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Loving...and hating life. Opening up to help relief the stress. Very happy with my experiences. Exposing the teenage girl within all of us. Losing every ...
Phil B
M/Perth    Sporadic ramblings of the mundane and magical alike. I’m an infrequent poster and serial passerby, but I love you all nonetheless.
Joseph Paris
Chicago    Writer and poet. Recent to this site, hope to make valuable friendships here. The actions you are most afraid of taking are the ones that ...
Kendra Faith
Michigan    Just a girl who loves shopping, writing, and her pug Sidney. I've been taken by an amazing man for almost three years. I love the ...
standing on the edge    a million little tongues of flame
Sawyer Gowans
New York, NY    Let me go
Hi, I write stuff and put it on the internet. Primarily this website sees the worst in me...all the insecurities, doubts, anger, etc. Normally I'm ...
Franklin WI    I will destroy you in the most beautiful way possible & when I leave, you will finally understand why storms are named after people. ~Caitlyn ...
Here's some sad stuff.
Jo King
Hello my name is Jo. I write to express how I really feel. Thank you for coming to my page and giving it a chance!
it's ok
21/F    ♍
Kevin Eli
California    Just looking for the same things as all of you. Let's not complicate things, when we don't have to try. :-)
24/F/Not In F*ing Kansas Anymo    ✝ (also known as WistfulHope) • IG @WISTFULHOPE • trophy wife | mediocre parent | subpar poet • Read, message, or whatever • My work ...
Ann M Johnson
Minnesota ( A Small Pop?)    All poems original Copyright of Ann M Johnson, unless otherwise noted 2013-2021. I love writing and reading poetry I also enjoying singing. I also appreciate ...
Ocean Blue
Waiting and praying for someone
Madison Elizabeth
Maine    I like to write.
Arkham Asylum    Your average basket case looney toon blabbering sweet nothings about his life and thoughts.
Poeta de Cabra
South Australia    Fun loving poet. like to write mainly humor and definitely rhyming. My book * The Incredible And Funny Poetry Book is available at Amazon
34/M/Los Angeles    I enjoy history, documentaries, and golf.
Charlie Chirico
29/M/Philadelphia, PA    This was the start of my signature. My preferred medium was on the tip of my tongue. It was the tip of a pen. Copyright ...
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