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Benzene Jul 2021
Creating art
is like letting your soul breathe
that once choked by doubt
that came to life after one verse .
"Art is just the image of your  soul"

Maybe that's why when I looked at you
your eyes looked like meteors showers
and your iris like moon ,
body barely holds
millions of shattered galaxies
beauty is in the shattered soul
which balancing its sanity .

Sometimes you looked  like a saddest yet beautiful piece of art
which lie at the corner of museum
having a thousand  of tales to tell
yet no soul to listen
maybe they know they won't able to bear it
perhaps it's meant to be that
not everyone is an artist
who can feel your soul .
" Not everyone can understand you because not everyone is an Artist "
find a soul and fall in love with it . which is ageless and Shapeless.
You're punished by others for loving him
Yet all you were trying to do
Was please your heart
With that exquisite soul of his
He felt alot like a road through a mountain
When a tight spot prevails, you thrive
For you're stuck with him
Till the day you die
When I look at your face,
I forget all the pretty faces.

The one which should be always,
Cannot replace it with another face.

Your beauty lies in your soul,
Which reflects the truth on your face.
Tells about true beauty
Bruno Mahinahon Jan 2019
Your silence was enough, you need not to speak
Right behind your eyes were all those answers I seek
It was more than just a pretty face you always had
You are my sun in the evening going red.

You are short tempered cuz you cared too **** much
But the world was too blind to see real and true emotions as such
Your level of insanity was a little too high
Your feet on ground but your head was in the sky.

Your carefree crazy lifestyle felt so young and alive
You knew how to live and embrace the gift of life
Your made of steel forged in the hottest fire
Your strength was your faith and that one true desire.

You were made for the wild not for the cage
No ink was enough to bind her destiny on a bunch of page
The best thing about you was the purity in your soul
You are the shadow of a divine goddess standing tall.
dvn Oct 2018
He was there
Bring a bucket of sun flower behind his back for her
Those flower are her favourite
Little she know that everyday he always taking care of the seeds
That he bought the seeds with a pennies which was he gathered from his salary on which can not provide his life well

And there, she was
Yelling to him
She was mad
She told him that the flower was too small and seems to be not grows well
Little she know that it was the second seeds which was he bought, that the first one was fail because he did not know yet how to take care of sun flower seeds

But then,
He was just smile
And gave her a little warm hug
You are right, this one not fit you well, look, the colour just not as bright as your smile, I promise to get you a new one
He said
Little he know that sometimes, he deserve a thankyou and sweet smile from her
So sorry if I made a lot of mistake, on progress to make my writing better. I'd like to know your advice. Thank you in advance. Let spread the love ❤️
Kelly O'Toole Sep 2018
Im naked and exposed,
My vulnerabilities taking hold.
But I have no bounds, I knew this when I fell.
For his aura lured me in,
His beautiful soul caught hold of mine.
For we were pulled together by invisable twine.
Ravelled, but I could have broke free.
For it was where I wanted to be, where I wanted to stay.
Blinded by his memphis,
Locked in by his gaze.
Just for one sweet moment, be entangled in one anothers love.
For love it was. But love it couldnt be.
For you didn't belong to me, I had to set you free.
The right love, at the wrong time.
Maybe in another life you would have been mine.
But for now I'll just wonder, I'll wonder what could have been.
Aa Harvey Apr 2018

I may be blind to the subtle movements of your all-seeing eyes,
But I am able to see that inside of you, you hold a beautiful soul.
I may not be able to lip read the thousand pages of your thoughts,
That aspire to escape from your heart and into my mind,
But as I hang on your every word, I truly am a good listener
And my ears are always open to your hearts true secrets,
If you are willing to show me yours.

So if you wish to confess your desires to me,
Before I leave,
Before I must go,
Then I will tell you over and over again that you are true beauty,
You amaze me,

The light to my rain; the best part of my day;
The crystal clear keeper of untold secrets to be near.
The fire in my veins;
My Moon, My Sun, My Earth…
My worth the thousand years wait.

If there is a way for you to ever love me,
Then let the Heaven’s speak!
Let the angels raise their voices!
Let their thunderous cry allow you and I to find a place,
Where I can tell you we should be!

If I cannot,
I will remain delayed…
I will remain in pain…
I will remain in my own dismay.

(C)2017 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Brooke Olthouse Feb 2018
Dancing with the demons
                             playing with fire
                 On an eternal Circle
     ­                ; it shall be tainted
          to the inbetween
               of worlds
1-21-18 - Brooke Alison Ilene Anselment ©️®️ My soul is being saved for children of my own. Then they will have two spirits.
Vinny Chav Mar 2017
Missing you is the hardest thing I've ever done but just know what we had was beautiful

Pauline Morris May 2016
What was I ment to be
Come closer and you'll see
Look deep into my eyes
That's where it hides
A beautiful soul shackled in chains
That's where it will remain
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