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Grace Elizabeth Apr 2016
pink and white petals
surrender to the wind;
a shower of spring
their perfume surrounds us.

they fall like snowflakes,
clutching her wispy tendrils.
hands outstretched, she giggles;
a new sight for her wide blue eyes.

*She wears them like a crown
My princess with flowers in her hair
Grace Elizabeth Feb 2016
Mountains covered in fallen clouds;
evergreens passing in blurs.
Black tar roads dotted in white;
the weary chatter of haggard passengers.
Windshield wipers; swish, swoosh,
pushing the rain away.
Passing signs call out for our attention,
begging for us to stop and visit.
The hum of the engine,
the stuffy dry air;
as we drive in a state of beauty.
Watching a world pass through the tinted windows.
But we are just passing through,
enjoying the view along the way.

A beautiful skyline on the journey home
Wrote this while coming home from North Carolina this summer.
Grace Elizabeth Oct 2015
dots on lines
and sticks with flags
chaos to an untrained eye
but to the few who understand
they can already hear the masterpiece
a melody bold and clear
being accompanied by harmonies
the grand build to forte
before it drops to piano

All to create a story in sound
Music is my  escape
Grace Elizabeth Oct 2015
breath in. breath out.  
wait for your heart
to slow it's frantic pounding.

close your eyes
squeeze them shut.
just hold on till it passes.

as the battle ends,
your hands fall from your face
stained with unchecked tears.

but the panic has passed
the fear has settled.
you survived the attack.

**now you prepare for
the next battle
I don't personally struggle with anxiety a lot so please tell me if this is inaccurate.
Grace Elizabeth Oct 2015
It started with a jacket
left unattended.
I grabbed it as a friend
no intentions.
Wore it the next the day,
it engulfed my shorter frame.
We laughed, a platonic encounter
then I forgot to give it back.

It started conversations,
we discovered who we were
beneath our social façades.
That's when I fell
for you
and somewhere, you fell
for me.

A borrowed moment
A lasting affection.
this is a rewrite of an earlier poem "borrowed shoes"
Grace Elizabeth Oct 2015
Blurry faces
all giving advice:
Have fun.
Be safe.
Make friends.
Do something great.

Cheers, tears,
the exodus draws closer.
Mom grows nostalgic,
Dad becomes overbearing.
Her little girl.
His little princess.

Eventually the car is loaded;
the engine starts with a rumble.
A new beginning starts
while the past is still in sight.
Everyone waving,
declaring their love with
one last
Grace Elizabeth Oct 2015
blinding lights,
constant beeping,
spiked green lines,
a ***** in my arm.
faces fill the room
tears and hope
mixed on each.
a man in a white coat
calls for their attention,
his mouth moves
but it's all jibberish;
something about an accident.
then there is a shift,
the mood has changed.
all eyes are on me
expectant looks
then fallen faces
when I speak.

*Who are you?
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