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Apr 2019 · 673
Roadhouse Sheet Music
Leslie Ledezma Apr 2019
Divinity of the Day lets me think I’m in the sky
But that’s alright, like to go about this blind
Exiled darling wandering in the summer blessedly long
Divinity of the Day, my whispered prayer through the dark

God, that enthralled
you read in a raindrop
before it hits the ground
sunset boulevard torch,
is up one of these bends,
waved in night
West Hollywood Rimbaud,
feathers falling into my hair,
dressed in invention’s favorite mood

with my roadhouse sheet music
written of my life’s inspiration adorned walls, slightly cold
I was lost but playing it off, until
my racing heart reached time future and
said, soul adored believe what’s in store
dose to help you forget and live

Harp in hand, each step how it rings
scammed and scorched
no lying that all this running leads to
hardly breathing
There’s smoke around you
drifting into an image faithful to the vast,
wild west
bravely standing despite the emptiness
as if guided, divinely guided

with my diamond focus on the garden path
of the muse, open, aware
just walking through, even confused, you mean
my images of paradise were drawn in too
permanent as the myths, placards of legends

Beaming with a strange and frightening beauty
from chasing the lights that ascent into the heavens
dreamy, daring, absurdly hoping, all the read claiming
Lord knows, enamored with you, so take these pretty copper arrows
good for aiming up beyond, that remind me, been on my own so long
Apr 2019 · 729
Wild Way
Leslie Ledezma Apr 2019
the horses are still beside the hill
the hotel still has a neon sign
that’s pleasant as the wild way he would
say it as it is
Apr 2019 · 212
Candle has not been burned
Leslie Ledezma Apr 2019
Season have gone, the candle has not been burned through
cause I thought I wanted to save the fragrance
so I never let it melt out the realizing
but the winds are bringing in the bays, of hounds baying
candlelight pairs with this heavenly music

gaunt eyes, inward always, free that far
with a bible in his hands, calling it a journal
Apr 2019 · 118
Leslie Ledezma Apr 2019
you see the poet’s work, as you would think, is his lyric
but life itself is his work, they lyric is what pairs to every heart beat
all these flowers holding on to sunbeams, saving everything of nothing
I said carrying colors that can paint the sky, shores excellent with diamond sands
moon in your window adding lace to everything
that’s how living is when you;ve a glow unseen, unbearably there

future moments are already here
how they move with self respect that claims to be claimed
it’s all a matter of truth, blaring music at that too

with a balcony like this
summer and mist fall like the morning, from the angels
coastal breezes with tales worthwhile
crystal jar of chocolates, haggard renewing words of living
Apr 2019 · 299
God, that enthralled
Leslie Ledezma Apr 2019
Too familiar with midnight’s
request for salvation as music and dreams
Like millions of songs,
there’ no tiring of millions of roads
sacrificing my best
if I give you all that I am,
all these passages I’ve been
Will you take me to your sweet side,
let me in your mind though
Let it be known
that Jesus thought of me
so seeing you divine comes easy
and as eternally as songs
I’m here singing
devout, devout
devout to you and your sweet side
Apr 2019 · 247
Leslie Ledezma Apr 2019
want to travel like Jesus
God knows I found it ‘s alright to ask for it all
want to travel like him
Remarkable sunlight, weird songs delight
They say, you don’t know what you’re asking for
I say, what’s it to you
A traveling, I’m a traveling that
found it’s alright to ask
for it all
Apr 2019 · 222
You that Traveled So Long
Leslie Ledezma Apr 2019
Gave me life I didn’t ask for
you that traveled so long
felt like I knew those eyes in a dream
m-made it in
oh, get what you hope, that’s all
oh, get what you hope, that all?
you that traveled so long
you that traveled so long
you that traveled, so long
so long
Apr 2019 · 169
After the Race
Leslie Ledezma Apr 2019
Hello Lord, after the race will I find all the
etched names of my heart on the other side of time
Leslie Ledezma Apr 2019
life’s expanse is hard
only better in your path’s eagle height
understand this before the world began reward
what you do, as he said, done well

silhouetted smoke, sadness, silvery time, sagacious

music is the holiday
oozing into this side of paradise
beautiful like a moon out in day
lives fast like birds as free as you over the sky

music is the religion
just leaving town for now
what do you have playing
takes your soul riding
even through the night

on freeways through gilded hills, until now
raceling traveling to my coastal world, edge and heights

song lonely, giving bliss
seeping from the other side of heaven’s doors
dreamy like dawn’s first lights for
lives fast horses bronze racing as fast as they always could

dressed in true worship
festivities, this is purely living
dreamy and propitious
blessed with a slightly sullen glow
don’t belong here no more than he

chance at pure light in each spin around the garden
play and design life today, Lord knows the time we have awake

