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3.3k · Mar 2016
Sierra Brown Mar 2016
Lingering scent,
Cold heart.
Longing for your warm love.
Tell me you need me;
Need me by your side.
I can't live without you;
Don't want to live without you in my life.
3.0k · Jun 2014
Lion King
Sierra Brown Jun 2014
So Intelligent,
So charming.
       Tell me how you've turned out to be so perfect.
Did your mother raise you right?
       Or did you just grow into the amazing person you are.
I remember the first kiss we shared,
you left me wanting more,
begging for more.

To this day your lips are burned into my memory.
I long for your lips again my Lion King.

Oh sweetie, you're growing older and wiser by the days,
       I'm so proud of you.
I miss you, and to be honest, I need you.
I need your voice, I need your warm, caring hugs.
         Kiss me again Lion King,
One last time.
for you. lion king. <3
2.5k · Mar 2016
Sierra Brown Mar 2016
Too many barbaric people;
Not enough hippies.
2.2k · Sep 2015
Sierra Brown Sep 2015
Blue eyes; clear skies.
You're the only thing on my mind

Sunny morning, warm coffee, and your free spirit.
Not yet tainted by the outside world.
Don't go out there baby,
they'll only judge you for who you are.
Don't go outside sweetie,
they'll only tell you to change all that you are.
Stay here with me love,
I'll never try to change you
or rearrange you.
You're perfected down from your toes,
all the way to your nose.

You've permanently struck me.
I'm forever in this trance we call love,
and I never want to come back to "reality"
<3 for you
2.1k · Jun 2014
Fantasy World.
Sierra Brown Jun 2014
Your hands, trace my entire body.
Like a fragile sculpture,  
You try not to leave a trace
of proof that you've been here.

Your warm lips, taste like heaven
and feel like perfection.
So hard to even describe it's tenderness
The gentle kisses leave me breathless,
leaves me motionless.

Your eyes, sparkle and stare into mine with admiration
telling me how perfect everything is on me,
giving me assurance that i'm alright,
i'm more than alright.

Your tight grasp,
showing me you could crush me in an instant,
but choose not to because you love me.

In my deepest fantasy's you would hold me tight
you would kiss me like our first time, every time
And in this fantasy, you would respect me.
Oh, only in my fantasy world.
{a perfect world}
2.1k · Feb 2014
fat fat fat
Sierra Brown Feb 2014
My hands are shaking;
I Can't seem to catch my breath.
Something inside me tells me this is okay;
That this is necessary for me.

She must hate me if she thinks this is okay,
Something so cruel, telling me "don't eat, you'll get fatter, no one will like you"

Food is my nightmare, food is my saviour.
I can't help but to deny myself from it though.
I might need help, but who will save me from myself?

This may sound cliche, but feeling fat is what I despise, I constantly am blaming myself for the feeling of "fat"

But, what is fat compared to health ?
1.9k · Mar 2016
Sierra Brown Mar 2016
I could think of so many ways and things to say
and describe your love
It's timeless for one.
every time i see you, it feels like the first time.
Your touch is magnetic, electric, intoxicating.
I'm addicted to your love, and i will NEVER get enough.
You're masculine and boyish;
the perfect contradiction.
I love you; all of you.
Every flaw is flawless.
My perfect baby,
You're timeless.
it's pretty insane to see how far we've come and I couldn't want anymore more than I do you .  All the time.
1.6k · Apr 2015
not today.
Sierra Brown Apr 2015
i just cant today.
I'm not feeling anything,
from getting dressed
to taking a shower,
to getting in my car and going to work.
I just don't want to get out of bed,
i'd prefer to stay to myself and thoughts today.
Why can't depression be a good reason to not go to work?
I don't want to force a smile today,
I don't have the energy.
I tried to smoke some **** to clear my mind,
but that honestly made me think more in depth,
which didn't help.
Maybe alcohol will help?
(i can't go to work drunk though)
ugh, i just need your love, i need your attention,
i need a big ******* hug.
this isn't something that i've written and edited, or something that i jotted down in my notepad when i had the chance.
this is me, waking up, trying to get out of bed to finish the day.
1.6k · Mar 2016
drunken thoughts.
Sierra Brown Mar 2016
I'm a little too drunk and I really miss your **** perfect smile.
Your delicious smell, is oh so divine.
You melt my heart, make it flutter being 1000 miles away.
You're indescribable and ******* irresistible.
I need your touch, your voice, your everything, I need it.
I need you here to hold me and play with my creativity,
and love me, and kiss me.
I want you to smother me.
I want you every day, every way, anyway i can have you,
i'll take you.
Sierra Brown Mar 2016
Scenery change is a must,
a change in pace,
a change in almost everything;
but you.
You're timeless,
You're the only thing I want to stay constant.
1.3k · Oct 2015
Dig a bit deeper.
Sierra Brown Oct 2015
Dig deeper, you'll need to dig a little deeper,
a little longer and harder to reach this heart.

