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Traveler Mar 2014
Wildflowers and lilac bushes
I'm sure that you remember
Sleepless nightly, my Aphrodite
Hard yet young and tender

Early morn my queen of ****
The pictures in my mind
Of you in lace, I still can taste
Your body sweet as wine

In demonic dance we did enchant
The chalice of our youth
We consumed the lust of angel’s dust
And dined on honeydew
Traveler Tim
re to 10-17
Traveler Nov 2020
In the landscape of spring
There is nothing superior or nothing inferior
The flowering branches grow naturally some shorts some long

We.seed our fields
With poppies of pleasure
The light of our poetic souls
Includes and transcends
All nature

The first ripe fruit
On the tree of godhead
The harvesters of passion
Rooted in imagination

Never will we cease to expand!
Traveler Tim
Traveler Nov 2015
"I give" says the quitter
As she throws the ball away
A sigh comes from the one who cares
Cuz there's nothing left to say...

On bleeds the ***** dancer
For she seeks the serpent's kiss
To wash away these stains of time
Held clenched within her fist...

A stone tossed in life's battle
Had drawn her innocent blood
Silenced by the alpha's roar
The game of push and shove...

And so comes the blind one
Who shall led her to her fall
Into that pit, it seems so fit
It's the one that no one saw...

Only then does it come so clear
Don't fear those sticks and stones
It's the lies that consume us
When our hearts start to roam...
Traveler Apr 2017
(A collaboration)

Dear Druzzayne
I see you don't remember
The lives we lived before
Oh how I adored you
The Fair Lady that you wore
In France before the Nazis
Toulon in the spring
We tied our souls in Menton
Your name was Chantelle
I do believe...

Dear Traveler
I am deprived of all those memories
and those enchanting sceneries
That you seem to carry
I was born in this birth
With a clean slate
So this life again ,
we have new memories to make
Traveler Tim

The Mysterious
Druzzayne Rika
Traveler Mar 2017
When my rage finally settles
I go searching for somewhere quiet
To calm the madness of my chaotic world
Delusion is such a well-balanced diet

When I dream I dream in color
Dark rainbows fill my velvet sky
When I laugh my tears are crimson
Touched by pain I hold inside

My pagan heart shields deception
From a judgmental godly mind
The craft spins upon the alter
Blessed like water turned to wine

No false hope to claim the throne
In a world that I must own
Just a magic spell to soothe my hell
Oh, how long must I stay ******?
Traveler Tim
HP 11-14
Traveler Oct 2019
Do I know crazy
I know him well
Too much time
In and out of hell

Even the strongest
Can't keep
The sky from falling
My motor's running
My mind keeps stalling

Here I am
If there’s anything you need
My heart is racing
My brokenness is in the lead!
Traveler Tim
Traveler Oct 2017
Conspiracies of the rich
Who can jump that wide of ditch?
These government cover ups
  Inhuman and quite corrupt
Where people are mere pawns
Every ****** black square
They shove us on
The camera eye of shame
Records the destruction
Of the very line of Cain
Yet so many of us still remain?
Traveler Tim
Traveler May 2018
Somewhere out there
Beyond my point of view
The unknown lingers
Bound by golden rules

Just below the horizon
Out of my line of sight
How many times before
I finally get it right

Open up and let us in
Or condemn us to be ******
But please be aware
Whoever's out there
I am doing all I can
Traveler Tim
Traveler Dec 2019
Please be seated
I will be speaking my opinion
Into the record:
It is hereby order
You shall...

1. Get in line
2. Do as you're told
3. Walk strait
4. Follow the rules
6. Don't make waves

The breaking of any of these rules
Will free your mind and your soul too!

