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Desire Mar 2019
I have learned to forgive, but how can I forget?
The memories are there, stabbing me like a bayonet.
I heard them say, "we were called not to live in any fear."
But so many fear to live the life they're called to - this is weird.
So much for being different. So much for being you.
Good luck following the trend & doing what they tell you to.
But I'm not gonna bash or talk trash or even laugh.
I'll be the first to admit, I've chased acceptance in my past,
but conviction made me sleepless. Something shook my spirit.
So I walked out of my comfort zone; a misfit on a mission...
[Messiah's Misfits]
1 Corinthians 4
1 Corinthians 4
1 Corinthians 4
E A Spain Mar 2018
Some love is lost and some love gets found
Some won’t even bother to look up when love comes around
Sometimes we are here
Sometimes you’re over there
Regardless my love will follow you any and everywhere
Love is faithful
Love is kind
What they failed to mention is that love is blind
Love won’t choose to go this way or that
It will only be all that it is and that is a fact
Love is as new and yet familiar as the rising sun
But even it will set when love is all said and done
Right when you least expect it, it will come to shine again
Just to remind you that there is truly no end
The Calm Mar 2017
This is how we cope, with a world that isn’t always so dope
Hope, is how we deal with those nights we can’t sleep
Hope is what makes the tears dry up, what brings us back after we weep
Hope is the key ingredient, sometimes expedient, but never deviant
Hope is the trumpet loud, hope is the roaring crowd
Hope is the crashing waves, hope is the cry of the slave
Hope is the wind in the sails, hope is not giving up when it fails
Hope is the mountain high, hope is the sun shining in the sky
Hope in the drought is the rain, hope is to walk through the pain
Hope is to stand in the fire, hope is to trust in something higher
Hope is the winds of change, hope is the beautiful exchange
Hope is the product of love, hope is after the flood , a dove
Hope…..because tomorrow is always brighter than today
Faith, HOPE, love
Austin Bauer Apr 2016
When your thoughts
Break the law
Of your heart,
Chase them down.
Then, with a
Pummeling blow
Knock those thoughts
To the ground.
Handcuff them,
And lock them
Behind bars.
They do not
Deserve a
Trial so
You are free
To punish
Those rebellious
Thoughts and teach
Them to obey.
Yes, make a
Spectacle of
Those thoughts so
Other rebellious
Thoughts learn to
Obey the law
Of the land.
This is one of the ways I am learning to create alongside of the creative God.  I take a verse and adapt it to poetry.  I have found it is a great way to meditate on scripture.
brandon nagley Mar 2016

Thitherward to Corinth,
Thus wherein mine
Grandfather's dad
Was from. To seeith
The bards of old,
Legends of agora
Soul, mingling
With the
Sea. O' the natural spring's
Of healing properties, a place
Of new testament biblical fact
And history. How I wouldst hath
Adored to seeith the apostle Paul,
First known as Saul of tarsus; eye's
Once sealed, then opened; By the son
Of God. Fain were the Grecians, in
Yesteryear's thought. The turquoise foam
Betwixt their homes, the beauty was told
And taught. Hither the Mediterranean center
I want to be, scribbling-scrawling, prophetically.
Breathing in the aura, mine ancestors once did.
Spirit-floating the isle's, of pious hymn's for mankind's sin.
Rendering the prognostication's, told in God's own word's,
Rouse a sleeping nation, that once resounded the laureates shores.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poets poetry
©Prophetic poetry
Agora- Greek marketplaces and gathering place..
Thitherward- means thither... Or to , or toward that place.
Bard- one who recites poems like Shakespeare.
Fain- pleased- happy...
Yesteryear-( noun literary,) last year or the recent past, especially as nostalgically recalled.
Foam- relating to sea.. Called foam as well.
Betwixt- between.... ( love this word hahahahhaha)
Hither- to or toward ( this place,)
Pious- deeply religious.
Render- rendering. There are many meanings. This meaning is - (represent or depict artistically).....
prognostications- prophecies...
Rouse- awake....
Resound- echoes. Echoed...
Laureate- a person who is honored with an award for outstanding creative or intellectual achievement..( such as a poet or artist.)
A poet laureate is - a poet appointed to, or regarded unofficially as holding, an honorary representative position in a particular country, region, or group...
Ayelle Garcia Jul 2014
Love doesn’t question, it affirms.
Love doesn’t judge, it accepts.
Love doesn’t break, it firms.
Love doesn’t feel, it acts.
Love doesn’t count, it treasures.
Love doesn’t go one time, it stands forever.
Love doesn’t sugarcoat, it gives more than the world’s pleasures.
Love doesn’t hurt, it cures more than fever.
Love doesn’t smother, it comforts the broken.
Love doesn’t go short-tempered, it calms storms.
Love doesn’t pick, it gives all the chance to be in heaven.
Love doesn’t stop, it restores even homes.
Love doesn’t ignore, it answers the right verse.
Love doesn’t lose your way, it leads you not to drift.
Most of all, love doesn’t curse, it offers itself as a gift.
Thanks to the Lord, I was made to see love in another perspective.

— The End —