You'll need to be strong and have great stamina
to reach what you're looking for.

But keep digging, it'll be worth it in the end.
I just have a hard exterior baby, please don't give up.

Once you've reached that cold heart of mine,
you'll need to stay to warm it up.
It's been lonely and cold for far too long.
Once you get this cold heart of mine warmed up;
It'll return every ounce of love and time you've put into it.

I'll return all the love you've ever given me and more.
You just gotta start digging.
1.2k · Sep 2015
Fifty Shades of Fucked Up.
Sierra Brown Sep 2015
The glow from the moon, off of the ocean is exotic.
This beautiful scenery is relieving.
Crashing waves, and sandy toes,
the ocean breeze, beer flavored kisses.
Take me now, Take me somewhere secluded.
I'm turned the **** on and you're so ****.
The moon shines brightly off of your blue eyes,
and blonde hair.
kiss me hard, make me beg for all of you.

Put me up for your use.
Take complete control over my body,
my mind and my soul. Make me squirm.
Choke me, and bruise me.
I want you to be dominate and I submissive.
**** me hard.
I've been reading too many of those books guys.
1.2k · Jul 2014
Misery at its finest.
Sierra Brown Jul 2014
I've lost all hope.
I've lost all faith.

I've lost it.

I've lost my health.
I've lost my mind.
I've lost everything that's ever meant something to me,
nothing is coming back to me either.
I've failed.
I don't know, Free write.
1.1k · Mar 2016
I'm Selfish and You're Mine.
Sierra Brown Mar 2016
Sweat drips from your forehead;
Adrenaline rushes through your body.
Send me to hell,
that's where I belong;
With all the explicit versions I've made up of you.
You lose the air in your lungs from my hand around your throat.
You don't mind though;
That's what I love about you.
I can take your breath away with either my hand, or my presence.
& when it comes to you,
I never want to be without.
I'm selfish, but you're mine.
If anyone is going to make you lose your breath,
it's going to be me.
***** thoughts.
919 · Oct 2015
Vivid Writing
Sierra Brown Oct 2015
Words written so vividly,
you can see them come alive before your eyes.
You write as if your lungs depend only on literature to breath;
As if your heart pumped stories instead of blood to live.
As if you needed to write to stay alive,
you've become addicted to picking up the pen.
Writing unconsciously about all your ***** secrets;
your thoughts, and daily activities go onto paper.
A beautiful soul;
A chaotic mind.
You'll never get any rest with a poetic mind.
This started on a piece of napkin paper,
I hope ya'll enjoy it.
879 · Feb 2014
twinkle twinkle little star
Sierra Brown Feb 2014
Looking up at the stars
reminds me of a time.
A time where we'd lay in the wet grass;
not caring about what or when or who or how.
it's nice to forget about everything in our world
except what's beyond what our eyes can view;
We lie there without anything to distract us
from the beautiful lights that twinkle in the sky.
Those little lights are now symbolic,
not only because they're beautiful;
but because that's the last happy memory I have with you.
825 · Apr 2015
Ignite me.
Sierra Brown Apr 2015
Having a mind like mine means you are constantly looking for the next thing even before you finish whats already started.
                I'm always wondering whats next.
         Mentally never slowing down,
                                Physically never stopping to smell the roses.
I'm not complaining, I like myself for the most part.
I love my impulsive decisions and choices.
I adore the random **** that pops in my mind, and when people ask
"where'd that come from?"
I love responding with "I'm not too sure"
Because who really knows where the thoughts we get come from, or how we get those random thoughts.
I like surprising people too, unknowingly shocking them with unique thoughts and knowledge that they never seen coming.