I’m a soul eternal, living vigil of the
gentle diamonds falling summer,
horse country sunset wonder

when I get back in from all, azure skies like a billion stars
these days will seem strangely far away but you’ll love me all the same
Apr 2019 · 209
Leslie Ledezma Apr 2019
life is an interlude
when the world began
I was doing dreamily
sent out to a foreign land
with a vague recollection
of the pleasant paradise
I came from

how the creation seems so real, pacing around the garden
it’s always a revolution, I said, I can dig that
bronze trees before an azure darkening sky
down the cool breeze’s path, never held back your thoughts, heavenly shock
grabbing all the meaning, whatever I can come across

year already asked for an ending, gave it all my hopes, tell does it give a pleasant thrill
pictures were nice, the highway desert isn’t as scorching
absurder yes, fitting a preference for divine and outlandish

waited long enough
it’s a good time to leave
not that it was for nothing

travel before the sun gets here
make it bright and far as my
midnight music

games are fun when there’s a warning
about how much it can cost ya

numbers of stars, the more
that’s the hope
out there
somewhere too

I want an interlude that’s graceful, great as designed, a strange but heavenly dream
it’s my interlude
Apr 2019 · 755
Brave and Deliberate
Leslie Ledezma Apr 2019
God like beam, your radiance in my eyes
this time is fast going, it’s turned exotic
having fun, I’m the one you want adoring from
right now good as any for a holiday, a fulfilling flash is harsh but alright
save the tender for your talking, waste me like my dreams I hold tight

sullen eyes, I can take you there
past the electric tremolo strings you give my heart, golden
so proud, real dreamy, saying
hope you get what you want, word taking siren

glow of a flame sort of dreamy glow to your face
a sweet and lovely burn, so I let you take over, let you know my mind
going down as stars dull silver like already a memory you
saying never seen such exhausted delighted still eyes, barely afraid but
bravely assured, let me see your soul in the moonlight’s enthrallment
do it your way that means you give me heaven
feeling warm though this breeze is as cold as the loneliness before dawn
where I like to be and always will be, even now

keeping it brave and deliberate

felt you near though I was alone
met all sorts but they can’t shine you out of my mind’s gallery
such music even when I sleep, round my head, waking brings
a strong dose of immersed in the blazing and angel energy, that talk is faith
that walk is true like ice winds
inventive my daring, my deadly find of life, that’s the light you have
and the death you give

show me, show me what you got
I can stay up in distress like a god
for that demand
my deliberate and brave
lethal dose of living sure
for you
Apr 2019 · 150
Evidence of God
Leslie Ledezma Apr 2019
I enjoy collecting evidence of God
rush of a feeling that it’s all going to happen soon
I’d be a liar if I didn’t fess up
your eyes helped show how soon
love the old songs, like em, don’t belong to none
not afraid, are you? implore on
for everything, expect expanses wide as nothing
just as it has always been, drift with this smoke ribbon
into the dream called now is all
Sep 2018 · 370
Now Be My Way
Leslie Ledezma Sep 2018
When the light was hot, your words made them ache so, cry more
sacred how you know the hours that suit you, call for matching gleam
not that far, we could sit in the cold window’s sunshine late
when you have God’s trance like hold of my prayers in your voice
I wonder what it is you have in your eyes

leather older than my mind, sulking up
in the summer beside your soul is like a novel,
beautifully torn into pages with sweet expressions
Way it has to be, just the way it has to be
when cool is your gun on my heart
that’s your affection, it can have
it’s take on me, that’s all
but stone doesn’t get much of a hit, so do what you want
I’ll wait like summer winds in winters go, that millions of days, more

