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Moll Mar 2016
12 beautiful months
you stepped inside my conscience
oh, how refreshing
  Mar 2016 Moll
I walk this gravel road.
All alone, I gaze at the cloudy sky.
Empty is my broken heart.
The cold air engulfs my rosy cheeks.
This world is called
both ugly and beautiful,
but I cannot decide.
For the world is just like me.
This is just like me.
The sad part, is that I miss you already. But what's even more sad, is that I can't show it. ~mk
Moll Dec 2014
I want to write
As though I know the perfect
Words to say
But in all honesty
I'm not cut out for this
Moll Oct 2014
I feel like I should be a
full-of-life girl

but I feel like a
lifeless girl
Moll Oct 2014
She was never always quite there
Staring into space at what seemed like nothing
Her head away with the fairies in the air
I must understand, she sees something

She was never always quite here
Tilting her head, seeing, hearing
Things that were never quite clear
I wish I could feel what she goes through
Moll Oct 2014
The cocoon of heat
That I have buried myself into
Wont allow my body
To tear itself away

Bed, I love you
Moll Oct 2014
Everyone says that you should love what you see in the mirror
Because that "who you are", despite the flaws
But to me, I don't see a human
I see a shell of a 17 year old girl
With a carefree spirit
Bursting at the seams

I guess that's why
When I turn to the blade
I feel relief
In the gaping wounds
**My soul is free again
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