You know what else?
Most days uncertainty scares the **** out of me,
but other days
it ignites something in me.

792 · Mar 2016
Sierra Brown Mar 2016
Padlock it,
keep it to yourself, Don't you dare tell a soul.
The second it leaves your lips, people will be envious, spiteful
and jealous.
So keep it to yourself baby girl.
Don't tell a living soul.
Some things better left unsaid.
788 · Mar 2016
Victory Lap
Sierra Brown Mar 2016
Something about you
It's something the eyes cant see;
our hands cannot feel.
Nothing you can put into a jar and save for later.
I'm talking about that feeling you give me when I see those eyes light up at the sight of me.
Just the pure thought of me making you smile;
electric waves run down my veins.
I'm so in love with the way you love me, and help me.
You've got me wound so tightly in your grasp
I've lost all memory of the word "breathe"
I can only "breathe" when I'm with you,
locked into your admiring eyes.
Slowly suffocating when you're gone too long.

There's something about you
that makes it so **** hard to leave you be.

Something in the way you say my name, and the way the S rolls of your tongue when you call me sweet seabird.
The list could wrap around the world twice and still take a victory lap.
bunch of nonsense if you ask me
705 · Jun 2014
i hate me too.
Sierra Brown Jun 2014
I wouldn't blame you for being so rude to me
I hate me too
I'm as dull as the pencil I write with.

as if i was never alive.  I stare blankly into everything,
Don't you dare ask why;
I can not answer that question.

I used to laugh like a lunatic,
smile at everyone I see.
I used to be happy I guess,
when i was younger at heart.

I wouldn't say i'm completely lost in the dark,
i'll just say I have no map to happiness,
and I've lost my  only compass.

It's funny, i'm happy when I'm slaving away at minimum wage,
with a fake smile, that turns real.
A real smile that only my coworkers, and guest can see.
They see something I can never find at home,
my happiness.

Why can't I let go of old things?
something is holding me back from doing what will make me happy.
is it me?
of course, its me.
510 · Jul 2014
The Rundown
Sierra Brown Jul 2014
The ups
The D
The  median, all the ******* same.
I can't seem to grasp the Ups as actual ups,
nothing completes me or makes me whole.
Why is everything so dull to me?

Days turn into weeks
weeks into months
time really fly's when you're depressed.


Pardon me for laughing,
I've learned its the only thing that can keep me from going insane.
So, make me laugh. Please, keep me sane.
For I am longing for the happiness,
in you, in us, in love.

Today is grey, yesterday the same.
it has been for months it seems.
Come open the blinds, brighten my dark life please.
I need some inspiration to keep going,
Keep me from doing what my mind tells me to do every night i'm alone.
I'm prepared to waste away, leave everything i've known,
& I believe i'd be better off away from anyone anyway.
I hurt everyone who cares about me,
i'm never doing the right thing it seems.
I don't want to live in darkness,
it seems to follow my every move though.

I need you to be my sunshine.
Please, just brighten my day, someone.
Feeling completely alone in this world. \ i'm losing my mind.
Sierra Brown Apr 2015
All I can smell is rain
All I can see is the sun creeping through the dark clouds
My favorite place to be is my car, the rain hits the sunroof, rolls down the windshield,
It gives me this soothing bliss that only rain can give you.
That sense of reality, you feel connected with mother nature.

