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Feb 24
I'm here and sinking
Into the constant unknown
Like life, I guess
I chose this
And I keep choosing this
This uncomfortable beginning
Everytime I start to get comfortable
Being to close to anyone clouds me now
But I miss my loved ones
Yet I have made new loves
Each new energy I come in contact with
Is a challenge to who I am
When I am alone
Away from anything familiar
And then I move on
With a piece of me lingering
And a piece of them
What triggered me
Even so slightly
Because that is what I see in me
What I want, have worked for or was
I've done this before
I was at a different stage in my journey
I am more confident now
It's not always personal
I am still so in my head
But I am kinder to myself
And to those around me
I am supporting my inner self
I am noticing how I exist
And realizing it is not always like others
I am facing myself
Because I think its important
Under the roughness
Filtered through the pain
I find love
Now it sounds cliche
And its not always exciting and bright
It is constant and pleasant
I am still deeply sad
But I find reasons to smile
Reasons to be better
In the end we are all alone
Regardless of how much we clutter around us
So to love me
Means to really deeply understand I am my own constant
And to love what I allow to clutter me
That is where I find my gold
In people
And I too am a person
Written by
     Yann, PoetryJournal and ---
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