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 Feb 24 Stara
Shane Rowe
I am just so sad
So so sad
It feels so heavy inside my chest
It feels like a fight I cannot win
Over and over again

It just wont let me go
When will it let me go
Give me a break
Let me breathe

I am too tired to tell it to stop
Stop whispering in my ear
Stop telling me what I did wrong
What I'm going to do wrong

It is drowning out everything that is good
It is telling me to be selfish
To leave
I wont
But I get tired of fighting at times
And tonight, I cannot put my shield up
I am too sad
I don't know what else to tell you. It does not rhyme and there is no flow. It is only my raw thoughts. I am too tired to organize them, to make them sound beautifully tragic. Tonight they are just, tragic.
 Feb 24 Stara
Forgiveness is hard
But you might have to give it
To take back what's yours.
 Feb 24 Stara
Nimisha Yadav
 Feb 24 Stara
Nimisha Yadav
She is a queen,
The colour of love,
The symbol of affection,
The goddess for all.
She owns a kingdom,
With different shades to portray
Each with a meaning,
Do with it what you may.
She is an enchantress,
But I do not respect her.
She might be mesmerizing,
But that's not how I see her.
She could help you win the king
And also a princess.
She could help you win some hearts
But, oh she is treacherous.
She deceits you with her beauty,
And betrays you with her scent.
Once if you cut her,
She is nothing good but dead.
Knowing all this,
Only then do I ask,
Darling, is this what you want?
 Feb 24 Stara
Juan Bot
 Feb 24 Stara
Juan Bot
Jack might.
Jack could.
Jack paid.
Jack lost.
Jack did.
To Jack, my friend who has helped me through the worst, and taught me to always try.
I found a book of poems
in a beautiful heart wood chest
And written across its sturdy lid
Was the word "hope", like sunday best

Upon this book of poems
Lay a velvatine writting pen
And vials of ink from distilled life
For writing letters to her friend

When I went to read her words
 I discovered the lock on it
The key she gave that opened her room
Was never the key that would fit

So I put her poems back
I was nothing more than a guest
And with the blood that ran from my eyes
Next to "hope", I wrote the word "less".
 Feb 24 Stara
The universe loves a bad joke.
 Feb 24 Stara
Syamil Faisal
Sitting on
The pavement
Where we used to
Walk on together.

Intoxicated for an
Yet the longing for you
 Feb 24 Stara
And your lips
tells the greatest lie,
"I am okay."
but your eyes
says otherwise.
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