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Megha Thakur Jun 2020
I can't explain whatever I feel,
It's just that I really want to heal.

There is nothing to hide,
All I want is to get rid of this roller coaster ride.

Where it is hard to survive,
There I am who really want to feel alive.

The one who is looking happy outside,
You won't know they might be dying inside.

If you have nothing for me to teach,
Then darling I really don't need you to preach.

The hardest part of being an adult,
Is that you always need validation which you get from your result.

It's very easy to complain,
What really hard is to explain the pain.

You don't need to apologize,
What you really need is to be wise.

And there we are telling a story in brief,
And a heart full of grief.

If one can ever make you feel divine,
Believe me the pleasure all be mine.
-Megha Thakur
G A Lopez Jun 2020
One of these days
I'm gonna leave this place

I'll disappear
Far away from here.

I'll vanish and everyone will be clueless
Left wondering about my existence.

I'll do everything I want alone
Myself, my only companion.
G A Lopez Jun 2020
You have become
a part of my life
Your name
is written in my heart
Loving you
is a choice I made
you are always worth the pain.
A poem dedicated for you, C :)
G A Lopez May 2020
I can still recall
When I was young a lifetime ago
I cried over my skinned knees
Memories with my peers

Running around without footwear
Having friends that are rare
I was so optimistic and happy
Can I go back from the past? hopefully.
G A Lopez Apr 2020
Everytime he's around,
My heart pounds.
Oh my love,
You make my mind peaceful as the dove.

When I'm with him,
I could nearly scream.
I've fallen from his eyes
He gave me those butterflies

When I'm with him,
My world gleams
From dim.
Miles apart
But still, you have my heart.
Hi A.R.M :) I wanna tell my feelings for you but instead I made a poem 'cause I'm too coward to confess it to you. Thank you for inspiring me.
G A Lopez Jun 2019
sat here all alone
"you're gone"
still hard to hear
when I'm still here,
stuck with what we used to be

tried reaching out,
"I don't love you anymore"
you shouted so loud.
i was your favorite place to go
but you found another home
it's hard to start again when you're still stuck with someone...  Hi everyone!! it's my first time to create poem on this site. hope you liked it :))
G A Lopez Jun 2019
Out of style, out of place
Who would like this unattractive face?
Unable and sometimes called cattle
I failed, they chuckled.

I cried a bucket and I just dodge.
Losing my self-esteem.
I need to recharge
It's difficult being different
But dear, you're magnificent.
G A Lopez Dec 2019
Nicotine and *******
Will only cause you pain
Just say no!
No to drugs
Yes to God
Save your life, your future.
love God and prioritize your health!
G A Lopez Mar 2020
S - top glamorizing drug addiction
A- lcohol isn't the answer to the problem
Y- ouths should have self control
N - arcotics are illicit and dangerous if taken
O - h darling!
T- hink several times before acting out foolishly
O- verusing and misusing affects the body
D- rugs are bad and against the law
R - enew connection with God
U - nfollow negative people
G - o for the good ones
S - ave yourself before it's too late
Ambiguous Frizz Feb 2020
how many days have been

you lived through the cold

with seeping numbness

right through your holes

how many days have been

you lived with a void

hard to see or even hold

oblivious of its existence

but felt right through the bones

how many days have been

you slept under the muddles

you can’t even count or say and tell

the puzzled nights have passed

as you walk liberated

unchained from the hideous hooks

we bring in the fire

you thought you eternally loose

as the fire burn and rage and blaze

you glow and flare and free yourself from haze

keep the fire burning and let it all loose

never let anyone **** its ooze

cause life as we know it

can be cold and dark and filled with gloom

but with your weapon of warmth

you light up every corner

shimmer and smolder frosted nooks starved of life and vigor

until hell freezes over, ever bring in the fire
as the fire returns, & so are you
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