Rule 5. Never gets followed anyways!
Traveler Tim

Transcripts of this hearing can be purchased from the transcriber
That’s if you can afford it!
Traveler Dec 2016
It's all that I can know
Telescope, microphone
Camera eye in tow
Atoms traveling
Past the speed of light
And still we're moving
Into a entropy night

A hundred billion Galaxies
Each with a hundred billion stars
First it bends my mind
Then it sinks my heart
Somewhere other than nowhere
They are highly likely
Out there
Let my imagination
Be unimpaired

   There's more than we can know...
Traveler Tim
Traveler Jun 2016
You don't have to believe
In science
Because it's already true
Although the subject of an object
Can certainly be misconstrued
Still you can't escape all that's matter
All around you
Through and through...
Traveler Nov 2017
In the passing
Of innocence
As the operations
Of knowing engaged
A part of her was lost
To that brittle stage...
Through her eyes
I could blindly see
How to set
Her trust at ease
In playgrounds
Of callused fools
To moral rules
I find myself
Easily pleased
'Cause all we have
Is all we need
Traveler Tim
Traveler Feb 2020
It’s as bright as hell
my eyes are squinting
Due-east the sun is rising
The shining snow welcomes
a break from days of overcast
Banshee and I aimlessly walk across
the frozen lake to avoid the traffic of the winding slippery busy roads
Dead critters feathers and fur
cars and trucks slip and swerve
Ice fishers on the horizon
year rounders in summer cottages
Far and few people but hardly alone
So I sit on this ice and write this poem
Traveler Tim
Traveler May 2019
My mother never calls
I, I loved her, most of all!!!!!!
And even at this stage of life
Perhaps a word from her
Could set any simple things right....?

She's my mother whom
I love her with all my heart
And all my might
She knows all my stumbling blocks
She's seen
All the love that I have lost
She know my heart
Has suffer great
Yet her finger points at my mistakes.........
I miss her finger
I know I lived wrong
Yet we need a family!
To help us stay strong
If she won't call me
I hope she lives long!
Traveler Tim
Traveler Apr 9
I know your out there
I can feel your presence!
"Your life force is very special to us"
Your consciousness shines
Brighter than the multitudes!

Your poetry is a conscious flow
You’re resonating
With the music of the spheres
You are firmly connected
There a good reason
That we are all here!

We know you're there
You're not alone
It time to post another poem!
Traveler Tim
Traveler Aug 2017
There are things
That can only be seen
In the reflections
Of mirrors and dreams
A sneak peak deeper
Then the mind can go
Shadows and voices
   Lurking below...
In between spaces
Phantoms dwell
Clawing, scratching
Tearing the veil
Demonic angles
Fleeing their Hells

But fear not my friends
It's only a rhyme
Written to warn you
Against the sublime
Avoid doorways
Shadows and stairs
Leading you down
Into nightmares
But do believe
Already here!

Traveler Tim
Traveler Aug 2018
I'm an ember in the fire
An endless hunger
Of consuming heat

I'm a lover big fat liar
I'm the quicksand
Beneath cold feet

Shinning eyes
Out in the darkness
I'm the panic in
A lost heart beats

I'm the passion in life's battle
I'm the dread in the dreary dream

I'm the one who never settles
I'm the one who's always mean!

Traveler Tim
Actually I'm kind of a nice guy..
Traveler Mar 2020
I suffer from a surprise left
The never ending fight
All I saw was black  tights
I only loose it late at night
I guess I never got back up
From life's patented upper cut
Year's I've spent in somatic  extreme
I surrendered to my unconsciousness
    Now life is but a dream
Or is it a meme?
Traveler Tim
Traveler Oct 2020
The worms and vultures will have at the dead, let’s all hide from our fears!
Leave these politicians to fester and rot
There’s nothing but smelly corpse here

I once was a Bernie bro when he was
Ralph Nader
I am no longer a liberal nut
Nor a right wing hater
American politics
See ya later!
Traveler Tim
Traveler May 2017
Do you know that feeling
When unexpectedly
A friend or family member
Exposes their bigotry?
Well, I can be very out spoken
Bigotry after all is
A cognizant distortion

