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Traveler Oct 2020
The worms and vultures will have at the dead, let’s all hide from our fears!
Leave these politicians to fester and rot
There’s nothing but smelly corpse here

I once was a Bernie bro when he was
Ralph Nader
I am no longer a liberal nut
Nor a right wing hater
American politics
See ya later!
Traveler Tim
Isaac Spencer Mar 2020
Now, I've been broke since before money existed-
If I ever made it big I'd probably resist it,
And I'm still ****** that I'm just another misfit,
Taking shot after shot even if I'll miss it,

Yeah, I've been high and I've seen the tar pits,
Been so **** ****** up nobody coulda' assisted,
And I got back up so I guess the gist is-
Taking too many shots is my kind of base hit,

And I've been dead since before Death enlisted,
Never get a 1-up cause the church is twisted,
If I had one wish, I'd add billionaires to my hit list,
Taking shots at the top till they sop and eat ****.
Robert Ippaso Feb 2020
“Comrade Bernie's in full swing
Arms flailing, fingers pointing,
Like a possessed puppet on a string
To his legions never disappointing.”

“We're a movement young and strong
Forward thinking, kind to all,
They call us mad but that's so wrong
Such a thought takes quite some gall”.

“We in turn look on bemused
The Stars and Stripes turning to the Sickle,
To put it mildly we're confused
Democrats floundering in a pickle.”

“Little do they understand
Momentum's on our side;
From our crusade we'll never bend
We march united like the tide.”

“Yet Trump's laughing with great glee
Re-election firmly in his sight,
Bernie's pitch a hollow plea
Republicans itching for the fight.”

“They may mock us, underrate
Wait and see, watch and learn;
Our revolution simply fate,
Love the man, feel the Bern.

Who is wrong and who is right
In this battle for our hearts,
One thing’s sure it will be tight
Once we get through all the barbs.
Stephen James Aug 2019
sees a mansion
and exclaims "No one should have that!"
then upon hearing this
a 10 year old girl
with dreams
and aspirations
no longer has a reason
to work hard
and use her imagination
Bernie 2020
the duration of the gig will last
for three exceptional years
by the end of it aficionados would
have shed some tears

let us all recall
the two tunes listed below
which were heard in
many a marvellous show

Daniel is traveling tonight on a plane
I can see the red tail lights heading for Spain

Don't go breaking my heart
I couldn't if I tried
Oh honey if I get restless
baby you're not that kind

our glittering Sir Elton John
bopping on the piano
the catalogue of his hits
a lyrical nano

collaborating with Sir Bernie Taupin
together a dynamic partnership
who knew how a song would
stay in the mind's companionship

departing from entertaining
on the world's musical stage
leaving a remarkable footnote
of rock and roll homage
Acknowledgements to Sir Elton John and Sir Bernie Taupin.
John Reilly Mar 2016
How did we get here
24 hour news cycle
Veal force fed fear
Reality television
Without any content
Morality supposition
Flaming discontent
Ignored civic duty
We really don't care
Reward the unruly
We like what we hear
Some because
we're better than that
Others because
they want to take back
What never belonged
To only the few
It's not media bias
That you can undo
You've tended a tree
Of hatred and fear
Don't be surprised
By the fruit that it bears
It's become inconvenient
Even you can see that
Calling fact fiction
And fiction fact
It's a grand old party
But parties don't last
Your house is on fire
And you lit the match
Aaron LaLux Jul 2016
Hey America I love you but,
I don’t think we should elect a president right now.
We really just need some time to be free,
and to find ourselves.

Yours Truly,

Aaron LA Lux

Aaron LaLux Jul 2016
America’s Son

Dear America,
what have you become,
so busy worried about where you’re going,
that you’ve forgotten where you’re from,

I am your begotten son,

and I love you,

I love you,
more than these wonderful words can say,
I love you but I don’t know what to do,
because I fear that you’ve gone astray,

like an abusive drunken Trump father,
or a used up distracted Hilary mother,

you seem so drunkenly enraged by greed,
engaged in a lustful want that you falsely believe is a need,

Oh say can you see,
by the dawn’s early light,
we bomb people we’ve never even seen before,
something must be wrong because nothing feels right,

why am I scared of you,

maybe it’s your violent tendencies,
maybe it’s your egotistical ways,
maybe it’s how you’ve created all these enemies,
and now these enemies won’t just leave us alone and go away,

Oh say,
can you see,
by the dawn’s early light,
you are my parents and I look up to you,
I love to see the Statue of Liberty’s guiding light,

but honestly,
at this point I don’t know what to do,
I am your son,
and even after all you’ve put me through I still love you,

but I am absolutely terrified at what you’ve become,
what we’ve all become,
and even when I run far away to try and escape,
I realize we are family so no matter how far I run,

I am still an American,
because I am America’s Son,

back home,
back to the times of apple pies peace and butterflies,
the drones,
and satellites appeared ominously like shooting stars in the summer skies,

let’s talk about life over home cooked pie,

like why have we had to capitalize off destruction,
why do we still have war what is it’s real function,
why destroy when we can construct a constant connection,
a solid foundation with good intentions and clear instructions,

so we can finally heal and move forward as a family that properly functions,

be a good husband,
be a good wife,
be a good person,
have a good life,

it’s not that complicated,
see all us children would forgive all your mistakes,
if only you’d just admit that you made them,

he served two tours in Iraq gave his all and lost his life,
and all he got in return is the grave you gave him,

God please save him,

he was a good kid,
even though he killed,
he did it because his Uncle Sam told him to,
please don’t place him beneath us in Hell,

Uncle Sam didn’t know any better either,
and it seems his parents had raised him quite well,
but Uncle Sam’s not his brother’s keeper,
I am and I know my brothers well,
and when any of us lose any of our lives,
we only pray we leave with a story to tell,

because maybe we believe,
that when we leave this life we lead,
at least we leave the world a little bit better,
from sea to shining sea,

at least,
a little bit,

what more do you want me to say,
I love you I am your son,
but I’m scared and that feeling won’t go away,

Oh say,
can you see,
by the dawn’s early light,
I write by the light of the bright stars,
and through these words I’ve earned my stripes,

and honestly America,
as much as I distrust and despise you I still put no one above you,
even though I’m ashamed of you for invading our privacy like an enema,
I don’t even trust you anymore and I used to only trust you,
you’re like a blemish on otherwise perfect skin like eczema,
I’m embarrassed of the ways in which you’ve behaved and all you’ve put us through,

but I am still your begotten son,

and I still love you…

Oh say can you see,
by the dawn’s early light…

∆ Aaron La Lux ∆

author of The Poetry Trilogy
author of The H Trilogy
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