I'm sitting in my car, Engine off, music off, thoughts are turned off as well.
Who needs anything when you have the sound of rain to ease your mind?
Thinking more and more about it,
your soul reminds me of a rainy day.
So calming, so peaceful;
Dark and grey, yet so beautifully lit up.
You are my rainy days, and I can dig it.
Sierra Brown Feb 2014
The sun shines down on me;
I love the warm rays that shine upon my face.
The sun is my best friend;
she's always there for me on my worst days;
and like a human; she needs her space too.
She'll take a day or two to herself to hide behind the clouds.
Even the sun needs a break to regain her energy for the days to come.
Waking up at 7:30 a.m. isn't a problem for me,
I know that she'll be up with me,
shining a bright orange color; Brighter than all the stars combined.
She's so flawless, kissing the sky every morning.
She knows she looks beautiful rising over the horizon,
Something so natural, and simple, something so superior to all other lights.
Something tells me she'll never leave me alone
like everyone else has.
483 · Jun 2014
Stained Tea Cups.
Sierra Brown Jun 2014
Tea stained tea cups are what fills my cabinets,
as well as my heart.

All of my best memories are with those stained cups
Sitting with the warm sun to my face,
fresh crisp summer air runs through my lungs.

Its another ******* day, and all I want is some hot tea.

It's sad to say that's the best part of my day.
I want something else to make my day,
Something a little bit more complex

I'm not fully dead inside, Because my tea fills me up.
The warmth lifts my mood off from the floor.
The taste is bittersweet; suchlike myself.

some days, I think my tea is the only thing
that can't upset me or let me
452 · Nov 2015
Sierra Brown Nov 2015
TRY to think back to when we were strangers..
I can't picture us as friends anymore.  I can only see our kids running around the house with loose ***** blonde curls and their cute little snotty noses shaped like yours.
I can only see us holding hands, taking a walk, singing together under the moonlight.
I can see your guitar in your hands, and my hand on your thigh.
I see nothing but peace and happiness for us.
I don't like to rhyme. <3
414 · Feb 2014
Sierra Brown Feb 2014
Sleepless nights leave me feeling anxious, restless.
Is there a deeper meaning to my insomnia?
To lay here and think of my mistakes
gives me reason to believe I'm a disappointment
letting down my mother, my father, my family.
But when I switch my thoughts to the positive side;
it gives me reason to keep a smile on my face;
knowing I've only just begun my life.
Tell me i'm not crazy,
tell me my thoughts aren't considered psychotic.
Tell me this is normal; tell me to think this way is natural,
Back in forth in my own **** mind,
battling my negative thoughts with positive thoughts.
Guess it's just another sleepless night.
414 · Sep 2015
One Day
Sierra Brown Sep 2015
One day we'll look back on all of this and feel at ease.
Because we lived through the *******, and difficult times.

One day we'll remember the times where we would sit and
cry over stupid boys.
But we'll laugh because we didn't need them after all.

One day i'll remember the times i stressed over money
only to find out i can make it another day without a dollar.

One day i'll look back and feel at ease
because look how far we ******* made it.
402 · Oct 2015
We'll tell them.
Sierra Brown Oct 2015
Oh, tell me about how the sun gets closer to the earth
when you look into my eyes.
I'll tell them about the sparks that run through my veins
when our hands touch and intertwine.
We'll tell them of the times
when we were unsure of everything in our lives;
except each other.
you'll know when you feel you have to write about holding his hand.
376 · Feb 2014
Breathe in; Breathe out.
Sierra Brown Feb 2014
Breathe in;
Breathe out.
The toxin air fills my lungs
sharper than razor blades against my legs.
I don't care much anymore.
seeing everyone so **** happy;
makes me ******* sick.
I want to run away from it all,
from all the smiles I see around me.
But I have nowhere to hide;
nowhere to feel safe;
no one to hold me.
Breathe in;
Breathe out.
Nicotine fills my lungs,
I think I like the fact that it's killing me
I find pleasure in knowing i'll die any day from the one thing that needs me more than I need it.
.. not sure about this one.
355 · Feb 2014
the rain falls
Sierra Brown Feb 2014
The rain falls;
Simultaneouly with my tears.

