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Stara Jul 2018
I don't want to be
your break from the world, I want
to be your world
Stara Jul 2018
There is no such thing as

Know your truth.
Stara Jun 2018
I have talked and listened
Tried to imagine
The horror
Of someone taking
What isn't theirs
For their own
Selfish pleasure

I never thought
Me too

But seeing his face  
It all flooded back
Within seconds
What my mind hid from me
For nearly half a decade

Me too
Stara May 2018
You took me
You spun me
You drugged me with love

You hugged me
And loved me
My winters glove

Your words
Lost their meaning
Yet I tried to believe
To stay on that island
Where all can be achieved

But you sluggishly swung
And desperately missed
And,  oh,  how I cried
And how I reminisced

When we were friends
Just honesty and going with the flow
And now a past life is this
For that time on your porch

When you asked for a kiss
  May 2018 Stara
So many people talk about the
Light at the end of the tunnel.
But they don’t talk about
What comes after that.
They don’t talk about how
The light blinds you when you get too close,
How it completely swallows you, and
How you’re left confused and bewildered afterwards.
No one tells you that change can hurt you,
Internally- the worst way-
Turning your whole world upside down.
No one talks about how the
Light at the end of the tunnel can also be
The light of an oncoming train.
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