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XVIII - The moon

Listen to your inner self
Don't let the hidden dangers trick you
Listen to the ghosts in your head
And the moon and the stars, too

Take a step back and look at you
Is it in your head or in your heart?
Don't repress your faithful truth
The world will give you a new start
A poem every day
Ellowyn Rose Jan 2019
We always look at the moon
admiring its light
holding hands with one another
wishing upon a star
that lies around the aura of the moon's brightness

we seem to seek out
only what makes us happier
instead of appreciating
the dark side
sprinkled with inverted light
we don't appreciate
the beautiful disaster
that showed us
how to grow
with the pain
Nic Sutcliffe Jan 2019
How can it be?
Maybe you can you tell me
How a woman as rare and free as she
A Queen of such unmatched Regality
Could possibly
have eyes just for me?

How can it be?
It's a curious mystery
Am I really worthy?
Am I just lucky?
Does she see something inside me
That I do not see?
Or has no man before me
Ever loved her completely?

But how can that be?
What utter stupidity
or sad masculine insecurity
How can it be?
The question intrigues me
A dream now reality
A destiny perplexity

I'm sure you'll agree
She's an exquisite beauty
An effervescent & naturally
optimistic Queen Bee
Unique in her radiantly
Bright & nourishing energy
A warrior who gracefully
Authors her own story

But for me, additionally
Of the human in her I see
She is unquestionably
High Goddess among ALL the deity

How can it be?
This pure Gaian beauty
Is in Love with just me?
Am I really worthy?
Yet it matters not, you see
It's simple curiosity
For I know all that needs be
When she sets gaze upon me

Mine is not to know
Mine is not to understand
Mine is to help her grow
To Love her and hold her hand

And Love her I do
Wet sometimes feel we've struck gold. That they are our of our league. Yet, the love we feel is the love we create. Remember to bring it the best in each other
Marsha Singh Sep 2018
and invited the moon into the
room – a stranger, she stole
through the night to our chambers,
a bevy of damsels to carry her candles.
She lit up our eyes; she lit up our skin
like our skin was the sky.
Then she loaned me her robe and she kissed me goodbye.
Arcassin B Aug 2017
By Arcassin Burnham

Teenage love never last when you want it to,
Forsaken by its passion,whats in front of you,
be careful who you love,they'll treat you like a fool,
You'd love to here the sounds of a lake with
the moon over you.
***** love,this is all about you.
I don't know what I would do,
If I,Ever lost you,

Heart as hot as the fire dragon in your stories,
A captivating smile will only bathe in glory,
Purpose for your beauty is only exploiting,
Please don't let me go , I won't be annoying,
You Had me at hello , and man i was blushing.
Silenced as still waters, glowing in the light of nature.
So tender, so calm- the beauty you show.
Glistening the message that nature puts by,
You're the one unique home held up so high.

For you never care or you never mind,
As you fade off by the shades of time.
But it's you who really knows, the light of ultimate darkness.
Simply unique, simply bold- who can ever stand up as lonely as you?

The guarding guide for the one who walks alone,
For none can give a lesson as good as you.
Every arm stretches out to reach unto you,
But a very few out of the odd, deserve to touch you.
Someday my dream would be, to be a single light as big as you.
For you are the MOON- the man owned out of darkness.
And I would walk out to lighten darkness someday too.

Just Caleigh Oct 2016
The moon shines bright overhead, gleaming and proud, the undisputed king of the night. But his reign comes to an end soon enough. Streaking colour shows its extravagant self meekly, under a band of presiding dark blue. The blue marches ever on, stately and cool in his mission. Where he is going I do not know, only that I can never follow quite as quickly. He gives way to dainty pink scars climbing the canvas, much in the way a mum gives way to a child growing in wisdom and in stature. The collection of onlookers isn't quite sure what comes next and hangs in celestial silence as the scene unfolds before them. Behind them, a quiet wonder turns the canvas from blue to purple. No one was more shocked than I to see violet light from the heavens in the face of a yellow ruler. The rebellious purple seems to realise his folly and quickly transformed into a pink of sorts, a much more agreeable shade for the occasion. I miss his first grin though, the unapologetic first hue, the dare to be new. From here it is slow going until it isn't anymore. I stare at the same striped world as handmaidens rush to awaken all who are needed for a sunrise. Even now I can see from where life will rise, such a golden carpet is already rolled out. It will be very long until he makes an appearance, but I shall wait. I will wait for him because he is my love, my heart, my one. I will stay all day and night to see him anew if he decided to stay away for a day.
My world is more sky than land, to which I am tied. Whether an act of mercy or pride, I see the sky every day from afar, always yearning to be drawn closer some day and find myself laying in the hands of the stars.
Finally the scuttling onlookers are rewarded with touches of heat and light and life from my love, and they seem to shrink away. Why would some run from him? What causes one to leave so enthusiastically when he has finally come? It's the jubilation time, what a time to be alive!
The moon hangs nearly where he started, dully marking the sky. Half proud and waning silently, he jealously slinks away, the only one who shines not at sunrise. No one sees him leave.
The bed of the risen sun
Kewayne Wadley May 2016
Tonight I planned to take flight to the moon with nothing but the thought of you; borrowing your eyes as well as the throb of your heart.
Counting down the seconds until we blast off.
Our silhouette left shone on the face of the moon; our cheeks felt with the blush of the wind. Our face pressed tight from the force of how fast our heart peddles.
With you leaned back
Your cheek pressed against mine, sitting on the front of the handle bars.
The sound of the bike chain echoing off the stars; this cosmic feeling racing,
Pounding through my chest.
Watching you ascend the stars as I've always watched you do in the dreams I've had of you.
Profound, how you've changed my outlook on life.
Losing track of time in the simplicity of how wide your cheeks spread.
Saturated in the gleam of your eyes.
I've lost touch with the reality of everything that is real.
In the midst of waking eyes; I always forget what I dream about.
My perception of you as a shooting star blasting off to the moon
On a bike
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