I recall last summer
In the marketplace
The sun rays
Blessing the day
Children laughing
Parents smiling
My voice welcomes all
Some of the kindest people
I have ever met
Mexican migrant workers
Such a pleasure to appease
Used tables, chairs and dressers
And used shoes on their children's feet
A Muslim man his wife and daughters
All greet me with kind words
The gleam within their shopping eyes
While on guard to be reserved
Native Americans I do respect
Their culture and their lands
For after all upon their blood
Is where America stands

And with this beautiful tapestry
Hanging upon my days
I'll stand against the hatred
America's oldest plague.
I actually have my own mini flea market
I use to follow the circuit
Before my show grew to large
Now I rent parking lot and set up
If I didn't love people, I'd go broke.
Traveler Tim
HP Feb 16
Traveler Dec 2020
The largest mass ****** machine that ever existed!
We make a profit off of death!

This is an atrocity
Traveler Jan 12
It didn’t exist to us
Not until
Some scientist
Went poking around
Into the quantum unknown
For goodness sake’s
Don’t measure it!
Traveler Tim

A very positive negative message
Traveler Feb 2019
( No seriously?)
I have two close black friends
Yet it make me feel proud that
Black men can be my intellectual equals.
Why because they're back?
Is a black face a presumed stigma  
Pry open my third eye
Traveler Tim
Traveler Feb 2019
Here in this corner
Of my private Hell
Far to long
But yet I dwell
In time warps of mind
Crossing through lines
I forget so much
Most of it kind
Suddenly a flash
But just a glimpse
Faint memory
But just a hint...
Traveler Tim

I have amnesia now days
When I read my poems from the day before it always is the first time I’m reading them
Talk about a strange sensation
Traveler Nov 2018
When this madness first set in
It only made sense
To search out a good diagnostician
Trustingly sharing my story
With strangers with degrees
Quickly realizing no clinician  
Could fix what's alien me

I search for someone wise and trained
Instead I found myself slowly drowning
In a system of judgmental rain  
My very heart and soul an open subject
Sharing my uncommon delusions
Over and over explaining
My poetic conclusions

Yet those who have never ever lived a rhyme
Are prone to leave the unexplained behind
Who simply label you from a book
Quickly stop reading and give you that look
A book of broken soul’s
They write ya a prescription and send ya home
Traveler Tim
(Honestly don't remember writing this)
Traveler Jan 2015
What part of my mind
Holds this fragment
Of memory
This perfect moment
In time
As it surface's
In my dream
A six month old
Version of my
Adult daughter
Laughing with
Bright happy eyes

If only I could
Freeze this moment
Of time for eternity
Would that not be heaven?
Traveler May 2016
Thawed from her icy stare
Her subjects gather
To bid repair

We were once golden
Amongst the evergreens
This energy of consciousness
Is an infectious fiend

Beckoning the call
Break free from the one
And beyond forgiveness
For all we have done

She sweeps across the open sea
To seal the final bet
But you better believe
There's still gold
   Amongst the evergreens yet...
Traveler Feb 2014
Captured in a state of dread
There's no escaping The Walking Dead
Or Breaking Bad's **** perfection
A camera eye of moral deception

Our heroes are murdered yet still we watch
The vampires humanity was simply shut off
Prime time committed to bloodshed and crime
Nameless victims by screenplay design

Mad Men, House Of Lies, Shameless in fact
Gone are the shows with morals intact
Truth is, it's quite intriguing
Which in fact is the key
That allows the networks
To spread this disease...
Traveler Tim
re-to 02-17
Traveler Aug 2018
High in the forest trees
Summer spirits
   Ride the breeze...
Timeless souls
Beneath they gather
Summer hearts
   Waxing fatter...
Summer romance
Nature's desire
All of her children
   Drawn to the fire...
Something else
Is about to bloom
   An Autumn Moon...
Traveler Tim
Traveler Jan 2016
It's clear to me now
Everything beautiful
Belongs to you
Mine are but hazel eyes
Longing to be blue

