the alarm sounds
To the feel of your arm
Out-stretched & Searching
for me beside you
Finding me, finding you
the safety, the joy
The serenity of feeling Home
In our bubble

At the peak of the mushroom
free of anxiety, ego dissolved
A familiar peace abounds
Amid the chaos of the mind fray
Our souls dance
Together and free
Simultaneously lost and found
in your emerald gaze
Peering endlessly as
the periphery fades to blur
and all that exists is We
All is you and me
We are All

Feeling every molecule
of You
As we merge our physicality
The Gnosis in the mushroom
Illuminating the Archaic
Gnosis in our beings
Reigniting and fuelling our twin flame
the magnetic synergy of our Souls

Sharing time
Sharing space
In your intoxicating presence
In your nourishing embrace

Engaging in ceremony with you
Honouring spirit
Of the Earth, of ourselves
Casting intentions to the four winds
Through the cleansing of raging fire

Discovering the rhythm of personal expression
Under the full blood blue moon
Our spotlight on the stage of surrender
Hanging effortlessly in
the star-speckled Black of Night

Finding the circular beat
Of your two drum-heart-beats
Through the noise
of solo djembes on their own tangent
Desperate to find the momentum of song

Our trio in unison
Our drums in harmony and rhyme
Synchronised in time
A voiceless song of the divine

These and many more
moments you've given to me
We created the space and
seized the opportunity
I hold them in memory immemorial
And the feelings they inspired
Infused forever into my "me-ness"

I thank You
I miss You
I Love You

Forever my Moon
And one day my Sun
experiences that inspire to new heights.... life is fleeting and transient, make every moment count
Ellie Mar 2017
At the start of it all
He may have been A Good One
All teeth and curls and rays of light
But he sure as **** didn't stay that way.

Teeth turned towards my throat
Curls turned to coils
and rays of light became blinding
As we wove ourselves together.

Two years intertwined-
At one point he vanished,
At one point I vanished,
At one point we were together again
In a tiny room in North Atlanta.

I said some smart ****
He spit in my face
And announced that he was going
To the corner store
For cigarettes.

"I thought you quit smoking"
Rose quartz spilled from my hands.
"Osmosis is a funny thing"
Copper dripped from his lips.

The door got the last word
And then the nothing began.

I sat beside the stove,
Lit another cigarette,
Did another line,
And waited for the candle
To burn itself to death.
Athena Pepe Nov 2015
Matter can not be created nor destroyed.
Is it the same with love? I wonder.
Perhaps just our love.

One does not create it,
rather falls into it,
proving it's existence.

Love is never lost,
changed only.

It is a chemical reaction,
and oxytocin.

The dynamics of our love have shifted.
Once drowning in a volatile sea,
I was obsessed.

Then lying on a dry cracked bed
just as damaging.
Where did the love go?

Into you.
Osmosis of love
through parted lips,
gyrating hips.
In progress

— The End —