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Athi Jun 9
Long way to go
You come from no where
And just disappear somewhere
Dancing in a zig zag manner

I don't want your kiss
I don't want your touch
I need my space
To drive the long way
Kaede Dec 2018
Hushed noise,
flowing river.
Hushed lust,
flowing love.

Frozen thoughts,
watered emotions.
Frozen truths,
watered lies.

Dusted iron,
sinking vessel.
Dusted keys,
sinking heart.
M17. My heart is really pounding hard this time. Could not help but to write something
Moumita Mitra Oct 2018
Only three months left before the year ends
I have not much money in my name
Nor a perfect job I have
I always tried to live happily
With the small happiness which makes me happy
I tried to get a suitable job
Which interests me more than anything else.
May be I tried taking life less seriously
Or maybe life never took me seriously
Or maybe life has planned some other things for me
Whatever it may be
I know or shall come to know
Very soon or later on
But this day
When I am writing this poem
I feel free to let my words speak for me…
Megha gupta May 2018
My endless emotions can ..
Never  be described..
My emotions can not
Ever be confined..
My mind always has more to write..
But raindrops..
can not ever be described..
My heart always has more to delight..
But this happiness..
can not  ever be described..
My beats always has more words to unite..
But desire..
can not ever be described..
My   fingers always has ready to indict..
But creation..
can not ever be described..
Wet soil's fragrance can not be defined..
The joy of childbirth...
can be only  realized..
The expressions of love..
can not be clarified..
The soul of words..
can not ever be described..
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friendship becomes deeper
and love was developed
but as years passed by
Our friendship turned cold
then our love faded

Our Untold story buried in the past
where explanations remained unanswered
The scar that reminds me of our love
and remember the story of our history

— The End —