It's like trying to breathe
Under the sea
Lucky for me
Even mermaids
Have needs

And so I hold
My subjective breath
And take my place
As second best...
Traveler Tim
re to 10-17
Traveler Jan 2016
So many losses
In our world
So many things
To lose
And so we hold
On tight for now
While time
Beats us
Black and blue...
Traveler Tim
re to 10-17
Traveler Feb 2019
I've been lying
I'm not really him....
I never go anywhere
But then again...(-;

Traveling takes courage
And this road is a crazy maze
No one ever just simply
Stops and just forever stays

But if you ever need
Or if in longing want
My love is alive
As an everglades swamp

Snakes, alligators
Catfish stew
I will love you
If that's cool!

Sorry I lied
The Traveler is real
But in the Everglades
Our truths get sealed
Traveler Tim

I did not write this
The sight re wrote many of these words?????
Traveler Mar 2014
Below the bridge the river runs
It seems tomorrow never comes
But when it does how can it last
The awaited day shall come and pass...

Above the forest the watch-tower waits
For the fires of passion to lose their place
But mine is the hope of Angelic Prayer
That our tree of passion kindly be spared..
Traveler Tim
Traveler Dec 2020
I’m not gonna
Wait for you
I know you been seeing someone new
  I’ll pack my traveling bag
Go for a ride
I’m not gonna let it get me this time

Just let you fade away
All the words you say
Turn the music up go for a ride
I’m not gonna let it get me this time

I don’t wanna be
Somebody’s fool
I’m not gonna beat up your new tool
I’m not gonna get drunk in spite of myself
I’m going to simply move on
To someone else.

And so that’s how a traveler does it
Traveler Jul 2013
Angry gods unworshipped and unknown
High up in heaven forgotten and alone
Resurrected in text, decreed as foes
**** the rituals that fed on our souls

Good deeds go undone under the sun
My prayers unspoken weigh a ton
Their hearts filled with vile disgust
Decomposed corpses, boils and pus

These unplanted seeds wither and rot
Pestilence and famine never stop
Songs once written of former glories
Greek in origin their ancient stories

Bored and restless in their continuum
Unprepared to give the bare minimum
Human-like attributes, they deviate from norm
Made in our image, distorted in our form...
Traveler Tim
Re To 04-17
Traveler Nov 2020
Anger is a scary thing
Imagine being angry for year
Never knowing it was caused
from being insecure.

You were
easily enraged
Your daddy was drunk
Your mommy was late
an unfulfilled childhood
was your adolescence fate

Now that part of you
is still raw
And now you’re angry at us all!

But I still love you!
I wish I could’ve raised you with mine!
Traveler Tim

My two sons are very happy as adults!
Traveler May 2017
As the animal nature
Pulls me to your door
A hunger driven
By the sense
Of getting more
I knock a little louder
Let me in!
You know
I like to stop by
Every now and then
Tell him it's your papa
Send him out the back
Tell 'em you need cigarettes
To go get a couple packs
We can go somewhere else
If oh dummy just won't leave
Tell 'em your sister is waiting
Over at your brother Steve's
Cause you know my love
Animals have to feed
Inspired by the Animal Nature in me.
Traveler Tim
Traveler Apr 24
Within the embrace of love and grace
When breath and heart do merge
The genetic codes of God engage
A disenchanted spirit is purge

Heaven awaits your awaking
From this slumbering dream of chance
Life has so much more to offer
So when you hear the music play
Please... take some time to dance!

