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 Feb 2017 Kinsey Jordyn
I so deeply desire
The change to happen now,
To build up a fence
For me to carve in hidden,
Of the world my big surprise
Eyes no more shallow
Eyes that look like mine.

I crave so hard of something
That the pain is my friend
Another thing I desire
For salty water to pause a sec
Shall I scream or run as fast?
There is no point
Salty water flows so much.
don't fall victim to the snake.
for its venom will slice
through your blood stream
as smoothly
as a blade across skin.
don't let the snake's eyes fool you,
behind his sly tongue
lies sharp fangs
that are waiting
for your vulnerability to show.
and any minute,
the snake could turn you
from his prize,
to his feast.
If she saw the world
through rose colored glasses,
I saw the world as a raindrop
falling from a storm cloud.
I'm thinking of love at 2:45 am.
And all the while, your face
pops up in my memory like a flower in a meadow of weeds.
I don't think i know how to love but
When I see that certain smile upon
Your face,
My heart skips a beat
And my stomach does flips
And my hands get sweaty
And my mouth runs dry.
And if that's love
Then, God.
I'm crazy for you.
our hearts created
a symphony of
good vibes.
then all at once,
the music began to fade
and our hearts grew apart
and I was yet again
left alone on the
dark, empty
where we had once fell for eachothers tune
We, as humans, were placed on this earth to become a high power. We were created to express the meaning of 'Unique' and 'Different' - yet in this day and age we are judged so harshly on merely the way we dress or talk. Humanity is destroying Humanity; we are creating a world full of breathing corpses who have no sense of joy for life anymore. Why do we continue to live this way? Life is not meant to be tortuous; instead of feeling trapped and judged, we should feel FREE and explore as many parts of the Earth as we can before our time here is over. Exploration of the world is the key to freedom, the key to the true feeling of being a human being. Living is a privilege, we need to value this token of gratitude from The Higher Power; whoever that truly may be.
These nights where
sleep seems so far away
and you seem so near to me.
I can almost feel your hands
holding me through my sea of bed sheets
Or maybe that's just realization kicking in,
Whether that is true or not
I'm tired of these Insomniatic nights
where all I do is think of you
and how much I miss those comforting hands of yours.
**** you
for leaving me.
**** you
for not trying to save me.
For I am so far gone now
nobody can rescue me from these deep dark waters .
All I want is to go
back to that night
when our bodies intertwined.
The place where we became one
and our souls united.
And your hands explored
And my moans escaped.
Our bodies moved to a rhythm that even music couldn't make.
Our bodies tangled in the bed sheets,
the bed we claimed ours.
This 'you' that everybody writes about are
The tears that stain our cheeks late at night,
The eyes that haunt our dreams every night,
The scars that remain as devil-ish memories of our weak moments.

I'm sick of this 'him' I'm sick of this 'her' that torments people day after day,
Making then write until their brain is pulsing and their hands are shaking.
I just want to be an okay me.
And if I need a 'him' to help me feel okay,
Then may God help me.
For I have no purpose in this world
Other than to rely on others for my heart to continue to beat.

I want to be the reason that I am still here.
I do not want to rely on another human soul.
For we are all doomed at one point to be nothing if that is the case.
But I just pray that if
Nothing we once were,
Then may our memories of life forever remain.
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