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IZ J Mar 2019
Clink Clink
A fork, a knife
A cork, it bounces
Soft velvet cloth

Sip Sip
A glass, a bottle
A napkin, it unfolds
Black leather heels

Vroom Vroom
A wheel, an engine
A key, it turns
Brown comfy seats

Flap Flap
A rod, a curtain
A moon, it shines
Person fast asleep

Scribble Scribble
A pen, a chair
A drawer, it opens
White lined paper

Our society is screaming
And you-you can’t *** here



social norms and how you could actually do anything at anytime but we don't
A Flowered Tux Apr 2018
If I were to die today,
I know what people will say
"She was this," and "She was that,"
But, I hope they're as cold as ice
because I was nothing but nice
to those who i felt derserved
to be in my mind forever preserved

but to get that high is quite hard
for the doors and windows are barred
and i'm curious to see as to who
you will see crying in a church pew
those that shed tears you'll know are lying
and the ones who are real will sit there defying
what they know there supposed to do
simply because i asked them to

-the not so dead girl
Why must you lie by crying?
Lilly O Oct 2017
I am a woman
Who once was young
Before my phone wrung
Before my long days begun
I woke up with a smile
That lasted a while
My cheeks would sting
I was not worrying about any ring
The only thing was
Half the time it was only me.
This is an older poem I wrote. I hope you enjoy.
Lindsey Grace Jul 2016
I'll buy expensive things
sensual things
for him
I will bite my lip
and hold my tongue
I  will paint my nails
I will cry when my thighs touch
and eat skip meals so
i can


for him
untag myself in ugly
memorable photos
and ya know what is really ******
I don't even know who he is yet.

— The End —