And so…
I composed your invitation
Within a rhyme of poetry
You're already halfway there
If you’re healthy and you’re free!
Traveler Aug 2020
Invisibility is a matter of fact
Nonexistent substance lack
Objective when it stops you dead
Subjectively in your head

Invisible particles of matter
Nonexistent fables that flatter
Object as it breaches your being
Subjectivity can never be seen

Do you object to such a subject?
Traveler Tim
Traveler Sep 2016
Faith is blind
To the fear of lines
That led our conscience here
Many will but I won't
Pretend the path is clear

Many of us know
Yet we'll never say
How long have our tongues
Been tied this way

To keep us safe
Faith takes up
The empty space
Where dreams exceed
The absolutes
Subjectively tied
   To an objective truth...
Traveler Tim
re to 03-18
Traveler May 2018
It's already known
Enlightenment comes
When we're out getting ******

Yet for some reason
We insist on freewill
Rolling our own bones
Chasing those thrills

Eternally expanding
Entropy bound
Forever ordering
Another round!!!
Traveler Tim
Traveler Mar 2017
I will always feel your presence
Through these quantum
Ethereal waves
These strings they bind
Through our time lines
Beyond the conscious states

Countless questions
Reasoning why
Staggeringly suspect
Those subtle lies

It seems quite complicated
Yet it's as simplistic as can be
Along came a wind of change
And blew two spirits free
Traveler Tim
Hay folks thanks for stopping by
Come on over and visit our side of Hello Poetry!
See ya there!
Traveler Nov 2020
Lighten up
Unfold your dresser
And celebrate
Clothes on the floor
Half open drawers
I dare you to give
Your clothes to the poor

Open your fridge
What’s in the back
That green hairy thing
Growing out of that bag
Let’s leave it there and celebrate
Break out that ice cream and cake

Get some colour outside the lines
Break the patterns that confine
Say something no one else has
With uneven versus
Cut the chorus in half

True creativity awaits outside the rules
Of aestheticism
Pardon me my thoughts always seem to turn into rhymes.

Traveler Tim

PSS Aestheticism a real thing!
Traveler Mar 2017
Don't let

Get in
The way


Traveler Tim
Note to self
(Inspired by PJ)
Traveler Jan 2019
I never met my (real) father
I wonder who he was
I never got to see
his face
Or ever shared
his love

Perhaps he was a Traveler
From a Royal Traveling line
Or just some old time poet
Forever lost in rhymes

The unspoken truths
Safely hid in lies
Strangely for some reason
I'm prone to speak in rhymes

Computer stuck!!
Traveler Tim
Traveler Nov 2020
Moving faster
Than perpetual motion
My awareness  jetlagged  
By cosmic gamma waves
Impure tainted toxic
A spirrowling array
Of wayward souls
Vibrating really low

My witness
A sporadic blackhole
Blinking in and out of existence
My spirit a fragmented broken sky
A partial day and a long night

For tonight
I'll drink a beer
And live the lie
That this dream of life
Shall never die

+ t +
Traveler Tim
Traveler Jan 2015
When the waves
Crash over the shore
I won't be there anymore
When the sun
Falls out of the sky
I'm gonna learn to fly

Upon the silver lining
Of a wandering cloud
I'm gonna write real loud
Across the midnight sky
It's time for me to fly

When the air and ground
Turn freezing cold
And you're worried
About your nose

I won't be there
To bring the blue skies back
I won't be there anymore...
Traveler Mar 2015
Somewhere deep within
The chambers of forgotten love
She still lingers
Periodically subconsciously
She breaks free
She visits me in peaceful slumber
Unannounced and antiquated
To any short term
Thought or event of my daily resolve
She is a reminder of bad choices
Of a naive hungry heart...
Although no longer do I bleed
My mind opens wider realizing
She shall always be a part
Of who I am
Traveler Apr 2017
Dreadful experiences
The weary heart holds
Traumatic memories
Cling to the soul
Holding them in
Who can let go?

I come not
Seeking empathy
My pain has
No room for grief

This constant
Emotional turmoil
Bleeding me
Flooding my thoughts
Disturbing my dreams
Leave me be plural
In this singular scheme

Traveler Tim
Traveler Mar 2020
I'm not afraid
That's not why
I'm shaking
I just got off a hard night
of dreaming
I was running....Ya
...I'm unable to recall
Being chased perhaps
Down familiar halls
I can still feel your apathy
For all things life had done to me
My weapons stumble and stall
As hard as I try I can't **** at all
Lucky for you!
Traveler Tim
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