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Moll Oct 2014
If I was to stand in a room
That was full of bodies, strangers
Your eyes would be the only thing
That would keep me sane
Moll Oct 2014
When I write
I feel my mind
Slowly melt into the paper
Like ink from the soul
Moll Oct 2014
She sighs as her alarm rings
Because she needs to wake up
And face what today brings
Stirring coffee in a cup

She sighs as she rushes for the bus
Hair a mess, books damp and cold hands
Squeezing next to a stranger, they start to discuss
The bad weather, their favourite bands

She sighs as they trade numbers from phones
A glimpse of sunlight peers through the clouds
She walks to work with continuous groans
The skies are grey, the rain shrouds

She sighs as her phone rings, butterflies in her belly
"Hello?" Her legs turn to jelly..
Moll Oct 2014
Sheepishly blinking
Trembling hands at the ready
Skin flushing deep pink

Hands gently exploring skin
As their pure bodies entwine
Renga poems are fun aha
Moll Oct 2014
You came along
Like a drop of rain
On hot pavement

The cold wash I needed
From the hot tears that
My eyes

In the morning
When I wake up
You are there.
He knows who he is.
Moll Oct 2014
Every single day
I'm so fed up of this world
Grey skies over me
  Oct 2014 Moll
Christopher Lowe
Without hell
there is no heaven

Without hate
there is no love

Without you
there is no us
There is someone out there that each one of us cannot exist without
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