When you put up the volume of what was playing all along
burning through dreams, the cigarettes of talking,
this smoke could really get me there
fortune has always been mine, night belongs to me too
tonight that’s what I’ll give you, laughter of stars,
dense midnight sulked mind, just what you like
don’t deprive your own dose of silver goodness,
that walk too, whatever you say is my needed blindness
Jesus Christ reminiscent

now there’s high skies, on the same side as music - yes here it’s heaven,
soul’s dwelling is what I’ve found in you, that’s all I know, all I need to know
alone, when I was telling you it, I was alone as the lightening you got at the heart,
now don’t make me wait in the garden, each of our meetings the rains of flourishing,
here denying all but that haven of your ways, now be my way
Sep 2018 · 393
Dose of Thrilling
Leslie Ledezma Sep 2018
when there was no muse, I sat in the dull light with you
wasting away were the streets to your door
night as the stamp that said go, we found the sunlight cold
anything that kept us apart was the depths of not
now that I know of another place, another you
we can talk of nothing and not care that it will be nothing
but bliss’ beaming, it’s our something, I’m your dose of thrilling
Sep 2018 · 1.2k
My Vigil
Leslie Ledezma Sep 2018
surrendering to the angel you send in the night
tarnishing night with stars you set, of mementos, gems
sweetened into being by the heat of unknown
fun in the warning
sun in the worsening
need to see the warm winds
in your hair, see it myself
my vigil, diadem is a pen
decrees are on each page
that summer endings and I
lay down to
- it's dreaming
of the soul that holds my soul
Sep 2018 · 247
Sun Sets There
Leslie Ledezma Sep 2018
there’s a magnetic colored wall around your soul
when guitar strings get caught like light aflame
I’m blinded as stars, extinguished, bright and transcending slowly
can’t see the false magnetic draw to you anymore
falling into the winds, beautiful revealing there
then I see, it’s not a false pull that has been
seeping me into a sky colored in tropic vast delusion
there’s a pole and my sun sets there
you were there before I knew, you’ll be there now
Sep 2018 · 268
Draining of my day
Leslie Ledezma Sep 2018
winter wind
and sunset colored
laughter too
sink in it like moonlight
gets you smudged
into the starlight
cause when you’re alive
there’s nothing like
that faith, that light

you are
the draining of my day
only thing that makes it okay
Sep 2018 · 238
Your Words
Leslie Ledezma Sep 2018
soft expectations
surrendering to rage’s sweetness
that’s my eyes on your words
I said, oh God I’ll get to
through the narrowest, silent, anguishing
so that when I’m there, I’m really there
Sep 2018 · 143
My Wonderful Stranger
Leslie Ledezma Sep 2018
I wonder, my wonderful stranger
if I were to leave you, what would heaven say?
would they be angry that their sweetly intricate threads
could be thrown in the wind
would they be astonished at our cruelty in taking
such a refined and deliberate dawn for granted?
Heaven knows that I don’t want to know.
Jan 2018 · 307
Regime of Dreams
Leslie Ledezma Jan 2018
Regime of dreams, pretty soft
symphonies alluding
to beautiful worlds.

This is where I live, by the fountain.
If not now, then in my dreams.
If not now, then it’s my war.
Jan 2018 · 306
Leslie Ledezma Jan 2018
I want to go everywhere
at the same time

In madness enthralled
deliberately unaware of the end

Awful and sweet
take me on a spree

Don’t ask if I’m tired
say how much more
Jan 2018 · 254
Sweet Running Madness
Leslie Ledezma Jan 2018
Sweet running madness
You’ve got to go as soon as you come
Ruling the highway
Like a sunset beautiful but leaving

Sweet running madness
As lovely and distant as tall palm trees
Charming with wise timing
Like the dawn, meaningful but slipping
Dec 2017 · 276
Stars are Posts
Leslie Ledezma Dec 2017
How the angels pick their places - each star a post.
Not that some want to be noticed. Only, they like to be

To remind reaching eyes that there is brightness in one
Dec 2017 · 569
Wilder Still
Leslie Ledezma Dec 2017
Don't let me be misunderstood
the Lord must have sent you
but we know how that goes
messengers appear, leave faster too.

Saying, don't let me be misunderstood
Only possible with a voice gleaming
bright and loud; that's what you like.

