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Sudden jolts amidst an occupied mind
I see you
I feel you
I touch you

I go back to the moments unchained
untamed and fierce
Exhilarated with blood gushing
from uncertainty
Titillated for your every inch

These moments of longing for your existence is a jab to a frail heart

Deep down there is truth in a notion where you are only a temptation

Merely a decoy for delight

For my memory deceives me with depth
but the reality is facile

A clouded echo yet too real and alive
hard to resist
hard to excise
"Nakalimutan ko na ba?"
Yun ang pangamba
Nakalimot na nga ba?

Sino ka?
Saan ka pupunta?

Ilang araw din
Ilang oras sa madilim
Sa malabo
Sa magulo

Tuloy, nakalimot nga yata ako?

Matagal na panahon
Ang nilaan
Sa paghahanap
Nang kung saan
Nang kung sino
San nga ba tayo tutungo?

Pagtapos ng lahat
Ng isang mahabang panaginip
Ang mga mata’y muling nakasilip

Naalala ko na ulit
Nakalimutan ko lang saglit
Pero nagbabalik na muli

pagkaraan ng mahabang paghihintay, sisilay ay liwanag
She's a ticking timebomb
With triggers of every bitter taste, she tries to swallow
And as she wallows in the dark,
drives by every thought
is a tick to the blow.

She's a ticking timebomb
And another tick-tock is growth to the bang

She holds carefully
and hides it like her fangs

Will it ever burst
Or soon just wane?

Whatever goes
However it turns

All she wants is anything but a bomb
she keeps in her chest
slowly beating just to blast.
She's a ticking timebomb
in chaos

i found, self

in anger

i found freedom

in hatred

i found love

in darkness

i lit the light
Ambiguous Frizz Sep 2018
i have
so many
in me
that i
continue to
live with
& tame
Ambiguous Frizz May 2018
A smile, a stare of a beautiful stranger
Pulled you close without a hint of danger

You danced you laughed in the darkness of night
Like a dream of colors, oh what a lovely sight

A smile, a stare of a beautiful stranger
Something you won't forget, it stays forever

It was love for a night
You're sure you got blight

A kiss, a dance with a beautiful stranger
Took your heart and marked your blunders

Is it even possible to fall for a stranger?
You barely know, yet you cry a river.

A smile, a stare of a beautiful stranger
Cursed you, then you search for it ever

A kiss, a dance with a beautiful stranger
Do yourself a favor, and don't try to gamble

That stranger is not a lover
But a deceiver who can make you mad
mad as a hatter.
Is it even possible to fall for a stranger?
Ambiguous Frizz Mar 2018
A moth drawing near towards the flame
The fire attracts her seamless wings
She goes, she flies, without a hint of shame

"Beautiful things must be known," she said
But beautiful things can leave you in dread

Still she comes close
Closer to that enticing, dancing flame

Flies behind
And back and forth

She moves her wings to fill enough gap
To feel the heat, and the warmth
Yet safe from that vicious sap
Tasting an irresistible temptation
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