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Chaundra Oct 2018
Tinder is like an addiction
We’re swiping right
And swiping left
Every morning
Based all on looks
Looking for a man for the night
Or maybe just to be told you’re beautiful
Chaundra Jul 2018
I hope you find a strand of my hair in your bed
And thoughts of me flutter your mind
I want to end things with you
But I can’t bare to feel lonely again
You’ve come to fill a void space in my heart
But I can’t bare to confess my feelings for you
You told me you just want things to be casual
But I don’t think I can do this to myself anymore
Chaundra Jul 2018
Sometimes I forget you have feelings
As harsh as that sounds
How do you go from a night of fun
To a stranger at dawn
I go along
Night after night
Waiting for you
To slip up
And finally confess
You have feelings for me,
Chaundra Jun 2018
People are like bubbles
Bottled up with troubles
Protected by a little container
Until they come face to face with their struggles
When they face their struggles  
Their bubble may crumble
This causes people to stumble
Stumble upon their troubles
They have a choice to pop
Or think non stop
They shouldn’t give up
Not until they float to the top
Chaundra Jun 2018
Oh, where did I go wrong ?
Lying in a bed
With a stranger
Who doesn’t even know my last name
What has happened ?
To the innocent teen I once was
I could sit here and write poetry
About a stranger whom I find myself with
Night after night
Knowing he has no intention of loving me
He is only here to **** me  
Oh what have I become ?
My feelings used to overwhelm
I am now just numb
Chaundra May 2018
The summer sun smiled softly across his face
I stare into his glistening blue eyes
Dawns light pours through his blinds
I love the moment when his eyes close
His lips open in slow motion
Chaundra May 2018
The feeling of your lips on mine
Sends electric shocks through me
I wonder if a girl like me
Knows what love is ?
He starts to touch my skin
My body tenses as my mind says no
My words says otherwise
Breathing gets harder and faster
Its sad we haven’t spoken in months
I’ve given you everything
That I could give you
Yet it’s still not enough
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