Goodbye soft smiles, warm and aware
hard to say if we'll meet again
hurts, but i'll let you live you're life.
Dec 2017 · 209
Leslie Ledezma Dec 2017
Ask me what I read
I can give you what you really want.
Walk in the dry dark.
Get what you want, then and again.
Dec 2017 · 419
Leslie Ledezma Dec 2017
Platinum framed mirroring you writing your song prose
Getting what’s mind, decreeing like in a new age western frontier
In this town with its millions of light lookin’ like star clusters
Fate says, my road’s lamps need reinventing, they don’t understand
But dareling with precise gold mine ears, please hear this call
Add more made-up brightness, enthralled, enthrall

Tell me I’ve the music to match a torch soul
Sunset sound, saying dream, stay up a little longer
Send me to your madly sought paradise
Flareling monied with cinemascope electricity, send me

Embarking as an ember fueled by nearing iconic fires
Not very long now til there’s light enough to read my prayer, this emblem
It goes, American paradise, novel sunshine
This is what I think of driving towards the brightest sky
Volume louder, like the progress through this score
Chose the teaching, try for the best reel, all play, dreams beget reality

Tropicana, records, street signs, finally shameless of my persistence
Fantastic, still on this road of escape thru golden seasons to noon Sunday
Looking up, thought it all strange but brilliant, even shooting stars have an end
So I don’t care

Sitting by the fountain, hearing it say one thing, it went live oh live
Stealing from the poet laurete’s treasured inspiration, and I don’t feel bad.
Wondering at the azure ripples, song verses shimmer like ‘em,

Long hair gleams, statuesque eyes, mysterious surprising only way to live
They said beware through tears, I say, it’s alright to be scared
Rather ask for paradise and rush there before the answer
Dec 2017 · 346
Decree Heaven
Leslie Ledezma Dec 2017
Vines on the gates in the white moonlight
His show’s in the city that lights up so well
We watch him as he sings, feel redeemed
Jesus on my right, electric all around
Enthrallment in my cup, once an empty stage

And when the stars come out from behind palm trees
There’s the sagacious highway to take
Like opiates, like a match named desperate on fire
We live as if we’ll never remember, decree heaven
To all else, no matter

Dark copper hills abound, he runs wild like lightening
Unveiling God for a flash, this street is the miracle of endless possibility
Takes faith to leave the world behind, heard him say
Freedom in the western wind, picks up faster we drive

Voyagers heightened with the joyish fever of could be
And we don’t mind, willful to see dawn
Take it now, time to decide never comes,
willful to see life as intended, real, that’s divine

And when the stars are about to go back to Eden
We leave for the blackened wilderness
Playing the music in all its casual brilliance
like a near ending taken with inward grace
We live as if we’ll never remember, decree heaven
to all else, no matter

He runs like God it’s mysterious, renown
Said it pleased, here’s the key to the nice dream like you asked
American night is brightening and nothing you can do about it
Play your famous radio song, won’t hear it’s worth till you listen up
Who will open the gates, don’t want to stop but ride smoothly through
Dec 2017 · 295
Strikes Again
Leslie Ledezma Dec 2017
Divinity of the day, how true and overwhelming
But that’s alright, you’ve given me sight

God, that enthralled
Lush, sunset boulevard torch
A west Hollywood Rimbaud
Scammed and scorched,
running, but still breathing
New age wild west muse

Like midnight’s request for sweetness as music and dreams
A rageling songstress on the longest roadway, sacrificing my best

If I give you all my songs will you feel alright, lush
Take me for all that I am? That much, run with the immense
Learning everything, even how to bless

With my roadhouse sheetmusic
illustrating my life’s inspiration adorned walls, sad ending
I was lost but playing it off, until my racing heart reached
Time future and said, soul, believe what’s in store,
Outrageous dose

Beaming with strange and frightening beauty
From chasing the lights that ascent into the heavens
Dreamy, daring, absurdly hoping, all the real claiming

Lord knows, I’m enamored with the purely copper arrows
Aimed at heights, long and lonely paths for the
Songs of death, of life, wilderness and good times

With my diamond focus
On the garden path of the wise, open, aware
Just walking thru, even confused, you mean
My images of paradise were drawn in diamond too?
Permanent as the myths, legends, poetry?
Dec 2017 · 282
Strangely Pure
Leslie Ledezma Dec 2017
Heard you’ve enticed fortune
All I see is that you’re much too
Engrossed on where to go now
Revelry magnetizing night into day
from your soul, telling me only a queen
could be enthralled by theses things

going absurdly like already history, croon it
going lightening like my record collection, blessed