It's like they're one,
I am one with mother nature

She is me, as I am her.
It's peaceful knowing when I stop;
So will she.
350 · Feb 2014
Sierra Brown Feb 2014
My throat is sore;
Telling me I've smoked too many today.
        My cough is strong;
Telling me I need to quit before it's too late.
        My mouth is dry;
Reminding me of a desert; in desperate need of water.
            My mind is screaming;
But, i never listen when it tells
336 · Apr 2015
Quit already.
Sierra Brown Apr 2015
My pencil is broken,
But I find myself a pen, and keep writing.
My faith has been shattered,
But I still love you.
Do you think its okay to quit?
When is it acceptable to put the pen down?
                        "Quitters never accomplish anything"
(someone once told me this)
Now that i'm older, i realize its okay to quit,
You don't have to look down on yourself for putting something down that once gave you joy but now gives you endless sorrow.
its okay,
New beginnings don't come without quitting something else.
not sure about this one yet.
326 · Sep 2015
Searching for Sierra
Sierra Brown Sep 2015
Not a soul can read me,
you may try or think you can.
I promise you'll never really know me.

I feel sick just thinking about
how much time I've wasted on you.

Not a soul knows how long I've felt this way,
only me.
I only have myself.

I need alone time, time to collect my thoughts.
Time to rethink my choices.
I need to find myself.
293 · Apr 2015
Negative Nancy
Sierra Brown Apr 2015
The mornings are so much smoother than the afternoons and nights

you wake up, have nothing negative on your mind.
Make your coffee and prepare for the day ahead of you.
That's where it gets tricky for me, i'm so hopeful in the mornings;
by the afternoon i'm already disappointed in myself.
it doesn't take much to upset me
i need to learn to let things go,
let it roll off my shoulders.

It's just so hard.
292 · Sep 2015
Sorry Little Lives
Sierra Brown Sep 2015
I wake to the smell of sausage gravy,
which slowly reminds me I haven't eaten
in the past 12 or so hours.
Time for fuel, fill me up with love.
I don't need the empty calories and fat.
I need love and affection;
You'll give me your full attention and I'll give you all of mine.
Spread your beautifully made wings around my hips and fly me to the next place that comes to mind.

I want no part of society, as long as you promise
to stay by my side for eternity.
Kiss me every morning with the same intensity as before.
I'll promise to love you longer and harder than the rest.
We'll take this world in our bare hands
and make it ours.

You make me feel invincible,
we can do whatever we set our minds to.
Together, for the rest of our sorry little lives.
271 · Apr 2015
Sierra Brown Apr 2015
To love is to lose everything and still smile,
because you smile.

246 · Apr 2015
Sierra Brown Apr 2015
Hatred is everywhere.
Be that light in the darkness;
Be someones sunshine on a rainy day.

236 · Mar 2015
Our days are short.
Sierra Brown Mar 2015
The next page isn't being read yet, so why worry what's on it?

The empty pages in my journal are yet to be stained with ink, with joy and sadness.

Our days are short, I need to not worry about tomorrow and focus on today.

Right now isn't going to last forever.
We won't see another today.

Let's forget about the time and rely on our bodies to tell us when to sleep and when to rise.

Today is here for now,
    Tomorrow may never come.
    Love me like it's our last
                        days on earth.
230 · Feb 2014
Sierra Brown Feb 2014
Something so simple
something so complex;
What happened to living in a free country?
Is it free to feel like you can't love someone based on their gender?
If this place was a free country;
I wouldn't need to explain why I love someone the way I do.
If this place was a free country;
Why do we have to work 50+ hours a week
just to make ends meat
Life isn't free; Nothing is free.
212 · Sep 2015
Sierra Brown Sep 2015
Its indescribable how I feel around you.
Dancing in the galaxy of love.
you send me soaring to this new planet.

A place I never knew existed,
You show me the ropes and guide me.
Assuring me I'll be safe in your hands.

There's nothing that compares to the
fiery passion in your eyes.
The love in your hands.
The warmth in your heart that spews at the seams.

You are incredible, you are a God of love,
and I'm nothing more than plain Jane.

Undeserving of such a love you have to give.
But gracefully and carefully,
I'll accept such a beautiful place in your heart.
#galaxy #love #gratefulforyou

— The End —