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Feb 24
Before I even knew your name
I knew I loved your smile
How you concentrated on my eyes
when I spoke
Or just gazing to gaze
Giving energy through eye contact
You made sure I was warm
You didn't need to say anything
Because I knew
And you knew that knew
Because we spoke about it
Genuine kind honest communication
So natural
A life force
The calm of your ocean eyes
Souls are stars
Stars are flames
People with names
You listened with your whole self
Including your heart
You lit up when you spoke
And this gentle reality
Of us wandering
Alone, yet together
Became more and more real
We got it
And we opened it
And we let it breathe
We traveled
And gave our souls vacation
You are beautiful
You don't just
See beaty
That is what you are made of
And you gave me some to spread along
I am forever grateful
Awed inspired
By who you chose to be every **** day
You truly are a soul flame
Here to light the world in goodness
Thank you
From every cell of mine
How I will dream about gazing into each others eyes
You have been my every kind of friend
Written by
     Yann, Perry and Mary
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