Hiway right into daylight, wander bold to a million’d direction
Coolness leaning on a bookshelf, precious dawn lingering all around
Everybody awes to you, my ridiculous, strangely pure, strangely pure

The same gilded sun of western dreams
It shines so copper and lone for kinds as us.
Lord grant me ancient desires was on your mind.
How’d I know, well in how you live in bliss
Easily dismiss, with looking up wondering eyes

Halls here are devoted to paradise with richly intricate walls
Much like you, said it’s a journey if you’re aware
Be sagacious, take me real far, match box says welcome to LA
Queen of the roadhouse, windows inviting wild wind
Getting ahead of the dawn, we’ve long since started.

Heard you’ve always liked those
With eyes gleaming wild
Man, they say you’re outrageous
Yeah, beautiful, mysterious – reveling finds you
It’s free and lush music, my direction,
Don’t fear welcome to deathlessness

going absurdly like already history, croon it
going lightening like my record collection, blessed

Hiway into evening, writing verse as if you breathed it
Slickness on a sleek car, precious desert lingering around
Everybody loves you, vulgarly more, strangely pure, strangely pure

The lovely joys from the beginning of time
Sweet song of the blues when sung so soothes
Lord grant me endless endeavors was on your mind
Setting your sleep aside, driving in neon haze, closed eyes
Then you say, get up sunny wondering eyelashes

Glittering like a lagoon, isn’t it – jump in too!
Are you mad, like a wild cobra, pretty but I know you’ve power
I mean, they see you laughing, striking, phrases of genius
Adored with mystery like divine sudden messages
But loving the fun, dreaming of flying near the sun, arrows sent first
Dec 2017 · 260
Leslie Ledezma Dec 2017
Palms and hedges and drooping flowers
Redeeming my desperation for a marvel
Palms and hedges and drooping flowers
We’ll get there soon, don’t sulk, let’s go

The moon is low today, something about it
Makes me want to stay, dark green bends,
Said end of an age, not for me, worth it but
I know the Lord does not see like man-kind

Like bells, time tolls, but I’ve run distant – don’t hear ‘em
Like resurrection, time’s ignored, so I’m not afraid to hold you close
Long travels are tiresome but get you were you want to go

And finally I’m in the house of redemption like more – Morrison
It’s easy to love the more long lanes, dark hours
Won’t trade it at all, these what money’s for
Taken with soft tropic pain, I watch the moon alone
But this is bliss, maddening bliss, want it, give me bliss

The moon is bright and old, reflecting the sun
Like I do a great design. City’s a beautiful lagoon
With gems lingering in their own detention
Not it’s not decided so I’ll sing it cold, electric
Dec 2017 · 270
Bring Yours
Leslie Ledezma Dec 2017
Bring your dose to these heights - anyone?
Rain here is waiting, ready, but who will lend the teardrop
that'll set it all on a storm?
Dec 2017 · 417
Hold Fast
Leslie Ledezma Dec 2017
Hold fast to forgetting, so I did but I
could still hear the music of my heart's strainings.
Listening for the note that would say
it's divine where you're heading.
Understand me now, hold fast to forgetting.
Jul 2017 · 436
Leslie Ledezma Jul 2017
I met you in a marvelous moment.
Tall charming, divine
Hair smooth, talk warm
and eyes that were wild.
Jul 2017 · 263
Leslie Ledezma Jul 2017
If you're rueful, sacrifice me.
It's a privilege but you don't see.

Friday, girl, sweet, alone
Week, venus, money, libido

Crazy enough to find.
Crazy enough to be found.
Jul 2017 · 719
Leslie Ledezma Jul 2017
And it’s coming.
It’s going to come around.
The night is getting shorter
and our attentions' getting narrower.
The moon is getting brighter.
The eastern’s presence is getting closer.

And we’ll search and search
in cup of gold seas.
And we’ll search and search
in camel sand dunes;
in moments all alone
with aplomb, long gone
Ancient crews.

