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She brought the light
contrasting my dark.
With every stroke of her beauty,
imperfectly perfect
Not painted by accident
but created with purpose

At first sight
i found myself ; somewhat inlove ,
drawn to her true colours
She  was art
You're worthy of a love so soft, kind, bold , brave and beautiful ; like she WAS.
  Jan 2019 Nic Sutcliffe
Dave Williams
it's not real, it's not even close
it doesn't even get to the start
it's not loose
nor elusive
it just doesn't want to be apart
from this
this addictive remiss
it doesn't want to be a part of it
yet it should
be apart, so it should
remind us of what we would miss
just by saying no, just once
let it go beneath the shade
if it wants to serenade
let it, if it wants
if it wants to be free, let it soar
if it wants to be alone, let it
let it be whatever it wants to be
let it see what you saw
and never want to see it again
we entice, and ignore
and sit back while it takes shape
hope, fate, whatever you want
you know what you want but i can't
Nic Sutcliffe Jan 2019
Mine is not to know
Mine is not to understand
Mine is to help her grow
To Love her and hold her hand
Nic Sutcliffe Jan 2019
How can it be?
Maybe you can you tell me
How a woman as rare and free as she
A Queen of such unmatched Regality
Could possibly
have eyes just for me?

How can it be?
It's a curious mystery
Am I really worthy?
Am I just lucky?
Does she see something inside me
That I do not see?
Or has no man before me
Ever loved her completely?

But how can that be?
What utter stupidity
or sad masculine insecurity
How can it be?
The question intrigues me
A dream now reality
A destiny perplexity

I'm sure you'll agree
She's an exquisite beauty
An effervescent & naturally
optimistic Queen Bee
Unique in her radiantly
Bright & nourishing energy
A warrior who gracefully
Authors her own story

But for me, additionally
Of the human in her I see
She is unquestionably
High Goddess among ALL the deity

How can it be?
This pure Gaian beauty
Is in Love with just me?
Am I really worthy?
Yet it matters not, you see
It's simple curiosity
For I know all that needs be
When she sets gaze upon me

Mine is not to know
Mine is not to understand
Mine is to help her grow
To Love her and hold her hand

And Love her I do
Wet sometimes feel we've struck gold. That they are our of our league. Yet, the love we feel is the love we create. Remember to bring it the best in each other
Nic Sutcliffe Dec 2018
there's ink in the tip
but the pen feels dry
it's been so long
since I wrote you a song
and I don't know why
so I'll try
Nic Sutcliffe Dec 2018
if it hurts, be grateful
it hurts because it matters
it hurts because you care
it means you are alive
a reminder of your own mortality
a reminder of your fallible humanity
a reminder of our interdependence on all life

the real danger is
hurt replaced by Apathy
for cold is the heart that no longer feels.
Nic Sutcliffe Dec 2018
All that we Are
All we've become
In a moment
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