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kk Jul 2018
Swerving in, I re-enter
A roundabout conversation
Driving mindless words
You make me flushed
It gives me a rush
As all of our cars
Scramble out of our garages
kk Jun 2018
Slide in
Sugar-searching serpent
You spark
In this ****
A naive mind
That this might
Work out
Before you
Tire out
Lemon-lime lollies
Licking your lips
For a confection
A bit more
And maybe I'm looking for someone a little more zesty.
kk Jun 2018
Walking in with high hopes
I knew that I’d fall
A cushioned landing waited below

Skin shreds with every reach, pull, and hang
Fingers bleed and sweaty palms
Slide and scrape against the rocks
The climb left me before I left the wall

With numbness in my hands and my toes,
But mostly my cheeks disfigured by nails
Pinning up a spastic smile
You had no belayer obligation
No rope tied on
My harness to your grip
A concrete landing waited below.
A landing known as the friendzone.
kk Jun 2018
When I am at the peak of my span
These petals open, blossoming,
You step on my face and tell me
I am who you see
Through your cataractal lenses
THAT is me, who I am supposed to be
With my name stripped away,
And that a flower’s life is destined
For sitting still and smiling
For prying fingers to uproot
Its body from the earth
Then to rot in a broken vase.
Don't let others define who you are. YOU write the definition of yourself.
kk Jun 2018
I can tolerate you.
You make me gag
but I’ll try not to *****.
Open up your heart and soul and everything else,
All that leaks out is musty air.

Like a plastic ornament,
You dangle unsteadily
On the bristles of a Christmas tree
It is my tremor
From our exchanges
That will loosen your desperate cling
From my limp arms.
Dedicated to someone I wasted way too much time with.
kk Jun 2018
Bells call
Laughter rings
Gates open wide
No one in line

To your entertainment
Choose a ride
Everything’s free

Seated on a painted horse
Mane chipped, buckle rusted
No warning given
The revolution begins

Up and down
Are you moving forward?
Ponies gallop ahead
You’re stuck at the end

There’s no waiting
You tail
There’s no slowing

Until the day you’re free
Continue the monotony
Wake, work, eat, sleep
Follow the tune

In circles and circles and circles
Is this fun? Is this fun?
The same repetition
Over and over and over and--

The agony, the pain
The screams unheard
There’s no stopping

You can cry and beg
To debark and leave
It’s too bad
Exiting isn’t easy.
One from the archives. Every time I flip back and read this poem, I can vividly recollect the anxiety that ate me up during that time in my life, when it was directionless and repetitive.

Luckily, I'm no longer on that carousel, and now riding a different ride.
kk Jun 2018
You don't want to be in my photos.
That’s fine, a thumbtack will stay in your place
You don't want to be in my videos.
That’s fine, I can trim, cut, edit
Until your shadow is completely erased
You don't want to be in my life.
That’s fine with me.
Now you have no one left. Is that fine with you?
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