Then the coming
Glaring sunrise.
They’ll see us and hate us.
But mostly they’ll have
unwavering awe, respect, and fear of us.
Jul 2017 · 308
Leslie Ledezma Jul 2017
The shaman, madman, medicine man, poet, philosopher king
Could do what they willed - privilege.
Because they had the sacred connection, understanding.
They were the ones who could cure and purge.
They represent the notion of being bent for discovery,
The were the sacred - prestige.
So they, from all time, had the privilege
of being the madman genius.
Jul 2017 · 340
Yes, I can hope.
Leslie Ledezma Jul 2017
Yes I can hope.
Hello sweet eternal moments.
You slipped away when I opened my eyes.
That's alright.

Now I know there's real life.
Jul 2017 · 245
Wake me up anytime
Leslie Ledezma Jul 2017
And as the time goes, it goes.
Take me to the sparkling streets
away from my damp sleep.

But if I don't wake up
and if you find that I'm gone
don't worry about me.
You would be my last thoughts
and being with you was the quality and loveliness of life.

And if the world stopped spinning
And this night was all we had
don't you see?
Your face would be the last I saw
and with that a smile on mine.
Your presence was my joy, my joy.

Wake me up anytime.
I've tasted life so sweet
and it's out there
with you.
Jul 2017 · 238
Oh the songs
Leslie Ledezma Jul 2017
Far and gone, how could it ever change?
And the songs played on and on.
This is what they are for.
Get you through life's gold and down pour.

Upon a nice day
the songs are a blur.
But when you need them
right from your heart where
they were stored they'll
caress, caress, caress you so.

And a pleasant voice so human
and genuine
guides you, lulls you, holds you, saves you.

In your room
now pacing and dancing
exactly where you were once crying.

Oh the hope
Oh the sound
Oh the words
Oh the music
How could you ever repay or thank or say
how much the songs, songs from a soul,
renewed you so.

Oh it's all a mystery,
but not the source, no.
The songs were your friends
when you didn't know where to go.
Jul 2017 · 352
Leslie Ledezma Jul 2017
Thoughts, ideals, body thrills
ruled by something.
Blindly or do you know?
I wish I could tell you
but it's too mean.

Goes to show
you didn't learn to look the future in the eyes.
Instead, you walked right past the mirror.
Jul 2017 · 241
Leslie Ledezma Jul 2017
Destiny peeks, it is weak.
It is malleable to human strokes and racing feet.
Jul 2017 · 309
Life was nice
Leslie Ledezma Jul 2017
Loneliness is a girl, she is self-satisfied.
Charming boys are deadly.

Life was nice but now a long day.
May 2017 · 552
Leslie Ledezma May 2017
I hide in solitude to show myself in plain sight.
I dream so that I can create reality.
I crumble so that I can build up.
My quivering is your peace.
My leisure is your reach.
May 2017 · 234
Leslie Ledezma May 2017
Starring at the sun may make you blind.
Maybe that's what I like.
May 2017 · 492
Leslie Ledezma May 2017
Philosopher Poet
enamored with wisdom
and understanding.
Living in a rival world
of my own design.

City gates, gold and triumphant
gleaming in the sun from afar.
When you beamed my eyes,
I found want.
I couldn't contain
my awe,
my hope,
my gravitation
magnetic to you.
May 2017 · 277
Leslie Ledezma May 2017
latticed windows
dutch homes
Notre Dame splendor
weary eyes
soft edged sweater
warm recording playing
swooping palm
candle fumes cream

I want to be on yellow
brown edged paper.
May 2017 · 209
Smother Me
Leslie Ledezma May 2017
Guitar in hand,
pray for me.
Wind is cold,
smother me
in your warm soul.

Start the engine,
you sure are pretty.
I say this to him
as we roll
through the highway,
May 2017 · 395
Leslie Ledezma May 2017
I have a gold tooled chiseled mind of David marble;
pure white interior and a godly glow of smoothness;
that tumbles in lush lands of opulence, openness, and
May 2017 · 1.7k
Leslie Ledezma May 2017
The timeless evening
with stars drooping down to see
you and your dignified strangeness
Life was blind, life was kind

You burnt my time, made it disappear
Recall how you looked, what silvery words you used
Enigmatic, glowing soul
May 2017 · 371
Edge of the West
Leslie Ledezma May 2017
slender glimmering being

At the edge of the west and
I'm glowing next to his
assertive soul.

Look up at a Venice sky,
Lord, how did you make someone
so desirable?
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